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GOVERNMENT AND INJUSTICE – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        Biblical view on government, our part is
.             to trust God to work within the system
SCRIPTURE:    Gen.37:1-50:26; Matt.25:31-46
Style:        drama/conversation:  Joseph speaks to
.             his brother, Reubenthat, and reassures him
.             that God used the injustices against him
.             to save the entire world from famine
Cast:         JOSEPH, REUBEN


(REUBEN enters, upset with himself.  JOSEPH follows,
as a man with authority, but with compassion.)

JOSEPH   Reuben, you seem very upset?  Everything
.        will be all right.  You will bring
.        father and the household here to Egypt.
.        As I said, there are five years of famine
.        still left.

REUBEN   And yet, I still feel guilty, Joseph.
.        For all these years I have wondered and worried
.        where you might be and how you were doing.

JOSEPH   As you see – I am just fine.  Happily married,
.        with children.

REUBEN   That does not just wipe away
.        all the decades of thinking –
.        if only I had stopped them.

JOSEPH   But you did.  You stopped your brothers
.        from killing me.

REUBEN   My suggestion was to throw you down
.        into the pit so you would starve to death,
.        as I did not want the actual blood
.        to be on our hands.  It was Judah who
.        suggested we sell you to the Ishmaelites,
.        because you were our brother, after all.
.        Otherwise, your body would still be down
.        in that pit.

JOSEPH   But it isn’t.  God would have found           2
.        some way to send me to Egypt.

REUBEN   And- look at you now.  So then, should
.        I be jealous?

JOSEPH   There were other injustices committed
.        against me.  It was NOT all at your hands.

REUBEN   You suffered more than we know?

JOSEPH   Of course, all these years, I have always
.        missed my family.

(REUBEN waves his arm at JOSEPH’S attire.)

REUBEN   But – you found honor.

JOSEPH   At first, I had proven myself to Potiphar,
.        an Egyptian officer of Pharaoh’s.

REUBEN   So life was not so bad?

JOSEPH   Until Potiphar’s wife falsely accused me
.        of rape.  Then I found myself in jail.

REUBEN   Let me guess, you made friends with
.        the jailer.

JOSEPH   (shrugging)  I was still seen as guilty.
.        It took patience and trusting in God
.        that the truth would come out.
.        Even though I had been falsely accused,
.        I was able to prove myself worthy once again.
.        And the jailer found that he COULD trust me.
.        There are very few people in this world
.        who are trustworthy.

REUBEN   And then that was it?

JOSEPH   Not at all.  The jailer does not have any
.        authority to get anyone out of jail.
.        Eventually, the chief cupbearer and
.        the chief baker wound up in jail for
.        offending Pharaoh.  As the jailer put me
.        in charge of attending to these men,
.        they told me about their strange dreams.
.                                                      3
REUBEN   Ah! Dream-boy to the rescue!

JOSEPH   God gave me the interpretations for the dreams,
.        which did come to pass.  The baker was put
.        to the death, while the cupbearer was restored
.        to his position as foretold.

REUBEN   And the cupbearer told the Pharaoh –
.        and all was well-

JOSEPH   Not quite.  Two years after THAT.

REUBEN   You were in jail for so long, and you
.        did nothing wrong.  Is there no justice?

JOSEPH   It was my word against the wife of an officer.

REUBEN   And obviously discrimination!  It did not help
.        that you are NOT an Egyptian!

JOSEPH   God is in control, and allowed this to happen.
.        I trusted that there was a purpose.  My concern
.        was to continue bringing honor to God.
.        Meanwhile, Pharaoh had two perplexing dreams.
.        The cupbearer finally remembered
.        what I had done and told Pharaoh about it.
.        It was then that Pharaoh called for me.
.        And because God gave me the insight,
.        not only for the dreams’ interpretation
.        about the great famine, but for a solution
.        to this worldwide problem - Pharaoh put me
.        in charge of everything.  So you see,
.        there was purpose in all that has happened.

REUBEN   I still feel guilty.  How can you forgive me?

JOSEPH   With God’s help, I forgive you, my brother.
.        But understand, you meant evil against me,
.        while God used that to accomplish good.
.        As for having all your guilt washed away –
.        you can only go to God for that.

(JOSEPH hugs REUBEN and they exit.)