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GOSPEL – A VISUAL POEM - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:       seeing that Jesus is God
SCRIPTURE:   Colossians 1:15-22, John 1:1&14
Style:       visual poem/narration: a presentation
.            of how God came down as a Man, died,
.            rose again and brings us salvation
Cast:        NARRATOR, 4 people
Set & Props: white sheet which represents everything;
.            flood light represents God’s power;
.            flashlight represents Jesus’ presence;
.            3’ high cardboard picture of universe;
.            1 1/2’ blue round circle for earth
.              (which is held on a stick or wire);
.            6” smaller circle with one white side
.              and one black side representing man
.              (which is held on a stick or wire)
.            cutout shape of a Bible
.              (which is held on a stick or wire)
.            (done like a Blue Man show)


(NARRATOR READS POEM while the rest set up visuals)


This represents God.           2 people hold up
He is everywhere.              the white sheet
He encompasses everything.
And He is pure.

God is light and power.        3rd person switches on
He can do anything.            flood light from the back
And God is the creator.        to light up entire sheet

God made the universe,         4th person tilts up the
.                              cardboard universe
.                              (you can have something
.                              to lean this on securely)

The earth,                     4th person hangs up
.                              the earth on the top edge
.                              of the universe  (can make
.                              some sort of hooks for this)
.                                                        2
And He made man,               4th person holds up “man”
in His own image,              showing the white side.
to love and serve Him,         hold this in front of earth
to live with Him forever.
And God gave man a free choice.

Man chose to sin,              4th person turns “man”
to turn his back on God.       around to black side,
To love and serve himself.     still in front of earth
Man chose darkness and death.

But God is love                3rd person switches on
And still loved man.           flashlight to shine it
.                              from the back, slowly
.                              moving it closer to sheet
.                              so light gets smaller
.                              so it is about the size
.                              of the “man”

So God came to earth           move light downward
as a man                       stop just on top of earth

To die for him,                move light behind earth
To die in man’s place,         so light cannot be seen

And rose again.                move light back up
.                              then up again, and out

So if man chooses              3rd person turns “man”
to turn to God,                around back to white side
Man can have                   then lifts up man
eternal life with God          into the white above

John 1: 1 and 14 says:         3rd person holds Bible
In the beginning               in front of flood light
was the Word,                  to cast shadow
The word was with God,         in white area
The word was God,              then move it down
And the word became flesh      to rest on top of
And dwelt among us.            universe