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GOD, THE REDEEMER – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        creation, sin, Jonah
NOTE:         3nd in series of 4 skits. (
Style:        interactive/conversation: during narration,
.             actor/s mime and encourage the children
.             to mime along to the creation story
.             (for more actors, split up lines & actions)


(PERSON 1 stands to the side to recite or read.
Miming/actions can take place at center stage,
always encouraging the children to join in.  

DIALOGUE                            ACTIONS

we pretended to go back in time
to see how God,                     MIME motions w/arms
the Creator of all things,           a big circle, then
is also the provider.                holds out hands.

God loved us so much, that He       MIME holds thinking
gave us freedom of choice.           finger to chin.

Adam and Eve chose to sin,          MIME raises one hand
which brought a spiritual death,     and puts other hand
which means that there is            to their heart
a separation between us and God.     to show separation.

Because of that, we now             MIME puts a thinking
have another choice to make –       finger to chin.
to be alone, or to have             MIME pushes away,
a close relationship with God.       then bows in prayer.

Today, let us see how God           MIME keeps hands
is the Redeemer -                    folded and looks up.
how God forgives our sins
when we ask Him, so
we can be close to God.

So now, we are going to pretend     MIME exits.        2
to go back in time
to see a true Bible story
of Jonah and the people of Nineveh,
and to see how forgiving God is.

The man named Jonah,                JONAH enters.
was already a man of God, and so    JONAH motions to
God provided a job for Jonah to do.  himself, “Me?”

God told Jonah to go                JONAH kneels
to the big city of Nineveh.          before God
Jonah was then supposed to           to listen intently.
warn and tell the people            JONAH jumps up
to stop doing evil things.           angrily.

JONAH         No!  I refuse.  They are evil people,
.             and they deserve to die.

Jonah then tried                    JONAH runs off stage.
to run away from God.               MIMES enter, kneel
He found a boat that was going       and link together to
to a faraway city.                  form a “boat” shape.
.                                   KIDS can be the water

Jonah paid for the trip             SAILORS enter and
and went onto the boat.              stand behind “boat”.
He wanted to travel                 JONAH enters, “pays”
far away in order                    & gets into “boat”.
to run away from God and hide -     JONAH yawns big, and
But you cannot run from God.         lays down in boat.

To teach Jonah a lesson,
God sent a great storm              MIMES begin
which made the sea very rough.       “rocking” more
The storm was so strong, that        and more.
the boat was ready to break apart.  SAILORS rock and
The sailors tried everything         look worried.
to keep the boat from sinking.      SAILORS mime throwing
They even threw things overboard     things overboard.
to make the boat lighter.           

But the storm just got worse.       SAILORS get down on
Becoming very afraid, each sailor    knees to pray.
began praying to his own god –
but this was not working
because their gods were not real.
.                                                      3
Noticing that Jonah was sleeping,   SAILOR looks down
the captain woke him up.             on Jonah.

SAILOR        Why are you sleeping?
.             Pray to your god!
.             Maybe YOUR god will hear you and save us!

The sailors suggested               JONAH kneels.
that they draw lots to find out     SAILOR mimes holding
who the guilty person was.           out sticks to pick.
The result was Jonah.               JONAH picks a stick
.                                    and shows concern.
.                                   SAILORS point at him.
SAILOR        What have you done
.             that we should all suffer?

JONAH         I worship God, the Creator.
.             But I am running away from God.

SAILOR        What should we do to save ourselves?

Jonah told the sailors              JONAH motions to
to throw him into the sea.           the sea.
At first the sailors did            SAILORS shake their
not want to do this,                 heads.
but as the storm got worse,         MIMES rock more.
the sailors prayed to God           SAILORS raise arms
and asked what they should do.       High in prayer.

The sailors were willing to do
what God wanted, and so             SAILORS help throw
they threw Jonah into the sea,       JONAH overboard.
because JONAH had not been          SAILORS exit, and
willing to do what God wanted.      MIMES crawl off.

.                                   KIDS stop being
Right away, the sea became calm.     the water.
When the sailors saw this, they     JONAH lays on
believed in God and worshiped Him.   stomach and swims.

Meanwhile, Jonah still              MIMES in group, creep
did not want to obey God,            in as a big fish.
so God sent a great fish            MIMES in front use
to swallow Jonah up.  Jonah          arms as a big mouth
was in the stomach of the fish       to cover JONAH who
for three days and three nights.     who curls up tight.
.                                                      4
While Jonah was in the fish,
he prayed to God, saying
that he would do
what God wanted him to do.

God then had the fish vomit Jonah   MIMES in front
out onto the dry land.               raise arms, and
.                                   JONAH rolls out.

God spoke to Jonah again.           MIMES exit.
This time, Jonah obeyed God         JONAH kneels humbly.
and went to Nineveh
to talk to the people               JONAH nods, standing.
and tell them God’s message.        PEOPLE enter and
.                                   JONAH speaks to them.

JONAH         After 40 days,
.             Nineveh will be destroyed!

Then, all the people of Nineveh,    PEOPLE become
even the king, all believed          concerned.
in God.  They were all              PEOPLE all kneel
very sorry for the evil things       in prayer,
they had been doing.                 beseechingly.

The king asked everyone
to fast and pray and ask God
to forgive them of their sins.

God saw what the people did.        PEOPLE get up,
He saw that they stopped doing evil  ...
so God changed his mind              happy,
and did not do what He planned.      jumping for joy
He did not punish the people.        while exiting.
This made Jonah angry.              JONAH makes fists.

JONAH         Why?  They did evil things!
.             They should be destroyed!

God now had to teach Jonah          JONAH hides his face
another lesson.                      in his hands.
God asked Jonah,
“Why should you be angry when
I forgive people when they ask?     JONAH shrugs.
Did I not forgive you               JONAH takes hands
when you asked?”                     away, and nods.

Jonah had learned...

God loves us so much,               ALL MIMES
that He made the heavens             turn forward.
and the earth just for us.

And God loves us so much,           ALL MIMES
He wants to be                       look up.
our heavenly Father.

But God loves us so much,           ALL MIMES fold hands
that He allows us to choose.         and bow in prayer.

But there is no place we can hide,
and we cannot run from God.
We all have                          finger to chin.
a choice to make –                  MIMES make a
to be alone... or to have            pushing away motion,
a close relationship with God.       then bows in prayer.

Because even while we are sinners,
God loves us so much,
He provides forgiveness
when we ask.