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FRIEND IN NEED – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        being persistent in prayer
SCRIPTURE:    Lk.11:5-8
Style:        allegory/conversation: a friend
.             persistently asks for some food
.             until the neighbor gives in
Cast:         WOMAN, FRIEND
Set & Props:  housecoat


(The set is dark.  There is knocking at the door.
DIM LIGHTS come up.  Knocking continues.  WOMAN,
in housecoat, creeps up to the door, curious but wary.)

WOMAN    Who is it?

FRIEND   It’s me, Tonya.

WOMAN    It’s two in the morning.

FRIEND   Please, open the door.  I had unexpected friends
.        drop by.  Their car broke down, so they need
.        a place to stay for a while.

WOMAN    Well, they can’t stay here.

FRIEND   No-no, they’ll be staying at my house.  
.        I just need to feed them.  I’m completely
.        out of food right now.  Do you have any food
.        to spare?  Even if it’s just a few loaves
.        of bread?

WOMAN    Tonya, can it not wait until morning?

FRIEND   With all their issues, they did not eat
.        all day.  I can’t send them to bed hungry!

WOMAN    Tonya, please come back in the morning.

(WOMAN begins to walk away.  Knocking continues.)

FRIEND   Pleeeaaasse?  I’m not going to go away until
.        I get something!
.                                                     2
(WOMAN stops to think, then decides to open the door.)

FRIEND   Thank you – thank you – thank you.
.        You have no idea how much I appreciate
.        all of this.

WOMAN    Did I have any choice?

FRIEND   Not much?

WOMAN    Follow me to the kitchen.

(WOMAN leads FRIEND off stage.)