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GOVERNMENT AND POSITION – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        Biblical view on government, our part is
.             to bring glory to God in whatever position
SCRIPTURE:    Gen.37:1-49:43, Ps.33:12
Style:        drama/conversation:  Joseph speaks
.             with his father about how God has used
.             his position in government to save
.             his people
Cast:         JOSEPH, FATHER


(JOSEPH enters with FATHER.)

JOSEPH   I cannot express to you how happy I am
.        to see you here with me, Father.

FATHER   My son, Joseph!  But it would be better
.        if it were on the land that God promised
.        to our father Abraham.

JOSEPH   Yes, some day this will happen.
.        Our people will be back on the promised land.
.        But for now, it is important that you are here.
.        For during this great famine,
.        you would perish anywhere else.
.        God made sure I was put in this position,
.        here in Egypt, for this very thing.

FATHER   Just like the dreams you had when
.        you were a youngster.

JOSEPH   You remember those?

FATHER   I remember that your dreams- were -
.        back then – quite unbelievable.
.        Remind me again what those dreams were?

JOSEPH   The first dream was that we were binding
.        sheaves in the field.  Then when mine stood up,
.        all the others bowed down to my sheaf.
.        The second dream was where the sun, moon
.        and eleven stars – were bowing down to me.

FATHER   Yes, that was it.  Your mother and I were      2
.        rather angry at you for saying this,
.        but I kept this in mind, and -
.        here we all are – bowing down to you.

JOSEPH   It was not the smartest thing to do-
.        to tell my brothers about my dreams.

FATHER   This only made your brothers more jealous.
.        But then – I made it even worse for you by
.        giving you a beautiful coat of many colors.
.        And look what happened.

JOSEPH   You cannot feel responsible.

FATHER   I mourned you for many years because
.        I believed you were dead.  It is a difficult
.        thing for a father not to feel responsible.

JOSEPH   We can barely control our own actions,
.        we cannot expect to control others.

FATHER   It is all in God’s hands.

JOSEPH   And this is exactly how I choose to make
.        decisions in my position of power.
.        I rely on God’s wisdom and direction.

FATHER   And as you bring honor to God, even Egypt
.        thrives and prospers because of this.

JOSEPH   Do not give me too much credit.  God put me
.        through many struggles so that I had
.        no other options but to rely on Him.
.        Then I could see without any doubt
.        that God was with me, guiding me in wisdom
.        so our people, as well as all nations,
.        would be saved.  I am excited to know what else
.        God will do for us and the nations?

FATHER   As God told Eve, and our father Abraham,
.        we know that God will bless the nations
.        through our descendants in a mighty way.
.        Your dreams may have seemed unbelievable
.        at the time – and yet – here we are.
.        Then let us consider God’s covenant with us
.        and know that nothing is impossible with God.