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GIVING RESPECT – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        respect for God and others
SCRIPTURE:    Colossians 1:9-20
Style:        allegory/conversation:  kids are about
.             to visit the King of Adventure Land,
.             but they are expected to act respectful.
Cast:         KIDS 1 – 6, KING, KING’S ASSISTANT
Set & Props:  list, cell phone, money, collection box,
.             gum with wrapper, 6 chairs, podium


(KIDS 1–6 come out.  KID 5 wears very raggedy clothes.)

KID 1   This is so exciting.

KID 2   I can’t wait to meet the King of Adventure Land.

(KID 2 texts something on the cell phone.)

KID 1   What are you doing?

KID 2   Texting all my bff’s about what we are doing
.       right now.

KID 1   Well, make sure you’re at least paying attention
.       when it’s actually happening.  You don’t want
.       to miss anything.

KID 3   This going to be great.  I LOVE Adventure Land!

KID 4   I love the King who MADE Adventure Land.

KID 5   He is so cool.

KID 6   (to KID 5)  So, why are you wearing THAT?

KID 5   What?

KID 1   Yeah, here we are invited to the King’s house,
.       and you are wearing – your mom’s dusting rags?

KID 5   I want to be comfortable.  What?  Am I supposed
.       to go out and buy a tuxedo?  I don’t have that
.       kind of money.

KID 2   I know you have better clothes than that.
.                                                      2
KID 3   The King of Adventure Land is about to give us
.       something really special, and you’re wearing
.       your worst clothes ever.

KID 4   I wouldn’t wear THAT if I was mowing the lawn!

KID 5   Whatever.  I don’t have time to go home
.       and change now.

(KID 2 giggles and texts again.)

KID 1   (to KID 2)  Now what are you doing?

KID 2   I’m telling all my bff’s about his clothes.

KID 1   Have all of you even read the list?

KID 6   What list?

KID 1   Aw man.  You know!  The list!
.       It gives all the guidelines about what
.       the King of Adventure Land expects.
.       He’s going to be making a very important
.       announcement, and he wants to make sure
.       everyone is paying attention.  He wants
.       everyone to hear what he has to say.

KID 3   Yeah, I don’t want to miss a word.

KID 4   I’m very curious myself.  But...
.       I had the list,
.       I just didn’t have time to read it.

KID 1   Why?  It didn’t take THAT long to read.
.       You’d think you would, since it is such
.       an important thing.

KID 4   Maybe later.

KID 1   But, the list was to prepare you for NOW.

(KING’S ASSISTANT approaches them.)

ASSIST  Right this way, kids.

KID 3   Oh look, we can go in now.

(KING’S ASSISTANT leads the KIDS to the chairs,
then turns to face KIDS to get their attention.)
.                                                      3
ASSIST  Did you all read the list?

KIDS 1,2,3,5   Yes!

KID 4 and 6    Ahhhhh... Hmmm...

ASSIST  Listen, the important thing to remember is to
.       just be respectful.  Show your best respect
.       to the King of Adventure Land,
.       AND everyone around you,
.       then everything should be just fine.

KID 4   Oh, okay.  That sounds easy enough.

ASSIST  You may sit right here.

(ASSISTANT motions to the chairs, and the KIDS sit down.)

ASSIST  The King will come out very soon now.
.       Please pay attention, and stay quiet
.       so other people may hear also.

(ASSISTANT exits.)

KID 4   All right!

KID 1   Shhh, it’s going to start soon.

KID 4   (quieter)  All right-all right.

KID 1   Shhh!

(ASSISTANT comes back out and stands at the podium.)

ASSIST  May I have the pleasure of announcing to you –
.       the King of Adventure Land!

(KIDS clap as KING enters and goes to the podium.)

KING    Hello, kids.  I am so happy you could all
.       be here.  I have a very important message –

KID 2   Oh, wait!  I have a call coming in.

(EVERYONE gives KID 2 looks of shock and disappointment.)

KID 1   Seriously, put it away!

KID 2   Sorry.  Sorry.
.                                                      4
(KID 2 puts away the cell phone sheepishly.)

KING    Continuing on then.  (getting excited again)
.       I will be treating everyone here to a lifetime
.       of free trips to Adventure Land.

(KIDS all look at each other super exited.)

KING    All I ask is that you give just a little bit
.       if you can.  In this way, I will know that
.       you are definitely serious about going.
.       If you DO NOT give, that doesn’t mean
.       you CANNOT go.  Everyone is able to go.

(ASSISTANT walks around with a donation box.
KIDS all eagerly put in some money, except for KID 3.
KID 3 pulls out a big bunch of money and counts it,
then takes one penny and PRETENDS put it in the box.)

KING    Another VERY important thing
.       is that you listen VERY CLOSELY
.       to what I am about to tell you right now...
.       In order to get into Adventure World,
.       ALL that is needed, ALL that you will
.       need to know – is the password.
.       Without the password – you canNOT get in.
.       And – the password is -

(Just as KING is saying this, and ALL KIDS are leaning
forward with excitement... KID 6 pulls out some gum
and unwraps it very noisily, then begins to chew it
very loudly.  KING just mouths a long word at this point
so it is like the gum unwrapping and chewing
drowns out his word completely.  ALL the other KIDS
groan and complain.)

KID 1   Aw, what are you doing?

KID 3   We couldn’t hear a thing?

KID 2   (to KING)  Could you maybe repeat that?

KING    Thank you very much, hope to see all
.       of you there!

(KING acts like he isn’t aware of the problem.
He smiles and waves, then turns and exits.
ASSISTANT steps up to the podium, clapping.)

ASSIST  And that was the King of Adventure Land,      5
.       folks.  Isn’t he so generous?

KID 4   Wait, can he come back and say that again?

ASSIST  I’m afraid the King of Adventure Land
.       is a very busy man.  He is already off
.       to his next appointment.

KID 5   But we couldn’t hear anything.

ASSIST  I’m sorry.  This is why it was so important
.       to read the list and follow the instructions.

(KING comes out to address the congregation.)

KING    Now, the King of Kings, is never too busy for us,
.       but He certainly deserves our respect.
.       And God’s LIST for us - is the Bible...

(ASSISTANT steps forward to address the congregation.)

ASSIST  “So that you will walk in a manner worthy
.       of the Lord, to please Him in all respects,
.       bearing fruit in every good work and increasing
.       in the knowledge of God”  Colossians 1:10

(Each KID steps forward as they speak to congregation.)

KID 1   We can please God and show our love and
.       appreciation to Him by:

(KID 2 closes cell phone and puts it away.)

KID 2   Giving God our full attention.

KID 3   Giving to God our first fruits from everything
.       He has given to us.

KID 4   Giving God of our time.

KID 5   Giving God a good representation.

(KID 6 pretends or actually takes gum out of mouth and
puts gum back into wrapper.)

KID 6   And giving God and others our respect.

(ALL exit.)