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GOD SPEAKS TO US - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:      communication, Bible, wisdom
SCRIPTURE:  Gen.15:1-18; Rom.1:20; James 1:4-5
Style:      drama/conversation: 2 CHILDREN talk
.           about a Sunday School lesson and
.           how God speaks to us today
Cast:       CHILD 1, CHILD 2


(CHILD 1 walks up to CHILD 2.)

CHILD 1   Did you understand our Sunday School
.         lesson today?

CHILD 2   What do you mean?

CHILD 1   Well, God talked to Abram a lot.
.         Why doesn’t God talk to us?

CHILD 2   He does.

CHILD 1   I’ve never heard Him.

CHILD 2   Dad told me, God talks to us
.         through nature.

CHILD 1   Speaks through nature?
.         What do you mean?
.         Can the animals talk?
.         I’ve never heard that, either.

CHILD 2   Nooo.  I think what Dad meant was...
.         when you look at how amazing nature is,
.         you just have to believe that there is
.         an amazing God who made everything.
.         And THAT God would love us very much.

CHILD 1   That’s it?

CHILD 2   And God talks to us through the Bible.

CHILD 1   I’ve never seen my name in it.

CHILD 2   Well, there are lots of verses that             2
.         directly say “you” – which would mean
.         all of us – including you.

CHILD 1   Like what?  Give me an example.

CHILD 2   (read Bible)  Okay, well, in James 1:4-5,
.         it says “Let endurance have its perfect result,
.         that YOU may be perfect and complete,
.         lacking in nothing.  But if any of YOU
.         lacks wisdom, let him ask of God,
.         who gives to all men generously
.         and without reproach, and it will be given him.”

CHILD 1   Well, I could sure use wisdom, because
.         I don’t exactly understand what that all means.

CHILD 2   That’s okay, pray about it, and keep
.         reading the Bible.  God is always talking to us
.         through the Bible, and wants to talk to us
.         everyday.  The more we ask for wisdom,
.         read and listen to God, things will
.         make more and more sense.

CHILD 1   It does make more sense now.
.         I’m glad you could help.

CHILD 2   Me too.

CHILD 1   I guess God sometimes speaks to us
.         through people too.

CHILD 2   You’re right.  That is another way.