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GARBAGE     - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        sins, forgiveness
SCRIPTURE:    Heb.10:19-25; 1John1:8-9
Style:        allegory/conversation: people at a fancy
.             party insist on carrying their (sins)
.             bags of garbage with them until they are
.             convinced they should just dump it
.             into the garbage bin and leave it there
Cast:         PERSON 1, 2, 3, 4, WAITER
Set & Props:  trash bits, 2 small bags, big garbage can,
.             tray with snacks and drinks


(There is a big garbage can to one side of the stage.
EVERYONE mingles - dressed for fancy evening party.
PERSON 1 hugs a trash bag overflowing with litter.
PERSON 2 holds a trash bag, trying to hide it from sight.
PERSON 3 casually holds a piece of litter, until
PERSON 4 enters and heads straight for the garbage can,
to deposit a tiny bit of trash, then joins the group.)

P4   I needed to get rid of that!

(P3 looks at the bit of trash in her hand.)

P3   Oops, I forgot I still had this.
.    It doesn’t quite go with my evening gown,
.    now does it?

(P3 throws the bit into the garbage can and returns.)

P3   There, that feels much better.
.    (to P1)  Ah, so, how are YOU doing?

P1   Couldn’t be better.

(Some trash overflows from P1’s bag and falls
to the floor.

P4   Ah, you’re – littering.

P1   What?

P4   You’re dropping trash all over the place.

P1   Oh.
.                                                     2
P3   Aren’t you going to clean that up?

P1   Maybe – later.

P2   You really SMELL! – badly – I must say.

P3   Well, it’s not HIM, it’s his –
.    TRASH that smells.

P2   Yes.  And it smells BADLY.

P1   (to P2)  Puh, you should talk.
.    You’re hanging on to trash too.

P2   (indignantly)  I – AM – NOT!!!

P1   Ahhh yeah, I can see it from here.

P2   Mind your own business.

P4   (to P1 & P2)  I thought both of you
.    had trash service?

P2   Yeah.  Well, I do, at least.

P1   I do too.

P4   So why don’t you get rid of your trash
.    as it comes?  I mean, why hang on to it?
.    It only smells, and makes a mess.
.    And it’s all useless stuff.
.    I mean, it’s all trash, isn’t it?

P1   Well, yes.  But I – still –
.    like some of this stuff.

P3   Do you even KNOW what you all have in that bag?

P1   Welll, some of it I do.

P4   But why hang on to ANY of it?

P1   I supposed I’ve just grown used it all.
.    In fact, I think it smells good.

P2   You’re disgusting.

P1   Well, what would I do without it?

P4   Both your hands would be free                    3
.    to do other things.

(WAITER comes by carrying a tray of snacks.  
P3 and P4 both take a snack item to eat, and a drink.
P2 can only grab one item to nibble on.)

(P1 tries to take something, but more trash spills out,
and he has to try to contain the contents of the bag.
Finally disgusted, P1 goes to empty his bag into
the garbage can.  Returning, he gets down and collects
all the litter from the floor into his bag.  Standing
back up, P1 now hugs the remaining contents of the bag.
WAITER comes back and P1 tries to grab a snack
and a drink, but it just doesn’t work.)

P1   (exasperated)  This isn’t working, is it?!

(P1 throws the bag and contents into the garbage can.
Returning, he can now take both a snack and a drink.)

P1   Feels real good to be rid of all that.
.    (to P2)  Hey, why don’t you do the same?
.    Just get rid of it all?

P2   I don’t know what you’re talking about.

P1   You’re not fooling anybody, you know.
.    And I know!  It’s awkward trying
.    to lug a bag of trash around.
.    I mean, look at you, you’re all dressed up
.    so nicely, and you’re carrying - garbage.

P3   I’m sure the dress designer
.    didn’t have a trash bag in mind
.    as an accessory for that dress.

P2   Oh all right.  You’re right.  I was trying
.    to make it work with the dress, and then I thought
.    if I just held it out of eyesight...
.    but it’s impossible to hide.  You’re right.

(P2 dumps out her trash bag into the garbage can.
She starts to walk away, but an item catches her eye.
Going back, she takes one, then two items out
and puts them back in the bag.  Realizing that
everyone is watching her, she puts the items
back into the garbage can.  P2 stares at it for a time
before pulling herself away, but returns with the bag,
wiping a few tears.)
.                                                     3
P3   Why do you still have the bag?

P2   In case, I collect more trash.

P4   But you have a trash collection service.
.    As soon as you find that you have any trash,
.    you can just throw it away.
.    Why would you want to hang on to any trash?

P3   Seriously, even with the evening gown, that bag
.    just says, “I’m looking to collect trash.”

(P2 marches to the garbage can and throws away
the trash bag.  Returning, she sighs with
a humble little smile.

P4   Freedom at last.  And ready to enjoy some food.
.    Come on, let’s find that waiter.

(ALL exit.)