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GOVERNMENT AND OPPRESSION – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        Biblical view on government, our part is
.             to be good citizens no matter what
SCRIPTURE:    Ex.2:1-12:51, 1Thess.4:11-12
Style:        drama/conversation: a husband and wife
.             discuss their hopes of being set free
.             from slavery to the Egyptians
Cast:         ADAH, SAVA


(As ADAH and SAVA enter, ADAH immediately begins
to complain.)

ADAH   What has Moses done?  It was after
.      he went to speak to Pharaoh,
.      we were made to work even harder?
.      Besides making the same quota of bricks,
.      we have to collect the straw to make the bricks.
.      Impossible!  And we are being beaten harshly
.      for not keeping up production.
.      It is all - completely - impossible!

SAVA   Adah, God has a plan.  These things
.      are all happening for a reason.
.      God made a covenant with us,
.      and will keep His promises.
.      We must be patient.

ADAH   Patient?  We will never be set free.
.      We will be slaves forever.  And I would
.      much rather be a comfortable slave.
.      But this is ridiculous.  Why doesn’t God
.      send someone who will fight the Egyptians?

SAVA   Adah!  Who would that be?  Besides,
.      many years ago, Moses did try this very thing
.      by killing a guard to defend our people.
.      He then had to flee Egypt because his life
.      was in danger.  This only delayed us from
.      getting our freedom.  Violence did not help –
.      at all.

ADAH   Well, why did God send HIM back?
.                                                       2
SAVA   Who else could it be?


SAVA   Like it or not, God means to use Moses and Aaron.

ADAH   So far, Moses is not doing a good job.

SAVA   Adah!  God is guiding Moses!
.      To not respect Moses, is like not respecting God.
.      There must be a plan.  There must be reasons
.      why it is being handled in such a way.
.      We do not know, but we must have faith
.      that God knows what He is doing.
.      The Great “I Am” sent Moses to us.
.      Moses showed us miracles – so we could see
.      and believe that God is with him.

ADAH   But why would God use Moses?
.      I know his mother.  Even though their family
.      is from the Levites, they are not so special.

SAVA   None of us are.  Even as God’s chosen,
.      we are still just human.  Why did WE not think
.      to send our baby boy down the Nile in a basket
.      to be found by Pharaoh’s daughter?
.      Perhaps the Egyptians would not have killed
.      our child the way they did.

ADAH   Sava, please do not remind me of that horrid day.
.      I still mourn the death of our son.
.      Pharaoh in those days was very cruel.
.      And this Pharaoh is not any better.

SAVA   God will bring justice.  And God –
.      will set us free.

ADAH   Maybe not in our day!  Our fathers,
.      and their fathers have been saying this,
.      and never saw the day.

SAVA   God will NOT forget us.  God keeps His promises.
.      See how God sends plagues on the Egyptians
.      but not on us.  That is the work of
.      the Almighty God, which will weaken
.      the physical powers of the Egyptians.
.                                                       3
ADAH   Must it take so long?

SAVA   Perhaps this will become big news
.      that travels across the world – so all people
.      will know how mighty our God is.

ADAH   And what do we do right now?
.      Sit back and watch?

SAVA   Meanwhile, we work, as if we work for God.
.      Even though they may not deserve it,
.      as we serve the Egyptians, this will only be
.      to our favor – somehow.  And God
.      will meet our needs – whatever those are.

ADAH   God’s covenant to our father Abraham
.      was for land, growth and prosperity.

SAVA   We have certainly seem growth- our numbers
.      have multiplied enough to put fear
.      into Pharaoh’s heart.

ADAH   What about the rest of it?

SAVA   The promises of the covenant are still ours.
.      And all these things will ALWAYS be ours.
.      But remember that our obedience determines
.      how much of that will be provided.
.      The more we obey, the more we will have.
.      Just - let us try to do what God asks of us,
.      and all will be well.

ADAH   Why am I no longer feeling the companionship
.      of misery with you?  Since when do you
.      see things so positively?

SAVA   Since I have witnessed the power of God.
.      I am trying to lead by example, here, Adah.
.      Why not feel the companionship of hope with me?
.      It not only feels better, but it takes
.      a lot less work.

ADAH   All right, Sava.  I can certainly do
.      with less work.

(ADAH and SAVA exit, arm in arm.)