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GOD IS ABLE – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        God is all-powerful, God’s strength
SCRIPTURE:    Matt.6:27-34, 1 Cor.10:13, Heb.11:1-40
Style:        allegory/conversation: spoof of
.             an infomercial for a moving company
.             paralleling God’s abilities
.             and our faith in Him.
Cast:         BIG MAN, ADMAN, PERSON 1-4 (you can have
.             more or less people in the 3rd scenario)
Set & Props:  huge box, tiny box, table


(ADMAN [can be male or female] comes out and addresses
the congregation.)

ADMAN  Have you ever faced a big moving dilemma?
.      Well I have.  But did I worry?  No.
.      Because I immediately contacted
.      the Big Man Moving Company.  Big Man -
.      was prompt, professional and courteous.
.      There isn’t anything that Big Man cannot move.
.      My personal testimony is about having to move
.      my most precious antique grand piano.
.      Now, I don’t think I have to tell you -
.      this is probably one of the trickiest things
.      in the world to move.  But Big Man did it –
.      without nicking any of my walls, or
.      without any damage to my priceless piano.
.      So I can say without any shadow of a doubt,
.      there isn’t anything too big, too heavy,
.      or too numerous - for Big Man.

(ADMAN puts out an arm and BIG MAN steps out and poses.
PERSON 1 enters from the other side of the stage and
goes to stand beside the big box at center stage.)

P 1    Wait, what about my washing machine?

ADMAN  Of course.  If he can move my grand piano,
.      Big Man can most certainly move something
.      like a washing machine.  All you have to do –
.      is call Big Man.

P 1    Are you sure?  It’s very heavy.                  2

ADMAN  You can trust what I say, because you can
.      trust that Big Man can handle it.
.      All you have to do – is call Big Man.

P 1    Okay.  (calls)  Hey, Big Man!  I need your help.

(BIG MAN walks right over to the box, picks it up,
then carries it off stage.)

P 1    Wow, why did I ever doubt that Big Man
.      could help me?  There isn’t anything too big,
.      too heavy, or too numerous - for Big Man.
.      Thanks, Big Man.

(PERSON 2 enters, maybe accompanied by FRIENDS.
You can combine the lines or divide them up as you need.
ALL stand beside a table with a very tiny box on top.
ALL exaggerate their crying and worrying, and don’t be
afraid to speak over each other’s lines for these parts.)

P 2    I can’t believe this has happened to us?

P 3    What are we going to do?

P 4    This is too much, I say, it’s just too much!

P 2    I just don’t know what we can do about this.

P 3    It’s an impossible situation.  Impossible!

P 4    Why me?  WHY ME?!!!

P 2    (sobbing)  Wha-ha-ha-ha...

P 3    I can’t take anymore.

P 4    There are no answers.  There is just no hope!

ADMAN  (approaches)  Ah, excuse me, but there is hope.

P 4    Noooo, I look around and don’t see any hope.
.      Any hope at all.

ADMAN  But I know without a doubt - there is hope.
.      Just - call - Big Man.
.                                                       3
P 2    Ohhhhh, you think Big Man has all
.      the moving answers, don’t you?!

P 3    There is no way he can handle this one.

ADMAN  I know that he can.  He just moved someone’s
.      washing machine.  And he moved my grand piano.

P 4    Well then, even if he COULD do all of that,
.      why would he THEN both to help us with such
.      a tiny problem?  He’s got bigger things to do.

ADMAN  Because... his specialty is moving things.

P 2    Well, I just can’t see it.  It doesn’t make
.      any sense at all.  I’m so overwhelmed.

P 3    And the answer – it just sounds – well -
.      it just sounds WAY too easy.

ADMAN  What’s wrong with that?

P 4    What do you know?  Your life is so easy.

ADMAN  Because Big Man helped me.  I had a huge item
.      to move.  I – don’t really want to compare –
.      but my grand piano was – much bigger than this.
.      All I had to do was call.  All you have to do –
.      is call.

P 2    (gasping for breath)  Biiiig Maaaaaaaannn...

P 3    (weakly)  Big Man?  Big Man?  Do you really exist?

P 4    I don’t know if you can hear us, but if you care,
.      if you care at all, could you help us?  Could you?

(BIG MAN walks over to the table and looks at the GROUP.)

P 2    (points to tiny box and speaks ominously)
.      It’s...  this.

P 3    I don’t know if you are able to help us or not.

P 4    It’s just so much to handle.

(BIG MAN looks a little sternly at the GROUP as he      4
picks up the tiny box and carries it out.)

P 2    (gasping)  He – he did it.

P 3    I don’t believe it.  I just don’t believe it.

P 4    I – I really thought we were completely doomed
.      to a life of utter despair.

ADMAN  (turns to congregation)  So there you go.
.      No matter where you are in life, and no matter
.      where you have to go – call Big Man –
.      he is able - to help anybody.
.      There isn’t anything too big, too heavy,
.      or too numerous... or TOO SMALL - for Big Man.
.      Don’t worry.  Call now.