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GIVE THANKS TO THE GIVER – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        being thankful, sharing
SCRIPTURE:    Gen.1:27-30, Ps.92:1-4, Zech.10:1,
.             Phil.4:19
Style:        allegory/conversation:  someone
.             tries to introduce other people
.             to the one who is supplying
.             all of their needs
Cast:         PERSON 1-5 (1 and 5 are dressed in rags)
Set & Props:  bench, ten big bags or baskets,
.             2 small bags, one sandwich


(PERSON 1 sits on a bench at center stage.
PERSON 2 enters from stage left and sees PERSON 1.
PERSON 2 approaches, carrying a basket.)

P 2   Thank you for always being right here
.     where I can find you.  And I must thank you
.     for all the food that you have given us.
.     I have brought at least a tenth of it back -
.     to thank you.  I mean, really, thank you, so much.

P 1   You are most welcome.

(PERSON 1 takes the basket and PERSON 2 walks away
towards stage left only to notice PERSON 3 and PERSON 4
enter from stage left and walk toward PERSON 1.
PERSON 3 and 4 stop to talk, so they are standing
in between PERSON 1 and PERSON 2.)

P 4   I am so hungry.

P 3   So am I!

P 4   Just don’t tell me that there are others
.     who have it worse.  I really don’t care about them.

P 1   (holds out basket)  I have some food for you.
.     As well as a job, a house, and some clothes.

(PERSON 3 and PERSON 4 completely ignore PERSON 1
and continue to complain.)
.                                                       2
P 3   Right now, I’m really not concerned
.     with anybody else.  We just have to figure out
.     a way to survive.

P 4   Doesn’t anybody care, anymore?  I mean,
.     what are we supposed to do?

(PERSON 1 walks a little distance away and sets
the basket on the floor where PERSON 3 and PERSON 4
can see it.  PERSON 1 returns to the bench
while PERSON 3 checks it out.)

P 3   Oh, look what I all got.

P 4   It’s about time!  I haven’t eaten in 6 hours.

(PERSON 3 and PERSON 4 exit stage right proudly
carrying the basket with them.
PERSON 2 shakes head in disbelief then exits,
returning with another two baskets.  Approaching
PERSON 1, PERSON 2 sets the baskets on the bench.)

P 2   You have blessed me so much,
.     and give me way more than I need.
.     I am truly thankful.

P 1   I love people – I love you - and I enjoy giving.

(PERSON 2 begins to walk away toward stage left
and sees PERSON 5 enter from stage left.
PERSON 2 watches PERSON 5 look around.  
PERSON 1 holds out a basket to PERSON 5,
who does not see this.  PERSON 2 approaches PERSON 5.)

P 2   Do you see that person on the bench?
.     He is holding out a basket of supplies for you.
.     And in there is the best food a person
.     could ever find, anywhere-

(PERSON 5 is scared, but still tries to look around,
never really looking in that direction.  
PERSON 5 then shrinks back from PERSON 2.)

p 5   So you say.  But I have found that
.     you just can’t trust anything anyone says.

P 2   I can tell you from my experience                3
.     that you can trust that person.

P 5   How do I know that I can trust YOU?

P 2   You could spend some time in getting to know us.
.     You will see the evidence in my life.

P 5   I have other things to worry about.

(PERSON 2 sadly walks away, but stops to observe as
PERSON 1 places a basket on the ground close to PERSON 5.
PERSON 5 eyes the basket suspiciously.
PERSON 1 then places a basket more to stage right’s side
as PERSON 3 and PERSON 4 enter.  Seeing the basket,
PERSON 4 picks up their basket.)

P 4   Can you believe our luck these days?

P 3   It’s NOT luck.  It’s all our hard work.
.     I always wanted to be this rich.

P 4   I actually want to be richer.

P 3   Me too!  Hey, look, another opportunity!

(PERSON 3 sees the other basket and snatches it up
just as PERSON 5 is about to take it.  
PERSON 2 gasps.)

