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GRATEFUL SERVANT – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        serving God thankfully
SCRIPTURE:    Lk.17:7-10
Style:        allegory/conversation: one servant fishes
.             for a compliment from the boss,
.             while the other servant thanks the boss
.             for being able to serve
Cast:         BONNIE, EVA, BOSS
Set & Props:  table, chair, paperwork (optional)


(BONNIE and EVA enter and approach BOSS, who sits at
a tiny table looking over some paperwork.)

EVA      (fishing for gratitude)  We have finished
.        tending your garden and maintaining the yard.

BONNIE   Anything else you’d like us to do before
.        we move on to-

EVA.     It is unbearably hot out there, but - I made
.        sure that we did a thorough job of pulling
.        all the weeds.  I know how you like us
.        to keep on top of that detail.

BONNIE   But we’d like to know if there’s anything else
.        you’d like us to do before getting your dinner-

EVA      Oh, I sure hope you like the way I polished
.        the silverware.  It is so shiny, you can
.        see yourself.

BONNIE   I beg your humble forgiveness.  Please,
.        tell me what you would like me to do next.

BOSS     For now, just fix dinner and serve that to me
.        in the dining room.  Then, you can clean up
.        and have your own meal.

BONNIE   Thank you so much, sir!

(BONNIE bows slightly as BOSS exits.  EVA looks over
at BONNIE with disdain.)
.                                                     2
EVA      What’s with the humble begging for
.        forgiveness?   And - thank you?
.        You THANKED HIM?  He should be thanking us!

BONNIE   Hardly.  Without him, we would not have a job.

EVA      But we do such thorough work for him.
.        At least I do.  Is it too much to get
.        a “thank you” every now and then?

BONNIE   Is it not enough to get a paycheck?
.        Why should he thank us for something that
.        we are supposed to be doing anyway?

EVA      Common courtesy!

BONNIE   That is why I thanked our boss.
.        Common, sincere courtesy!  I am
.        very thankful for my job!

EVA      But we go way above and beyond
.        what is asked of us.

BONNIE   Really?  Because right now, we are suppose
.        to be preparing his dinner.  Instead, we’re
.        just standing here, wasting time by arguing
.        and complaining.

EVA.     But- just a tiny thanks?

BONNIE   He gives us a yearend bonus.

EVA      You’re making me look bad, here.

BONNIE   I’ll be going to the kitchen now.
.        You can go set the table.

(As BONNIE is about to exit, BOSS comes back in.)

BOSS     Bonnie, I meant to tell you that
.        I will be giving you a promotion.

BONNIE   Thank you!  Thank you so much, sir.

(BONNIE bows her thanks as BOSS exits.  BONNIE now exits,
while EVA exits with an exasperated grunt.)