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GOD, THE CREATOR – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        creation
SCRIPTURE:    Gen.1:1-2:3
NOTE:         1st in series of 4 skits. (
Style:        interactive/conversation: during narration,
.             actor/s mime and encourage the children
.             to mime along to the creation story
.             (for more actors, split up lines & actions)
PROPS:        You can have photos/drawings of all things
.             created, to further involve children,
.             then have them sit in order,
.             and lift up the prop when it’s time.


(PERSON 1 stands to the side to recite or read.
Miming/actions can take place at center stage,
always encouraging the children to join in.  

DIALOGUE                            ACTIONS

What if we could go back in time
to see how the world was created?   MIME enters,
Do you want to try that?             nodding.
Let us pretend
that we can see how God
is the Creator of all things.

In the beginning,                   Listen intently.
God decided                         
He wanted someone to love.          Motion to self,
So God decided to create people,     questioningly.
but before He did that,
He wanted to create
the most beautiful place
for them to live.

At first,                           Look around
the earth was empty and dark.        questioningly.
So on the first day,                Show one finger.
God said,
“Let there be light!”               Smile, look around.
.                                                      2
He separated
the light from the dark,
so there was night                  Lay head “sleeping”.
and day.                            Wake up.
And God saw that it was good.       “Okay” hand signal.

On the second day,                  Show two fingers.
God said,
“Let the waters be separated.”

So some of the waters               Ripple all fingers,
become a canopy above the earth      raise one hand while
to protect everything below.         lowering the other.

And the space in between,           Breathe deep with
He called sky.                       face between hands.
And God saw that it was good.       “Okay” hand signal.

On the third day,                   Show three fingers.
God said,                           Continue lower water,
“Let the water under the sky         put flat arm below.
be gathered together                Land arm rises to one
so there will be land.”              side, hand drops to
So there was earth,                  form bank, as water
and the sea.                        lowers to other side.

Then God said,                      Keep flat land arm,
“Let the earth grow grass,          put other hand behind
plants,                              and have it “grow”
and fruit trees.                     up and up.
And God saw that it was good.       “Okay” hand signal.

On the fourth day,                  Show four fingers.
God said,
“Let there be lights
in the sky.”   
So there was the moon               Form circle w/hands
and the stars,                       then do star dots...
and there was the sun.              Raise both hands big.
And God saw that it was good.       “Okay” hand signal.

On the fifth day,                   Show five fingers.
God said,
“Let there be many living things
in the water
and in the skies.”
.                                                      3
So the water was filled
with many living things,            Make fish hands and
like many kinds of fish.             “swim” side to side.
And there were many kinds           Cross hands and flap
of birds flying in the air.          around “flying”.
And God saw that it was good.       “Okay” hand signal.

On the sixth day,                   Show six fingers.
God said,
“Let there be many
living creatures on the earth.”

So there were tame animals,         (have fun w/these)
like dogs                           Bark, etc.
cats,                               Meow, etc.
horses,                             Neigh, etc.
sheep,                              Baa-baa...
cows,                               Moo...
and pigs.                           Oink-oink...

There were wild animals,
like bears,                         grunt-grunt...
tigers,                             Grrr.
lions                               Huge roar.
and elephants,                      Lip noise, etc.

There were even slithery things,
like lizards and snakes.            Slither one arm.
And crawly things,
like mice and moles.                Squeak & tiny hands.
And God saw that it was good.       “Okay” hand signal.

Then God said,
“NOW let’s make humans              Happily
who will be like us.”                point to self.

So there were male                  MALE steps forward.
and female.                         FEMALE steps forward.

God looked at everything
He had made.
And God saw                         Both hands make
that it was VERY good.               “Okay” hand signals.

On the seventh day, God rested.     Show seven fingers.

God had made the heavens                               4
and the earth just for us,
because God loves us,               Hug yourself
and wants to be                      and look up.
our heavenly Father.
The day of rest, is the day         Fold hands and
created for us to put aside          bow in prayer.
all distractions so we can choose
to honor and focus on God,
the Creator of all things.