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GOD, THE PROVIDER – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        creation, Adam and Eve’s purpose
SCRIPTURE:    Gen.1:26-2:25
NOTE:         2nd in series of 4 skits. (
Style:        interactive/conversation: during narration,
.             actor/s mime and encourage the children
.             to mime along to the creation story
.             (for more actors, split up lines & actions)
PROPS:        If you used photos/drawings in last skit,
.             you can use them again further involve
.             children, then have them sit in order,
.             and lift up the prop when it’s time.


(PERSON 1 stands to the side to recite or read.
Miming/actions can take place at center stage,
always encouraging the children to join in.  

DIALOGUE                            ACTIONS

we pretended to go back in time
to see how God                      MIME motions w/arms
is the Creator of all things.         a big circle.

Today, let us see how God           MIME holds out
is the provider.                     both hands.

Remember, because God decided       MIME listens
He wanted someone to love,           intently.
God created people.

But first He had created the earth
so people had a place to live.      MIME motions out
God PROVIDED                         and around
a beautiful home for people.         with both arms.

THEN God had created man.           MAN steps out.

God also PROVIDED a purpose –
for each and every one of us.  
.                                                      2
The main purpose for us
is to have a close and loving
relationship with God.  

Another purpose for us
is to serve:  to serve God,
and to serve each other.

So one of the first jobs
God gave to man,                    MAN points to self
was to name all of the things        questioningly.
God had created.                    MIME nods.

.                                   MAN can stand with
.                                    back to children,
.                                    pointing at MIME
.  (NARRATOR speaks                  for each thing; as
.   as if MAN is saying it)         MIME acts them out:
Light!                               Smile, look around.
Night.                               Lay head “sleeping”.
Day.                                 Wake up.
Sky.                                 Face between hands.
Sea.                                 Rippling fingers.
Land.                                Flat arm,while other
Grass.                               Fingers peek over,
Plants.                              Fingers grow up.
Fruit trees.                         and up like tree.

Moon.                                Form circle w/hands
Stars.                               then do star dots...
Sun.                                 Raise arms big.
Fish                                 Hands swimming.
Birds                                Hands flying.
Robin, Sparrow, Crow, Eagle,        MAN turns, panting,
Wren, Chickadee...                   wiping forehead...

God then said,
“It is not good for the man
to be alone;  I will make him
a suitable helper.”

Then God created woman.             WOMAN steps out.
Both are created in God’s image,
with the same purpose: to have
a close relationship with God,  
and to serve God and each other.
.                                   MAN & WOMAN turn    3
.                                    with back to kids,
.                                    pointing at MIME
.  (NARRATOR speaks as if            for each thing; as
.   MAN & WOMAN are saying it)      MIME acts them out:
Dog.                                 Bark, etc.
Cat.                                 Meow, etc.
Horse.                               Neigh, etc.
Sheep.                               Baa-baa...
Cow.                                 Moo...
Pig.                                 Oink-oink...
Bear.                                grunt-grunt...
Tiger.                               Grrr.
Lion.                                Huge roar.
Elephant.                            Lip noise, etc.
Lizards.                             Slither one arm.
AND mouse!                           Squeak & tiny hands.

.                                   MAN & WOMAN turn
God blessed them and told them       to each other and
to have many children.               shake hands w/a nod.

Now God told
the man and the woman               MAN and WOMAN
about another job for them.          turn forward,
.                                    then
They were to rule                    look left and nod.
over all the fish in the sea         
and the birds in the air.            

They were to rule                   MAN and WOMAN
over all the large animals           look right
and all the little things            and nod.
that crawled on the earth.

God also PROVIDED                   MAN and WOMAN
the beautiful Garden of Eden         look forward
where the people could live,         and nod.
and take care of the garden.

And with that, God PROVIDED
all the food they could eat.
They could eat from all the         MIME motions around
plants, and all the fruit trees,     with a sweeping arm.
all except for one tree –           MIME stands like
The tree of the knowledge            like a tree.
of good and evil.
.                                                      4
.                                   MAN motions to tree,
If they should eat from it,          then waves a “no-no”
they would die.                      finger to WOMAN.
.                                   WOMAN nods
By giving these people               her understanding.
just this one law,
to not eat of that one tree,
God PROVIDED people with choice.
.                                   WOMAN mimes picking
But Adam and Eve chose to disobey.   and eating a fruit.
They were tempted, and              MAN then does same.
both ate of the fruit.

Because of this,                    MAN & WOMAN hang head
they brought sin into the world.     in shame.
They realized they had done wrong   MAN & WOMAN run away
and tried to hide from God.          and try to hide.

But God knows everything.
and we cannot hide from God.

God called for them,                MAN & WOMAN motion
because God STILL loves us           to themselves and
and STILL wants to have              slowly creep out
a close relationship with people.    from hiding spots.

Because they had brought sin
into the world,
there was a spiritual death.        MAN & WOMAN put one
Because of sin, there is             hand on heart, the
a separation between us and God.     other hand rises up
We all now have a very big need.     to show separation.

God knew this, and promised Eve
that through their descendants,     MAN & WOMAN bring
through their children’s             both their hands
children– many, many years later,    together at their
God would send His only Son          own hearts -
to die for our sins.                 thankful.
God provided the way.

If we accept that, we can be        MAN & WOMAN bow
become children of God and           in prayer.
have a close relationship
with God, the Creator of everything.

God loves us so much,               ALL MIMES          5
that He made the heavens             turn forward.
and the earth just for us.

And God loves us so much,           ALL MIMES
He wants to be                       look up.
our heavenly Father.

God loves us so much
that He provided a way
to be close to Him.

But God loves us so much,           ALL MIMES put a
that He gives each one of us         thinking finger to
freedom to choose.                   their chins.

Do we want to be alone,             MIMES push away, then
or do we want God                    decide to fold hands
as our heavenly Father?              in humble prayer.