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FOCUS ON GOD - (video example) written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:       choices, guidance, walking a straight line
SCRIPTURE:   Isaiah 43: 18 – 19; Proverbs 4: 25 - 27
Style:       allegory/conversation: a few people have problems
.            walking straight because they don't focus
.            on God, instead they get distracted
.            or keep looking behind
Cast:        ANNE, TRISH, MARCY; NARRATOR (or Pastor)
Set & Props: a wall or obstacle (like a chair or table)


(ANNE lies on the ground and stares up at the ceiling.
TRISH walks past.)

TRISH   Hey!  Anne?  Are you okay?

ANNE    Oh, hi Trish.  Yes – no! I don’t know.
.       I have problems walking.
.       I just seem to be falling down all the time.

TRISH   Why don’t you get up?

ANNE    I figure, if I do, I’ll only fall down again.
.       So I might as well just stay down here!

TRISH   Do you know what you’re doing wrong?

ANNE    I do not know.  But it’s getting very old.

TRISH   Maybe if you walked for me, I could see
.       what the problem might be?

(ANNE slowly gets up to walk, but while she does,
she keeps looking behind her with fear and suspicion.
ANNE trips, falls and remains there.)

TRISH   Ah ha!  I believe I have found your problem.
.       You keep looking behind you, instead of
.       looking where you are going.

ANNE    Okay, but I’ve been told that knowing and
.       understanding the past - can help you
.       NOT make the same mistakes again.
.                                                         2
TRISH   Huh.  Really?  Because I’ve struggled
.       with certain things in my past.
.       And even though I know and understand
.       those issues, if I’m not careful,
.       I can still fall into those things again.

ANNE    Why?

TRISH   That I do not know.  I may never know.
.       And even if I did find out why,
.       I may still do those same things again.

ANNE    Otherwise, you’re able to walk without
.       any problems?

TRISH   Oh, no, I still have problems walking.

ANNE    Well, what’s YOUR problem?

TRISH   I keep walking into things.

ANNE    So let me see YOU walk.

(ANNE raises her head to watch TRISH walk.
TRISH starts on a straight line, then looks to the side
and veers off - walking into something.)

TRISH   Oh, that looks so interesting – Oops.
.       Hurt myself all for nothing.

(TRISH corrects her path and gets back on a straight course.
Looking to the other side, TRISH walks into something else.)

TRISH   Wow!  THAT might make my life totally better!
.       Oops!  Ow, that one really hurt.

ANNE    You seem to get distracted very easily.
.       Just look behind you and you’ll see your pattern.

(TRISH looks back and thinks.  TRISH walks back to ANNE.)

TRISH   I guess I do get distracted, don’t I?  But at least
.       I try to get back on track and keep walking.
.       You just keep lying there.  And when you
.       DO try to walk, you just keep looking back.
.       The past is done.  You cannot go back and change it.
.                                                          3
ANNE    So what do we do?

TRISH   For starters, you probably have to stand up.

ANNE    Okay.  Now what?

(As ANNE stands up, both her and TRISH notice MARCY
walking toward them in a straight line.
MARCY stops to look around then continues.)

TRISH   Hello.  How come YOU’RE walking so straight?

MARCY   I try to stay focused on what’s straight ahead of me.

ANNE    Sounds easy enough.

MARCY   You would think.  It takes practice though.
.       And determination.  As well as concentration.

ANNE    Well, we both have a lot of problems with this.

TRISH   Hey, speak for yourself.

MARCY   I have problems, too.

ANNE    Not as much as us – ah - not as much as me.

MARCY   Well, I have noticed that if I walk with people
.       who are going straight, it’s so much easier.

TRISH   Really?  Can we tag along with you?

MARCY   S-sure.  Can’t promise you a totally straight line.

ANNE    But you’re doing way better than us - me.

(MARCY starts to lead the way.  As soon as ANNE and TRISH
start to follow, TRISH points to something off to the side.)

TRISH   Hey, look over there.  That could help-

(ALL stop to look.  TRISH starts to walk in that direction.)

MARCY   Whoa!  Ah, if you’re going to keep doing that
.       and trying to distract me, then I do not want to walk
.       with you.  Those things over there - do not help!
.                                                          4
TRISH   Sorry.

(TRISH gets back in line, ALL walk again.  
ANNE glances back and starts to trip into TRISH.)

TRISH   Ah - eyes to the front!

ANNE    Thanks.

(ALL walk to the other side and off stage.)

NARRATOR   What - are YOU focused on?

Or something else like one of these other challenges:
- What kind of accountability system do you have in place?
- What kind of leadership to you seek out?
- Do you keep your eyes focused on God
. and how He’s working with you in the present,
. and is your hope for the future?