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FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        Holy Spirit working in and through you
SCRIPTURE:    Gal.5:22-23, Prov.2:8-11, Mt.5:3-12,
.             Eph.4:32
Style:        drama/conversation:  kids try to help
.             a friend using the fruit of the Spirit,
.             but they are forgetting to be Spirit-led
Cast:         KIDS 1-8
Set & Props:  7 “lists”/papers
.             (which can be the script)


(Kids 1 - 7 enter and look at each other.)

K 1   So what do you all want to do?

K 2   How about hopscotch?

K 3   We don’t have any chalk with us.

K 4   We could play tag.

(KID 8 rushes up to the group looking worried.)

K 5   Hi, ________ (name).

K 6   What’s wrong?

K 8   I need help.

K 7   What’s the problem?

K 8   There’s a bully over there
.     who is not leaving me alone.

K 1   (knowingly)  Oh, just wait – let me think.

(KID 1 takes out a list.  KIDS 2 – 7 see this and
then remember to do the same.  After reading the list,
KID 1 gently pats KID 8 on the shoulder.)

K 1   There-there.

K 2   I am there for you – today.                      2
.     Ah, all day, I will try to be there for you.

K 3   Can I get you some lemonade?

K 4   (very happily)  Don’t worry – be happy!

K 8   Ahhh, okay, thanks?  But –
.     isn’t anybody going to help me?  

K 1   Oh, I’m only working on being “gentle” today.

K 2   I did that last week, today I’m trying
.     to be faithful.

K 3   I’m practicing my kindness.  See?
.     (pointing to list)  Getting someone lemonade
.     would be a nice thing, don’t you think?

K 4   I woke up happy today, so I decided to be joyful.

K 8   What are you all talking about?

K 5   We are all practicing the fruit of the Spirit.
.     Today, I am working on “patience,” so –
.     take your time, we have ALL day.

K 8   But, can’t anybody give me any advice?

K 6   Oh!  I guess I can.  I am working on “peace.”
.     To have peace, you must be able to “forgive.”
.     If you do not forgive, you will keep on fighting.

K 8   But I’m not fighting.  Not yet, anyway.

K 6   Well, okay... Ahhh... if you do not forgive,
.     you will keep being angry about the situation,
.     which will not give you any peace.

K 8   Okay.  So I need to forgive the bully.
.     But, what else?  There must be something else?

K 5   (walks in circles, fretting & growling)
.     Ooo, I just feel like going over there
.     and telling that bully what’s what!

K 8   I thought you were working on patience?
.                                                      3
K 5   (slowly calming down)  I am.  I guess I should
.     have worked on self-control today.  Anyway,
.     whatever!  Okay... (sighing)  I have all day.
.     I have all day.  It’s all good.

K 8   How is this all helping me?  What should
.     I be doing?

K 7   Well, I’m working on goodness so I can help
.     you there.  You need to be good.
.     Which means you need to be JUST.
.     Which means you need to seek righteousness.

K 8   Huh?

K 5   (totally loses patience)  Oh, I can’t
.     take it anymore!  Let ME explain.
.     You need to do what is right!
.     It means-you need to do what is right!

K 1   (pats K 5’s shoulder)  There-there.

K 2   (to K 5)  I’m there for you.  Today, anyway.

K 3   (to K 5)  Can I get you some lemonade?

K 4   (to K 5)  Just - be - happy.

K 8   Ahhh, aren’t you supposed to work on
.     all the fruit - all at the same time?

K 5   That would be crazy!  I can’t even work on ONE
.     at a time.  It’s impossible!

K 8   And aren’t these the fruit of the Holy Spirit?

K 6   What’s your point?

K 8   Well, the fruit that you are DOING,
.     is it God’s fruit, or is YOUR fruit?

K 7   (thinking)  Huh, I guess if we are doing it
.     all in our own strength, it would only be
.     OUR fruit.

K 1   And it isn’t very good fruit at all.
.                                                      4
K 2   Yeah, our fruit is kind of missing stuff.
.     Like LOVE.  LOVE is the most important fruit
.     of all, and everything we do should have
.     God’s love in it, or it doesn’t mean anything.

K 3   Of course!  The fruit of the Holy Spirit is good.
.     Only God can make good and perfect fruit.

K 4   We need to let God do everything FOR us,
.     THEN people will see godly fruit in our actions.

K 5   Well, that would be WAY easier.

K 8   Okay, so what do I do about the bully?

K 1   First, we need to do the right thing.

K 2   Right, so let’s pray about the situation.
.     Then tell the teacher about what is happening.

K 3   Second, we need to forgive the bully,
.     whether the bully is sorry or not.

K 3   But try to stay away from the bully if we can.

K 4   And if the bully comes near us –

K 5   Let’s stick together.

K 6   And third - we need to be kind.

K 7   Good plan, everyone.  Now, let’s do
.     the right thing.

K 8   Hey, you know, I think this is what good fruit
.     actually looks like!  Thanks, guys.

(ALL exit.)