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GOD PROVIDES – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        God provides many things
SCRIPTURE:    1 Sam.1:1-20:42, 1 Kings 17:1-18:46,
.             2 Kings 5:1-14, Nehemiah, Esther 4:1-9:32,
.             Daniel, Jonah 1:1-3:10, Mark 1:1-4, Gal.3:5
Style:        drama/conversation: a child asks to be told
.             the best story in the Bible
Cast:         CHILDREN 1–3 (CHILD 1 is the youngest)
Set & Props:  sofa or chairs, Bible story book
.             (with the script inside so it seems like
.             they looking for the right story to tell)


(CHILDREN 1 – 3 sit down.)

C 2   (to C 3)  I can’t believe we got stuck babysitting.

C 3   I’ve never had to babysit before.  What do we do?

C 1   You can tell me a story.

C 2   Which story should we tell you?

C 1   Tell me – the best story in the Bible.

C 3   (looks through story book)  Ahhh, which one
.     is that?

C 2   Oh, here, how about the story of Kind David?
.     David loved, obeyed and followed God.
.     Because of that, God provided David with strength
.     and success in battle.  God also provided
.     protection from Saul, and provided David with
.     a best friend, Jonathan, who looked out for him.

C 1   No, that’s not the one.

C 3   Well, what about the story of the prophet Elijah
.     who followed and trusted in God.
.     During a great drought, God provided food and
.     health to him and the widow and her son.
.     God also provided fire and rain afterwards.

C 1   Ahhh, no, that’s not the one.                     2

C 2   Oh, what about the story about Naaman the leper,
.     who had once been a great warrior and captain
.     of an army.  When he went to find healing,
.     he was at first very angry at God.
.     But when Naaman humbled himself,
.     and had faith to trust in God’s directions
.     to wash himself clean, God provided healing.

C 1   Ummmm, no, that’s not the one.

C 3   Okay, what about the prophet Nehemiah,
.     who confessed and cried out to God.
.     God then helped Israel get their land back
.     and rebuild their city.  God also helped
.     provide them with building materials
.     and protection from their enemies.

C 1   No, that’s not the one.

C 2   Ahhhh, okay, how about the story of Queen Esther,
.     who fasted and prayed to God.  Then God gave her
.     wisdom and courage to approach the king,
.     which saved the people of Israel.

C 1   Nope, that’s not the one.

C 3   The story of Daniel is really awesome.
.     Daniel confessed the sins of the nation of Israel,
.     and obeyed and followed God.  God provided him
.     with health, wisdom and insight, as well, He
.     protected Daniel from the lions in the lion den.

C 1   Mmmmm, no, that’s not the one.

C 2   Okay, so what about Jonah, who after disobeying
.     God, was swallowed by a fish and was in the belly
.     of the fish for 3 days until he confessed
.     and prayed thankfully, then obeyed God.
.     God then helped him talk to the people of Nineveh,
.     so that the people were saved
.     when they confessed their sins
.     and obeyed and followed God.

C 1   Noooo, that’s not the one either.

C 3   So give us a hint.                               3

C 1   John the Baptist told everyone about it.

C 2   John the Baptist was a messenger of God.

C 3   Yeah, John the Baptist went around warning people
.     of judgment and death unless they would repent
.     and confess their sins.

C 2   And John the Baptist told the people about Jesus.

C 1   That’s the one.

C 3   The good news story is about Jesus Christ.
.     Because God loved us so much, God sent His
.     only Son, Jesus, to die for all our sins,
.     so that we could repent – and be saved.

C 2   Huh!  Notice that in all the stories we suggested –
.     ALL those people, when they prayed to God,
.     asked for forgiveness, and decided to obey God,
.     and God then saved and helped them.
.     God provides all of us with Jesus Christ’s
.     sacrifice and resurrection, so we could repent
.     and be saved, and go to heaven, to be
.     with Him forever.

C 3   Cool.

C 1   See, that is the best story in the Bible.

C 2   It is...  It’s the best story anywhere.