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FRUIT ORDERS - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:       Christian attributes, patience
SCRIPTURE:   Galatians 5:22-23
Style:       allegory/conversation: people stand in line
.            to order fruit of the Spirit
Set & Props: list, table with a sign reading “order desk”


(CLERK steps up to table and address congregation.)

CLERK    What if getting Fruit was as easy as this...

(PERSON walks up to the order desk where CLERK waits.)

PERSON   I’d like to order some patience, please.

CLERK    One moment.

PERSON   But I’m in a hurry.

(CLERK pauses to study PERSON.  MAN pushes his way
past PERSON.)

MAN      Hey, I need some patience, too.
.        And - my wife also says I need to order some...
.        (studies a list)  self-control, ah, faithfulness,
.        gentleness, and – a bit more kindness.

PERSON   But I was here first.

MAN      Tough.

PERSON   Maybe you should ask for some emphasis
.        on self-control.

MAN      Shut up and mind your own business!
.        Maybe you need to order some
.        mind-your-own-business-fruit-pie!

PERSON   I was only just trying to help.

MAN      Well don't!
.                                                          2
(While PERSON and MAN argue, WOMAN 1 walks up to the desk.
As she speaks, PERSON 1 starts to take note.)

WOMAN 1  Hi, I really need some love.  Ever since
.        I was abused and raped as a little girl,
.        I’ve had big problems loving people –
.        especially men.  Oh, and being good.
.        I need goodness.  Because I had such a distorted
.        example of what love is, I just don’t know
.        how to be good to people.

CLERK    All right.  Your order has been put through.

WOMAN 1  Oh, thank you.

(WOMAN 1 humbly walks away.  PERSON takes a step,
but MAN pushes through.)

PERSON   Now just wait a minute.

MAN      Hey, I really need this order before I lose it.

(WOMAN 2 approaches, crying and dabbing her eyes.
PERSON sees her and pulls MAN aside gently,
motioning to WOMAN 2 to go ahead.)

WOMAN 2  My - husband just died.  Right now I could use
.        some extra peace... And joy, if it’s not too much
.        to ask.  I just need to show the children that
.        there is still something to live for.

CLERK    Your order has been put through.

WOMAN 2  Thank you, so much.

(PERSON is touched and relieved.  As WOMAN 2 walks away,
PERSON waves for MAN to go ahead.)

PERSON   Go ahead.  You need to put your order through
.        more than me.

MAN      Hey!  What are you implying?!

PERSON   Sorry, that was uncalled for.

(MAN glares suspiciously at PERSON, then turns to CLERK.)
.                                                          3
CLERK    Your order was:  patience, self-control,
.        faithfulness, gentleness, and kindness.

MAN      (checking his list)  Yes. You got them all.

CLERK    Thank you.  I am putting your order through.

MAN      (relieved)  About time!

(CLERK looks at PERSON.  PERSON looks around to see
if there are any more people around, then calmly steps up.)

PERSON   I would like to order some patience.

CLERK    Your order has already come through.

PERSON   (nods and sighs)  Ah, so it has, thank you.
.        And it feels good, too.

(PERSON walks away.)

CLERK    For all the fruits of the Spirit,
.        let God fill YOUR heart today.