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GIFTS      - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:       discovering your gifts:
SCRIPTURE:   Matt.25:14-30, 1 Cor.12:1,7-11, 1 Peter 4:10
Style:       allegory/conversation:  people realize that
.            they all have gifts attached to their bodies,
.            but they have to open them to find out
.            what they are, and then choose to use them
Cast:        PERSONS 1-4
Set & Props: 4 wrapped presents


(PERSON 1 mopes around with a gift stuck to their head.
PERSON 2 sits and studies their gift intensely.
PERSON 3 rushes in with their gift excitedly.)

P3    Hey everyone, look what I have.  A gift! –
.     I wonder what it is.

(P3 puts the gift up to their ear and shakes,
then opens it up with great anticipation.)

P3    Wait - I think I know! - Teaching! I knew it –
.     I knew it all along.  Hey, I have the gift of teaching!
.     And I’ve already been doing that.  Someone asked me
.     to teach Sunday School because they thought I’d be
.     good at it.  At first, I was way too nervous, but
.     they encouraged me to at least try it.  So I did, and
.     I really grew to love it.  I really love those kids.

P2    Good for you.

(P3 shows it to P1 and P2, but P1 barely acknowledges it,
P2 smiles slightly.)

P3    (to P2)  What did you get?

P2    I don’t know.  I’m too afraid to open it.

P3    Why?  It’s a gift.

P2    What if I don’t like it.  What if it’s something
.     like - I have to be a missionary in a hot place –
.     with tons of – big hairy spiders?
.                                                          2
P3    Why would you think that?

P2    Because I rarely get what I really want.
.     And I really hate big hairy spiders.  

P3    Well, still, how do you know what you’ve got
.     unless you open it.  Come on, just open it.

(P2 hesitantly opens their gift and carefully looks inside.
Meanwhile, P1 is pacing around in aimless circles.)

P2    Administration?  How in the world can I serve God
.     with that?

P3    Well, you can be a church secretary,
.     or church treasurer, collecting information,
.     scheduling, organizing ministries.
.     I’m sure there are LOTS of ways you can use THAT.
.     AND, you can always go and do these things for
.     a missionary organization.

(P2 looks alarmed.)

P3    Not all missions are in hot places with
.     big, hairy spiders!

(P2 looks relieved.  P2 and P3 look at P1 who is
still pacing in aimless circles.)

P2    Hey, what about you?  What gift do you have?

P1    Me? I’m just a loser.  I don’t have any gift.

P2    Ah, yes you do.

P1    No, I don’t.  I’m not good at anything.

(P4 walks by tossing her/his gift in the air like a toy,
then sticks it underneath her arm.  P2 calls out after her,
and P4 stops.)

P3    Hey, do you know what your gift is?

P4    Yeahhhh. (shrugs)  I took a peek at it a few times.
.     It’s evangelism and encouragement.

P3    Wow!  You’re so lucky.  And you have TWO?!           3

P2    Aren't you going to use them?

P4    There’s a lot of rejection involved.
.     And nobody thanks me.

P3    I teach Sunday School, and even if nobody thanked me,
.     I wouldn’t care.  I’m doing this because I love God.
.     I’m really serving God, you know.
.     And I love serving Him.

P4    Come on, be honest, it’s nice when people thank you.

P3    Sure, it’s nice, but that’s not why I do it.
.     And how will anyone ever thank you,
.     if you aren’t doing what you should be doing.
.     I mean, you could be leading a lot of people
.     to the Lord.  I’d sure be thankful for that!

P4    Evangelism is a very scary thing to do.

P3    Sure, but I was scared when I started teaching
.     Sunday School.

P4    So what?

P3    Well, at first, I was worried that the kids
.     wouldn’t like me, or they wouldn’t listen-
.     but it’s not about that.  I have a responsibility.

P4    What’s so big about that?

P3    I have a great responsibility to teach
.     the word of God correctly.  And someone might
.     come to the Lord through what I teach.

P4    Huh!  Well, you’ve given me something to think about,
.     anyway.

(P4 walks away, now intently studying their gift.
P1 has stopped pacing to listen.)

P1    I think I would use mine, if I ever had one.

P2    But you do!  It’s there – right there –
.     on your – here, let me help you.
.                                                          4
(P2 takes the gift off P1’s head and hands it to P1.)

P1    It’s been there all the time?

P2    Yes!  Now open it!

(P1 eagerly opens the gift and looks, then 2 looks in.)

P2    Wow!  You got two, also.  Hospitality and helps.

P3    And you do all these things already.
.     You’re always inviting people to over
.     for a meal or coffee;  and you’re always helping.

P1    But, it’s not that important –

P2    Are you kidding!  When I was going through
.     a really hard time, and you brought over a meal
.     and cleaned my house – you just don’t know
.     how much that helped, and what that meant to us.
.     That’s why I started coming to church
.     in the first place.  Up until then,
.     I always thought all Christians were hypocrites.
.     You showed me God’s love by doing that.

P1    Really?  I didn’t realize.  Thanks for
.     letting me know that.

(P3 puts arm around P1 and P2’s shoulder to walk out.)

P3    See, no one is a loser.  God has given
.     everybody a gift.