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FAITHFULNESS OF JEREMIAH – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        faithfulness, trust
SCRIPTURE:    Jer.1:1-52:34; 2Chron.35:20-36:23, Lam.
Style:        drama/conversation: narrator/s tell
.             the life of Jeremiah
Cast:         NARRATOR (or as many as there are lines),
.             JEREMIAH, King JOSIAH, King JEHOIAKIM,
.             King Zedekiah, BARUCH, PEOPLE 1-4 (or more,
.             divide the people’s lines up accordingly)
Set & Props:  3 crowns, scroll,
.             optional Bible time costumes


(NARRATOR enters and stands at far stage right.  Or
split narrations and incorporate as many as you’d like,
then simply have them line up and quickly step into place
as the story moves along.)

NARRATION 1   A long time ago, there was a young man,
.             named Jeremiah.

(JEREMIAH enters at stage left.)

NARRATION 2   When God spoke to Jeremiah and let him know
.             that he was called to be a prophet for God,
.             Jeremiah felt unworthy, saying that he was
.             too young, and did not know what to say.

(JEREMIAH collapses to the ground in a pleading prayer.)

NARRATION 3   God told him not to say
.             that he was too young.  Jeremiah
.             was supposed to obey and not be afraid,
.             because God would be with him.
.             God would give him the words to say
.             and God would keep him safe.

(JEREMIAH stands up.)

NARRATION 4   God would send Jeremiah to the people,
.             and to kings, sometimes to encourage,
.             and sometimes to give a warning.

(King JOSIAH enters and stands at center stage.)        2

NARRATION 5   At first Jeremiah was treated nicely,
.             because King Josiah loved God
.             and wanted to obey God’s words.

(As JOSIAH exits, JEREMIAH mimes softly crying.)

NARRATION 6   When King Josiah died, Jeremiah was
.             very sad about the death
.             of this good king who obeyed God.

(As JEREMIAH exits, JEHOIAKIM enters at center stage
and puts his hands on his hips with arrogance.
PEOPLE follow JEHOIAKIM, and copy him.)

NARRATION 7   King Jehoiakim did not obey God.
.             So the first warning went to
.             the land of Judah,
.             because of their wickedness.

(JEREMIAH enters at stage left and faces JEHOIAKIM.)

NARRATION 8   God sent Jeremiah to the land of Judah,
.             and told Jeremiah he must remain faithful,
.             and not be afraid.  The people would try
.             to fight him, but God would keep him safe.

(JEREMIAH speaks to JEHOIAKIM with gentle confidence.)

JEREMIAH      Listen people.  Listen to God’s words!

(JEHOIAKIM pretends not to listen as JEREMIAH
keeps looking at him.  PEOPLE copy their king.)

NARRATION 9   Jeremiah told the land of Judah
.             that they once followed God,
.             and God kept them safe.
.             But now, they did not follow God!
.             Because they were doing evil things,
.             evil things would now happen to them.

(JEHOIAKIM waves off what JEREMIAH is saying to him.)

JEREMIAH      You saw what bad things happened to the
.             land of Israel when they did not obey God.
.             But if you repent, God will forgive you.
.                                                       3
(JEHOIAKIM crosses his arms with defiance.  PEOPLE copy.)

NARRATION 10  And even though Jeremiah warned the people
.             many times, they still refused to listen.  

(JEREMIAH turns away sadly, then looks up at God.)

NARRATION 11  But, God told Jeremiah
.             to warn the people of Judah yet again.

(JEREMIAH turns to face JEHOIAKIM and the PEOPLE.)

JEREMIAH      Listen to God’s words.
.             You are to fill every jug with wine.

JEHOIAKIM     We know THAT!  Why are you telling us this?

JEREMIAH      Because God is going to send you a drought,
.             to punish you.  You will be very hungry
.             and thirsty.

(JEREMIAH turns sadly, and falls to his knees to pray.)

NARRATION 12  After the warning, the people still
.             did not listen.  So Jeremiah became
.             very sad, and prayed, and pleaded to God
.             to help the people see their need
.             to turn from their evil ways.

NARRATION 13  But God cannot look on sin.
.             Sin must be punished,
.             unless each person goes to God
.             and asks for forgiveness.

JEREMIAH      (looks up in prayer)  But I have obeyed,
.             You will not punish me!  Right?

NARRATION 14  God let Jeremiah know that he was safe.
.             Anyone who turns to God will be saved.

(JEREMIAH nods and gets up.)

