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GOD, THE SAVIOR – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        creation, Adam and Eve’s salvation
SCRIPTURE:    John 3, 19, 20
NOTE:         3nd in series of 4 skits.(
Style:        interactive/conversation: during narration,
.             actor/s mime and encourage the children
.             to mime along to the creation story
Cast:         NARRATOR, MIMES 1-5 (M.1, etc.)
.             (for more actors, split up lines & actions)
PROPS       - “GOD”   (bit white circle which is
.                      slightly transparent
.                      if you’re using flashlights)
.           – “JESUS” (either flashlight, or a cutout
.                      of white circle the size of “MAN”)
.           – “HOLY SPIRIT” (another flashlight, or
.                      white cutout)
.           – “EARTH” (slightly smaller cutout of world)
.           – “MAN”   (cutout of person,
.                      one side white, other side black)


(PERSON 1 stands to the side to recite or read.
Miming/actions can take place at center stage, always
encouraging the children to join in when applicable.
Have MIME 1/”GOD” at center back.  MIMES 2-3/“JESUS”
and “HOLY SPIRIT” stand on either side of MIME 1.
MIME 4/”EARTH” can kneel in front of MIME 1.
MIME 5/”PERSON” stands to side of MIME 4.)

DIALOGUE                            ACTIONS

Today we are going to review
in a slightly different way.

In the beginning was God.           M.1 holds “GOD”
.                                    up high.
.                                   M.2-3 shine lights
.                                    behind God to
.                                    represent Trinity.
.                                    OR hold cutouts
.                                    in front of “GOD”.
.                                                      2
God created the heavens             M.4 holds out
and the earth so we would have       “EARTH” below “GOD”.
a beautiful place to live.

Then God created people.            M.5 holds white side
.                                    of “PERSON”
.                                    in front of earth.

Because God loves us,               M.5 turns “PERSON”
God gave us freedom to choose.       around to show
But Adam and Eve                     black side.
chose to disobey, so now
we all have sin in our lives.

Where there is sin,                 M.5 lowers “PERSON”
there is spiritual death –           to the bottom
a separation from God.               of the earth
.                                    keeping “PERSON”
.                                    in front of earth,
.                                    to show separation.

Because God wants to have           M.2 starts “JESUS”
a close relationship with us,        from behind “GOD”
and loves us so much,                then slowly lowers
He sent His only Son to earth.       “JESUS” to top
.                                    surface of “EARTH”.
Jesus lived on the earth,
and He lived a perfect life.
because God loves us so much,       M.2 lowers “JESUS”
and He does not want us to die,      behind the earth.
Jesus died for us, in our place.

And just as Jonah
was in the stomach of the fish
for 3 days and 3 nights
because of his own sin,
Jesus was dead and buried
for 3 days and 3 nights –
to pay for all OUR sins.

After the 3 days and 3 nights,      M.2 raises “JESUS”
Jesus rose again.                    to earth’s surface.
to have victory over death –
just for us, because God wants
a personal relationship with us.
.                                                      3
Jesus then went to heaven           M.2 raises “JESUS”
to be with the heavenly Father,      up behind “GOD”
where He prays for us.               and stays there.
But God sent down His Holy Spirit   M.3 lowers “H.S.”
to be there to help us.              to earth’s surface.

All we have to do                   M.5 moves “PERSON”
is believe in Jesus.                 up to “JESUS”.
When we confess our sins,           M.5 turns “PERSON”
God forgives all our sins.           around to white.

And we are reborn!  We are sealed   M.3 moves “H.S.”
with the Holy Spirit in us,          behind “PERSON”
always there to help us.
and keep us children of God

So when we die a physical death     M.5 & M.3 lowers
we then go to heaven to join God,    behind earth, then
our heavenly Father, forever.        both raise to “GOD”.
For all eternity, we can enjoy
a close relationship with God.

So – God loves us so much,          ALL MIMES
that He made the heavens             motion around them.
and the earth just for us.
And God loves us so much,           ALL MIMES
He wants to be                       look up.
our heavenly Father.
But God loves us so much,           
that He allows us to choose.        MIMES put a thinking

But there is no place we can hide,
and we cannot run from God.
We all have                          finger to chin.
a choice to make –                  MIMES make a
to be alone... or to have            pushing away motion,
a close relationship with God.       then bows in prayer.

Even while we are sinners,
God loves us so much,
He provides forgiveness
when we ask.  
And when we believe in Jesus,
God then saves us so we can         ALL MIMES raise arms
be with God in heaven, forever.      up to God.