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GOVERNMENT AND NEPOTISM – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        Biblical view on government, our part is
.             to preach the truth without fear
SCRIPTURE:    Matt.6:24, 14:1-11; Mark 6:16-28;
.             Luke 3:19-20
Style:        drama/conversation: while in prison,
.             John the Baptist has a discussion
.             with a disciple of his about the things
.             he has told King Herod
Set & Props:  can have chains for John’s ankle,
.             package of food


(JOHN THE BAPTIST sits on the floor with ankles chained,
praying.  DISCIPLE enters at side and speaks to GUARD.)

GUARD   Who goes there?

DIS.    Seth.  I am a disciple of John the Baptist.
.       I have come to bring him food.

GUARD   He is most fortunate to have a compassionate
.       friend.  I have seen many a prisoner simply
.       starve to death, even before their trial.

(GUARD speaks as he leads DISCIPLE over to JOHN,
then exits or stands aside.  JOHN looks up from praying.)

JOHN    Seth.  Thank you so much for visiting.

DIS.    And I have brought you food for the day.
.       Every morning we will take up a collection
.       to bring to you.

JOHN    Thank you, again.  This is – most generous.
.       And for a day’s ration - more than enough.

(DISCIPLE hands the package of food to JOHN who takes it.
Opening the package, JOHN pulls out part of it.)

JOHN    Guard!

GUARD   What is it now?!                                2

JOHN    Extra food.  Please, accept this.

(GUARD takes it, unsure of the gesture.)

GUARD   You are a strange man, John the Baptizer.

(GUARD can exit again or stand aside.  JOHN prays
a thanks, eats a bite of bread then sets the
package of food aside.)

DIS.    John, how will we get you out of here?
.       Why did you have to go so far
.       as to insult King Herod and his wife?

JOHN    You mean, King Herod’s BROTHER’S wife.

DIS.    Yes.

JOHN    They were asking questions.  I answered them.

DIS.    But – you could have – maybe –

JOHN    What?  Danced around the truth?
.       I will always preach the truth.
.       And if God gives me an audience with a king,
.       I will only speak the truth.

DIS.    You knew that King Herod is an evil man.
.       He favors his friends and family,
.       and there is no justice outside of that.
.       It is very bold to tell an evil man
.       and his family that- they are doing evil.

JOHN    I would not have done things any differently.
.       This was an opportunity that God arranged.

DIS.    Apparently you have greatly offended
.       Herodias.  You do realize that Herod
.       would do anything for his wife and daughter.

JOHN    That is King Herod’s issue.  I cannot let that
.       change what I am to do, which is to follow
.       God’s will, and boldly preach God’s words.

DIS.    But what can you do in here - in jail?
.                                                       3
JOHN    Preach God’s message of salvation
.       to the guards and the prisoners.

DIS.    You make it sound like this is a good thing.

JOHN    God has given me THIS unique opportunity
.       to preach His word to the people here
.       who have no hope.

DIS.    You don’t think that Herodias will find a way
.       to have you put to death?

JOHN    Then I look forward to joining my
.       heavenly Father in paradise.
.       Seth, do NOT be afraid to keep preaching
.       God’s message.

DIS.    What if they change the laws?
.       What if they come after all of us?

JOHN    God’s commandments are higher than man’s.
.       As it is God’s will to keep preaching
.       the gospel message, God will equip and
.       enable His people to continue.  
.       People will try to stop us – but God -
.       will have the victory.

DIS.    Here I came to encourage you, but you
.       have encouraged and challenged me.

JOHN    As Jesus just said, “No one can serve
.       two masters; for either he will hate the one
.       and love the other, or he will be devoted to one
.       and despise the other.  You cannot serve
.       God AND wealth.”  You must choose.
.       (motions around him)  I have no treasures here.
.       My treasures are stored in heaven.
.       What could be more worthy and worthwhile
.       than the Lord God Most High?  And meanwhile,
.       here on earth, God will see to all our needs.

(JOHN pulls out and holds up a piece of bread with a nod,
then prays his thanks before eating.)