NARRATION 15  But God also told Jeremiah that anyone
.             NOT turning to God would be punished.
.             Jeremiah was not supposed to feel sad for
.             those people, because they had been warned.
.                                                       4
PERSON 1      Wait!  Why are we going to be punished?

PERSON 2      What sin have we committed?

(JEREMIAH spreads out his arms as if preaching to them.)

NARRATION 16  Jeremiah gave them the reasons again.
.             Because they served and worshiped
.             other gods, and did evil things.
.             Because they did not listen to God’s words,
.             and did not obey God.  And because
.             they did not ask for forgiveness.

PERSON 1      So is there no hope?

(JEREMIAH lifts up his arms toward God, still preaching.)

NARRATION 17  Jeremiah told them that there was hope.
.             If only they heard God’s words,
.             and decided to be faithful and obey.

(JEHOIAKIM glares angrily at JEREMIAH.
PEOPLE are now a little worried.)

NARRATION 18  The king now became very angry
.             and plotted to kill Jeremiah.

(On “kill” - JEHOIAKIM points at JEREMIAH,
like he’s ordering the PEOPLE to go after JEREMIAH.  
Then JEHOIAKIM stomps off stage right.)

NARRATION 19  But God kept Jeremiah safe, by sending
.             a friend named Baruch to help hide
.             Jeremiah from the angry king.

(BARUCH rushes on and ushers JEREMIAH off stage left.)

NARRATION 20  Because Jeremiah could not go out
.             to the people, he wrote out God’s words and
.             gave them to Baruch to bring to the people.

(BARUCH enters carrying a scroll.  BARUCH goes to
the PEOPLE and opens the scroll to read.)

BARUCH        Jeremiah has written down God’s words,
.             so that I can read them to you.
.                                                       5
(PERSON 3 grabs the scroll away.)

PERSON 3      I need to show this to the king!

(BARUCH and the other PEOPLE get scared and
exit stage left, except for PERSON 3 who turns
just as JEHOIAKIM enters from stage right.
JEHOIAKIM takes the scroll from PERSON 3.)

NARRATION 21  Seeing the words on the scroll,
.             King Jehoiakim becomes very angry AGAIN,
.             and destroys the scroll.

(JEHOIAKIM begins to rip up the scroll.)

PERSON 3      What are you doing?  Those are God’s words!

JEHOIAKIM     You will find Jeremiah and his friend,
.             Baruch, and have them killed!

(JEHOIAKIM exits angrily.  PERSON 3 looks down at
the bits of paper and sadly walks away.

NARRATION 22  But God protected Jeremiah and Baruch,
.             keeping them safely hidden.
.             Meanwhile, King Jehoiakim was killed
.             when the king of Babylon rose to power
.             and started taking over all the lands.

(ZEDEKIAH enters, wearing a crown.  PEOPLE follow.)

NARRATION 23  Zedekiah was allowed to be king of Judah,
.             but very soon he, too,
.             found himself in trouble.

(PEOPLE shrug as ZEDEKIAH paces back and forth.)

ZEDEKIAH      The king of Babylon is angry with me.
.             What should I do?

(JEREMIAH enters and approaches ZEDEKIAH.)

NARRATION 24  Jeremiah warned King Zedekiah to obey God
.             and not to fight the king of Babylon.

(Disagreeing, PERSON 4 steps up, shaking their head.)
.                                                       6
PERSON 4      Well, don’t listen to Jeremiah!
.             Jeremiah is an enemy and should be killed.

(ZEDEKIAH motions to JEREMIAH.  Then the PEOPLE
usher JEREMIAH off stage left.)

NARRATION 25  Zedekiah did not listen to God’s words,
.             but decided to listen to his friends
.             instead, and let his friends put Jeremiah
.             in a dungeon to die.

(ZEDEKIAH exits stage right.)

NARRATION 26  But God continued to keep Jeremiah safe.
.             Meanwhile, king Zedekiah was captured
.             and tortured, and the city
.             was completely destroyed.

(JEREMIAH enters and kneels in prayer.)

NARRATION 27  After all that Jeremiah had gone through,
.             death threats and being in prison,
.             Jeremiah could finally understand
.             that the people who did not obey God
.             deserved to be punished.

(JEREMIAH looks up to God in prayer.)

NARRATION 28  And even when bad things happened
.             to Jeremiah, he would ask God to help him.
.             Jeremiah always remained faithful to God.
.             For more than 40 years, Jeremiah continued
.             to warn the people to obey God’s words.
.             And because of this, some of the people
.             listened and obeyed, and were saved.