P 3   (to P 5)  What?  Are you expecting handouts?
.     Go get a job!

(While PERSON 5 sadly sinks to the floor to sit there,
PERSON 2 approaches PERSON 3 and PERSON 4.)

P 2   (speaking nicely)  Don’t you know
.     that all of what you have,
.     comes from this person over here?

P 4   (without looking)  I don’t see any person.

P 2   Without him, you would have nothing.

P 3   We work very hard to collect all of this.
.     And it’s all ours.

P 4   I think someone here is just jealous.            4

P 2   I am truly content with whatever I have.
.     And I am very thankful for the one
.     who supplies all my needs.

P 3   (patting P 2’s shoulder patronizingly)
.     And you just have fun with that.

P 4   We’re good.  We don’t need anybody’s help.

(PERSON 3 and PERSON 4 exit stage right.
PERSON 2 looks at PERSON 5 with compassion
then exits stage left.  PERSON 2 enters with
2 more baskets and brings them to PERSON 1.)

P 2   I cannot stop thanking you for what
.     you all do for me.  I only hope
.     that I can be just like you.

P 5   (loudly)  Who are you talking to?!

(PERSON 2 walks over to PERSON 5.)

P 2   Can you not see him?

(PERSON 5 continues to face forward and talk.)

P 5   You keep bringing stuff to that bench.
.     What good does that do?

P 2   It does a lot of good.

(PERSON 1 places a basket on the floor at stage right
and then places 2 baskets near PERSON 5.  
PERSON 2 motions to the baskets nearby.)

P 2   Look.  If you would just acknowledge
.     the person on the bench
.     and all that he gives you-

P 5   I don’t see him giving me anything!

(PERSON 3 and PERSON 4 rush on and grab all 3 baskets.)

P 5   All I see is injustice.

(PERSON 2 pulls a smaller bag out of their pocket      5
and gives it to PERSON 5.)

P 2   Let me give you something from my portion.
.     Just know, that this has all come from
.     that person over there.

(PERSON 2 exits stage left.  PERSON 5 opens the bag
and finds a sandwich.  PERSON 5 carefully bites into it
and discovers that it is very tasty.  
PERSON 5 begins to eat with more and more passion,
then glances over their shoulder at PERSON 1,
then goes back to the sandwich.  PERSON 2 enters again
with 4 baskets this time and gives them to PERSON 1.
PERSON 1 then goes to hold out a small bag to PERSON 5.
PERSON 5 takes the bag slowly, gratefully, thinking.)

P 5   Thank you.  I, ah-

(As PERSON 5 now looks up at PERSON 2, PERSON 5 now
sees PERSON 1 holding up a basket to them.
Quickly getting up, PERSON 5 rushes over to PERSON 1.)

P 5   Thank you.

(PERSON 5 holds out the small bag.  PERSON 1 accepts it
with a smile.)

P 5   This is everything I have, and it’s probably
.     not enough.  I want to give you everything
.     I do have - myself.  How can I help?

P 1   These baskets can be delivered to the
.     following addresses.

P 5   Thanks for letting me help out.

(PERSON 2 rushes over.)

P 2   I would like to help, as well.

(PERSON 2 and PERSON 5 take three of the baskets and
exit stage left.  PERSON 1 takes the small bag and
places it on the ground as PERSON 3 and PERSON 4
enter from stage right.  Looking around, all they see
is the small bag.  PERSON 3 picks it up with distain.)

P 3   What is this?  That’s it?                         6

P 4   Wait, what happened to all our riches?

P 3   Don’t ask me!

P 4   Did your luck run out?

P 3   I don’t understand this at all.

(PERSON 1 holds out the basket to them, but
PERSON 3 and PERSON 4 refuse to acknowledge this.)

P 4   Well, if that guy on the bench really DOES exist,
.     then I really hate him!

P 3   Same here!  Come on!

(PERSON 3 and PERSON 4 storm off stage.
PERSON 1 continues to hold the basket out.)