.           all rights belong to Tanis Harms –
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.                            – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        God’s position
SCRIPTURE:    Ex.2:11-4:31, Ps.57:2, Rom.3:21-26
Style:        drama or puppet play/conversation:
.             two kids introduce the issue of how
.             they feel guilty about bad things they
.             have done, which is followed by the Bible
.             story of when Moses sees the burning bush -
.             God is the great I Am who still cares
.             about us and can still use us to serve Him
Cast:         (present day): ANIA, ELA, NARRATOR
.             (Bible day):   MOSES, ISRAELITE
.             (also have):   TWO ASSISTANTS
.             preferably dressed in black, who stand
.             out of the picture as much as possible.
NOTE:         if using puppets, the NARRATOR
.             and ASSISTANTS 1-2 have to be people,
.             the other characters can be puppets
Props:        shepherd staff, bright light


(ANIA and ELA enter.  ANIA looks very sad.)

ANIA       Hi Ela.

ELA        Now what’s wrong?

ANIA       Do you have to ask?

ELA        Why don’t you want me to ask?

ANIA       Because then you’ll expect me to tell.
.          And I just do not want to tell you about it.
.          I’m afraid to tell.

ELA        Even after what we learned from the last
.          Bible story?

ANIA       This time it’s a little different.

ELA        Different from last time...

ANIA       Yes, very different!  Opposite!              2

ELA        Last time you were worried that
.          something bad COULD happen.  So,
.          either something GOOD happened,
.          or something bad actually DID happen.

ANIA       Well, it’s definitely NOT good.

ELA        Okay, so, something bad happened.
.          I think the saying goes, “Bad things
.          sometimes happen to good people.”

ANIA       Yeah... is there also a saying like,
.          “Good people sometimes do bad things?”

ELA        I do not know.  But I do know
.          that even when we try to be good,
.          we can still make mistakes.

ANIA       Well, then, I have to confess something.
.          I did do something bad,
.          and I’m afraid that I’ll probably
.          get into trouble for it.

ELA        Why do you say “probably?”

ANIA       Because no one knows about it yet.
.          Right now, I’m just running away
.          from the situation, so maybe
.          no one will find out.

ELA        Well, YOU know about it.
.          And now I know about it.
.          And - God knows.

ANIA       You think?

ELA        Well, we have been learning about God and
.          how He’s always here with us- that must mean-
.          He hears and sees everything.

ANIA       I wonder if that’s why I feel so guilty.

ELA        I know when I do bad things, I feel bad
.          about it.  But when I fix the problem,
.          I always feel so much better.
.                                                       3
ANIA       I guess if I tried running away
.          every time I made a mistake,
.          I would get really tired of running;
.          as well, I’d always be feeling guilty.
.          Is our friend still here?

ELA        Yes.  Our friend is going to tell us
.          another Bible story.

ANIA       Well, I sure hope the Bible story
.          will help me figure this out.
.          I’m so tired of feeling guilty
.          or afraid that I’ll be found out.

ELA        Well, what are we waiting for?
.          Let’s hear that story!

(NARRATOR enters and stands at stage right.)

ANIA       Hello, (Name).

NARRATOR   Hello, Ela and Ania, and everyone else here.

ANIA       So yesterday you told us a true story
.          from the Bible about how God was always
.          with Moses and the Israelites, so that
.          they did not have to be afraid of anything.
.          Even when they were made to work hard
.          as slaves, and even at the threat of death.

NARRATOR   And God is here with us, so we do not
.          have to be afraid of anything.

ANIA       Well, what about if – well – let’s just say-
.          ah- what if we did something wrong?

NARRATOR   That would still not change the fact
.          that when we become children of God,
.          God is always there with us, so we
.          do not have to be afraid of anything.

ANIA       But- I did something wrong.

NARRATOR   We all have sinned.  And even after becoming
.          a child of God, we still make mistakes.
.          Even Moses made mistakes.
.                                                       4
ANIA       He did?

NARRATOR   That is why we all need God.  Through God’s
.          power, we are forgiven and saved forever.
.          And while we are living here on earth,
.          we should always be asking God to help us-

ANIA       Did Moses ask for help?

NARRATOR   Well, not at first.

ANIA       So our long story continues.
.          I’m going to go sit down and listen now.

(ANIA and ELA exit.)

NARRATOR   Moses was now all grown up now.  And
.          even though Pharaoh’s daughter found Moses
.          as a baby and brought him up as her own son,
.          Moses knew that he was actually an Israelite.

(MOSES enters stage right and looks over the audience.)

NARRATOR   One day when he went out to see his people,
.          and saw how much they were slaving away-
.          Moses saw an Egyptian guard beating up
.          an Israelite.  Moses was very angry!

(MOSES sees something off-stage-left and reacts.)

MOSES      Hey, you, Egyptian guard!  Stop that!
.          Stop beating up that Israelite slave!

(MOSES looks around, then sneaks off stage left.)

NARRATOR   And when he thought no one was looking,
.          Moses killed the Egyptian guard.
.          Although he felt very guilty,
.          he thought he had gotten away with it;
.          so the next day, Moses went out again.

(MOSES enters stage right.  Looking around, he sees
something at stage-left - then ISRAELITE enters.)

MOSES      (to ISRAELITE)  What’s going on there?

ISRAELITE  Two Israelites are fighting.                 5

MOSES      We should not be fighting each other.
.          (yells to off-stage-left)  Hey!  Stop that!
.          Stop that, you two!  Why are you fighting?
.          You should not be fighting each other!

ISRAELITE  (to MOSES)  What are you going to do?
.          Are you going to kill them too?

