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FAITHFULNESS OF ISAIAH – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        faithfulness, trust
SCRIPTURE:    2 Kings 17:1-20:21, 2Chron. 32:1-23,
.             Isaiah
Style:        drama/conversation: narrator/s tell
.             the life of Isaiah
Cast:         NARRATOR (or as many as there are lines),
.             GOD’S VOICE (although part of narration),
.             ISAIAH, HEZEKIAH, HOSHEA, KING of Assyria
.             SOLDIERS (as many as you want)
Set & Props:  3 crowns, spears, swords and/or shields,
.             optional Bible time costumes


(NARRATOR enters and stands at far stage right.  Or
split narrations and incorporate as many as you’d like,
then simply have them line up and quickly step into place
as the story moves along.)

NARRATION 1   A long time ago, in the land of Judah,
.             there was a young man named Isaiah.

(ISAIAH enters from stage left.)

NARRATION 2   Isaiah loved God.  So one day,
.             when Isaiah went to the temple
.             to worship God, God sent him a vision.

(ISAIAH kneels down in prayer.)

NARRATION 3   When God spoke to Isaiah,
.             Isaiah felt very afraid, and unworthy.

(ISAIAH becomes afraid, and puts his head to the ground,
covering his head with his arms.)

NARRATION 4   Because Isaiah had faith in God,
.             God showed Isaiah that his sins
.             were taken away, and that now
.             he WAS clean – and worthy in God’s eyes.

(ISAIAH slowly looks up again with hope.)

NARRATION 5   God then asked Isaiah a question-        2

GOD’S VOICE   Who should God send to the people?
.             Who can bring God’s message to them?

(ISAIAH stands up with confidence, looking up at God.)

ISAIAH        I am here!  Send me!

NARRATION 6   God then told Isaiah that
.             Isaiah would now be a prophet of God.
.             This meant that Isaiah would go
.             to the people and give them God’s message.

(ISAIAH bows in prayer.)

NARRATION 7   But God warned Isaiah that even though
.             he would give the people God’s message,
.             the people would not always want to listen.

(ISAIAH looks up to God.)

NARRATION 8   Isaiah wondered how long
.             he was supposed to keep trying.

(ISAIAH spreads his arms with a shrug as in a question.)

NARRATION 9   God told Isaiah never to give up.
.             Isaiah was just supposed to keep on
.             serving and preaching God’s message.
.             Isaiah was supposed to stay faithful.

(ISAIAH nods and exits stage left.)

NARRATION 10  And even though the people
.             would not like what Isaiah had to say,
.             Isaiah obeyed God over and over again,
.             serving God and preaching God’s word,
.             and remaining faithful.


NARRATION 11  Now, even though there were many people
.             who did not want to listen to Isaiah,
.             there was a king that wanted to know
.             what God had to say.

NARRATION 12  This was Hezekiah, king of Judah.        3

(HEZEKIAH steps out wearing a crown at stage left.
SOLDIER/S step/s out with him and stand behind him.)

NARRATION 13  Hezekiah loved and trusted God
.             and wanted to obey God.

(HEZEKIAH raises his arms to God in prayer.)

NARRATION 14  During the same time, in their sister-land,
.             there was Hoshea, king of Israel.

(HOSHEA steps out wearing a crown at center stage.
SOLDIER/S step/s out with him and stand behind him.)

NARRATION 15  King Hoshea did NOT love or obey God,
.             even when God sent his prophets to warn
.             the kings to obey.

(ISAIAH enters at stage left.)

ISAIAH        (shouts out)  Hear the words of God,
.             kings of Judah and Israel!
.             Obey God and you will live in peace.
.             When you are on God’s side,
.             you do not have to be afraid.

(HEZEKIAH nods.  HOSHEA and his SOLDIER/S cross/es
arms defiantly.  ISAIAH exits stage left.)

NARRATION 16  Because King Hezekiah did not obey God,
.             their enemy, the king of Assyria,
.             came and captured him and his land.

(KING of Assyria and his SOLDIERS walk up to

HOSHEA        Oh, ahhhh...  God is on my side!
.             You cannot touch me!

(KING of Assyria and his SOLDIERS laugh, then usher
HOSHEA and his SOLDIER/S off stage right.)

NARRATION 17  Then the King of Assyria decided to attack
.             the land of Judah.

(KING of Assyria and his SOLDIERS enter stage right    4
and now march up to HEZEKIAH.)

KING of A     I have come to capture your land.

HEZEKIAH      I am on God’s side,
.             so I do not have to be afraid.

(KING of Assyria and his SOLDIERS laugh.)

KING of A     That is what the other king said.
.             But we captured him!  There is no god
.             strong enough to stop us.  I will win.

NARRATION 18  The king of Assyria spoke loudly
.             so that all the people could hear.
.             He was trying to make the people
.             lose their faith in God and become afraid.

(Hezekiah’s SOLDIER becomes afraid and taps HEZEKIAH
on the shoulder.  HEZEKIAH shakes his head and puts up
a hand like a stop sign to say ‘stop worrying.’)

NARRATION 19  Hezekiah, king of Judah,
.             told his people not to say anything.
.             Hezekiah had a better plan.

(HEZEKIAH turns away from KING and says to his SOLDIERS.)

HEZEKIAH      We need to go to the prophet Isaiah.
.             Isaiah is faithful to God,
.             and he will tell us what God says.

(ISAIAH enters stage left.  HEZEKIAH and his SOLDIERS
listen to him.  These ALL bow their heads.)

NARRATION 20  After they had all prayed,
.             Isaiah told them what God had to say.

(These ALL raise their heads again.)

ISAIAH        God says, “Do not be afraid!”
.             The king of Assyria is just
.             trying to trick you and make you afraid.
.             You are on God’s side, and so you will win.

(ISAIAH exits.)
.                                                       5
NARRATION 21  Then the king of Assyria heard a rumor
.             that his kingdom was being attack.
.             Becoming afraid, the king of Assyria
.             and his soldiers ran away.
.             This saved Hezekiah and the land of Judah.

(KING of Assyria and his SOLDIERS become afraid,
look over their shoulders, then run off stage right.)

NARRATION 22  This could have been a scary situation,
.             but because Isaiah and King Hezekiah
.             were faithful and on God’s side,
.             they did not have to be afraid of anything.

(HEZEKIAH and his SOLDIER/S exit stage left.)

NARRATION 23  And, when YOU are faithful
.             and on God’s side,
.             you do not have to be afraid of anything.