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FOCUS ON THE MANGER - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        Jesus is the focus of Christmas, glory
SCRIPTURE:    Matt.1:18-2:10; Luke2:1-20; James 3:14-18
Style:        allegory/conversation: during a Christmas
.             skit practice, the actors seek out
.             attention and end up arguing about it,
.             until the director reminds them that
.             Jesus is the focus of Christmas
.             JOSEPH, MARY; DONKEY
Set & Props:  manger, gifts, donkey ears, spotlight


(DIRECTOR enters and places the manger in the middle
of the stage.)

DIRECTOR   All right everyone, let's start from the top
.          shall we?  Get ready to enter and stand
.          at your proper places.  Let’s do this right.
.          Remember which role you are playing, and
.          more importantly, remember Who SHOULD BE
.          the center of attention.  And... begin music.
.          (leaves the stage area)

(Any Christmas music could be played here as
ANGELS line up along the back, behind the manger.
All ANGELS smile brightly with arms outstretched.)

(MARY and JOSEPH enter hand in hand.  They stop right
in front of the manger and pose.  JOSEPH steps ahead
of her with arms outstretched.  His sleeve blocks
MARY’S face.)

(MARY ducks underneath JOSEPH’S one arm and pushes
it up, so she can come forward and strike a cutesy-pose
with her hands clasped together in front of her.)

(SHEPHERDS enter and walk in front of MARY and JOSEPH,
bowing and waving at the congregation.)

(MARY and JOSEPH push the SHEPHERDS to the side,
but the SHEPHERDS continue to bow and wave.)

(WISEMEN enter grandly and stop at center stage.
They motion with their hands at the gifts they
have brought with Vanna White motions.)
.                                                     2
(MARY and JOSEPH push the WISEMEN to the side.)

MARY       Excuse me, do you mind.  No one can see me.

JOSEPH     Except that, they should all be looking at me.

MARY       At YOU?  Why?  I - AM the mother.

JOSEPH     Hey, I’m the one who got us here safely.

WISEMAN 1  Seriously, it’s obvious that we are the guests
.          of honor here.

SHEPHRD 1  Even though WE were the first ones to arrive?

WISEMAN 2  And - did you BRING anything?  Huh?
.          We have some pretty serious riches,
.          and brought some pretty awesome gifts.

SHEPHRD 2  Yeah, well, you had to follow some star.
.          The angels came to US to give us the message.

ANGEL 1    Oh, and speaking of angels, we were the ones
.          to bring the message with a WOW-factor.

MARY       Seriously, I carried the Baby for nine months
.          and sat on a donkey for a very LONG time
.          to get here!

JOSEPH     But just who was the one pulling that
.          stubborn donkey along?

DONKEY     Hey, I think I deserve some credit here.
.          I was carrying a heavy load, after all.

MARY       Hey!

WISEMAN 3  We came in on some serious camel-power.
.          Who here has that kind of status?  Huh?

SHEPHRD 1  You know, we left our sheep behind just
.          to come here.  I think self-sacrifices
.          should be considered honorable.

ANGEL 2    Donkeys, camels, whatever.  We can fly.
.          Who here can say that, huh?

ANGEL 1    Well, I can, of course.

ANGEL 2    But who has the better voice?              3

ANGEL 1    Who shines brighter out of all of us?

(EVERYONE continues to argue at the same time,
using the same arguments as their lines above,
and jostle for front-and-center positions.)

(And if there is more than one instrument, each one
could play a different tune as they try to stand out
from each other.)

(DIRECTOR steps up and whistles loudly to get attention.)

DIRECTOR   Cut!  Please?  Okay, everyone.  Yes, God used
.          people, angels, and animals to bring about
.          this amazing event, but does anybody remember
.          WHO should BE the center of attention?

WISEMAN 1  What?  Oh, ahhhh, you mean - the Baby?

DIRECTOR   Yes, well, it wasn’t just any ordinary baby,
.          now was He?  This baby – was God –
.          come down in flesh.  This baby – was Jesus –
.          the One who died for all our sins...
.          Now, if anyone thinks that they can compare
.          to that, or thinks that they deserve
.          any praise and glory, then they can share
.          the stage and spotlight with Jesus.

(DIRECTOR leaves the stage.  EVERONE steps behind
the manger, looking down at it.  WISEMEN humbly put
their gifts down beside it and back away.
Then one by one, EVERYONE humbly leaves the stage.
A spotlight remains on the manger.  This spotlight
can also pan up to a cross, if you have one.)