(ISRAELITE shakes head and exits.  MOSES gasps,

MOSES      I thought no one had seen me kill the guard.

NARRATOR   Even the Pharaoh found out about it,
.          and tried to have Moses killed.
.          So Moses ran away into the wilderness.

(MOSES rushes off stage right.)

NARRATOR   God had a plan for Moses.  Moses was meant
.          to lead the Israelites out of Egypt.
.          But when Moses tried to help the Israelites
.          on his own, WITHOUT God’s help and guidance–
.          Moses obviously made a big mess of things.
.          Because Moses sinned, God delayed the plan,
.          and other people suffered because of it.
.          While the Israelites remained slaves,
.          Moses lived in the wilderness, and worked
.          as a shepherd.

(MOSES enters with a shepherd’s staff.  Offstage,
ASSISTANTS make sheep noises.)

NARRATOR   God knows when and how we’re going to sin.
.          But God is all-powerful.  God can work around
.          all of our mistakes and still carry out
.          His plans.  God waited until the Pharaoh died.
.          Then when the next Pharaoh became ruler,
.          God appeared to Moses in a burning bush.

(BRIGHT LIGHT shines out from stage left.)

MOSES      I – see a fire, but – it’s not burning up
.          the bush.  I must – see what this is.
.          This cannot be happening.  That cannot happen!
.                                                       6
(MOSES exits stage left toward the light.)

NARRATOR   Well, God created the entire universe -
.          God CAN do anything.  What’s most important
.          is that God spoke to Moses and gave him
.          instructions of how Moses was going to
.          carry out God’s plans to free His people,
.          the Israelites, from slavery –
.          THIS TIME with God’s help and guidance.
.          So even though Moses had made mistakes,
.          God could still use him.  And even though
.          we make mistakes, God can still use us.
.          As God was with Moses, God is with us,
.          so we do not have to be afraid of anything.

(LIGHT turns off.  MOSES enters from stage left,
still with the shepherd’s staff.)

MOSES      I’m still afraid!  I should not be afraid!
.          God is with me.  So, I need to remember this.
.          God is with me-God is with me-God is with me-

(ISRAELITE enters from stage right.)

ISRAELITE  Oh, I remember you!  What are you doing back?

MOSES      I have come to help free you all from slavery.

ISRAELITE  By killing people?

MOSES      No.  No, that was very wrong of me to do,
.          and I apologize.  This time, I am going
.          to help - by following God’s instructions.
.          God is with me.  God spoke to me.

ISRAELITE  YOU – spoke to GOD?  How do you know
.          it was God?

MOSES      He spoke through a burning bush,
.          and told me to tell my people that
.          the great “I Am” sent me.

(ISRAELITE reacts with fear and awe at the name of
the great “I Am.”)

ISRAELITE  What else did God say?
.                                                       7
MOSES      That He is “The Lord, the God
.          of your fathers, the God of Abraham,
.          the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob,
.          has sent me to you.”  

NARRATOR   Even though Moses had grown up with
.          a royal position in Pharaoh’s palace-
.          God has the highest position –
.          the King of kings and Lord of lords -
.          so it is God who would make things happen.

ISRAELITE  So what are you going to do now?

MOSES      Not me.  God!- God will free us.

ISRAELITE  But, using YOU?  God is still going
.          to use you!?

MOSES      Hey, I tried to tell God that He should
.          probably use someone else.  I guess,
.          that is not a good enough reason-
.          or excuse.

ISRAELITE  Now, how can I really believe you?

MOSES      That’s another reason I gave to God.

ISRAELITE  And, what did God say?

MOSES      See this staff?  God told me to take
.          this staff, and when I throw it down-
.          God will turn it into a snake.

ISRAELITE  Yeah, right!

(MOSES throws the staff down, and out of sight.
ASSISTANT 1 hisses like a snake.  ISRAELITE jumps around,

ISRAELITE  Ah! Ah! Snake! It’s a snake!

(MOSES picks the staff up again.  The hissing stops.)

ISRAELITE  It’s back to being a staff again.
.          Heeeyyyy, how did you do that?

MOSES      God said that if people did not              8
.          believe me, there are two more miracles
.          I can show you.  I can make my hand
.          full of leprosy, then heal it again.
.          And I can make some water into blood.

ISRAELITE  Save that for the others.  But- I still
.          do not understand why God chose you.
.          You are far from perfect.

MOSES      I tried to tell God that, and that I am
.          not very good with words.  But God already
.          knows that, and said that He would speak
.          for me.  And - is anyone perfect?


MOSES      Exactly, so who am I to argue with God?
.          Except that I tried to get out of doing this.


MOSES      God was very angry, but still said that
.          I must go!  But God would allow my brother,
.          Aaron, to also help me.

ISRAELITE  You’re lucky God did not smite you!

MOSES      Yes!  And I’m glad God is understanding
.          and patient!  And God has seen His people,
.          the Israelites, suffering in the land
.          of Egypt, and is going to free us and bring us
.          to the promised land.  God will do it,
.          because He is God – and God can do anything.


NARRATOR   Moses still made mistakes – but God is patient
.          and still used Moses to carry out His plan.
.          And just like Moses, we still make mistakes-
.          and God can still use us and can carry out
.          His plans for us - because He is God!
.          No matter how much we mess up, we should not
.          run AWAY.  We SHOULD run BACK to God and look
.          to Him for help and guidance.
.          As children of God, God is with us, and
.          we do not have to be afraid of anything.
.                                                       9
.          (close story in a prayer)


NARRATOR   Next time, we will find out more
.          about God’s plans for Moses.

Next skit.)