.           all rights belong to Tanis Harms –
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FAITH LIKE A CHILD – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        salvation message
SCRIPTURE:    Matt.18:3, 19:14; Mark 10:15; Luke 18:17
.             1 Cor. 1:27, 14:20; 1 Pet.2:2
Style:        drama/conversation: a child sees that
.             an adult is struggling and offers
.             encouragement and the salvation message
Cast:         ADULT, CHILD, VOICE
Set & Props:  row of chairs, backpack, briefcase,
.             cellphone


(CHILD sits on one of the chairs, looking a little sad
as he/she waits and looks around “the room” while
clutching at a backpack.  Garbled announcement is heard.)

VOICE  Flight 2169 is experiencing further delays.
.      We appreciate your patience.

(ADULT walks up, absorbed in a cellphone conversation.  
Seeing the CHILD, ADULT stops short and backs up a step
to sit down, putting a briefcase on the chair
in between them.)

ADULT  (on the phone)  Listen to me, I can’t do anything
.      until I get there.  And now the flight is delayed.
.      Can’t you find some way to stop the transaction?
.      You’re the CEO!...  I refuse to take the fall
.      for this one.  No – wait – you misunderstood...
.      It just that – this will completely ruin
.      my reputation.  You KNOW this will kill me.
.      Look – I’ve got another call coming in.

(ADULT hangs up, thinking, staring out into space.
CHILD looks at ADULT, who suddenly glances at CHILD.)

CHILD  Do you want to talk about it?

ADULT  You’re kidding, right?

(CHILD continues to watch while ADULT quickly stands up
to dial out...  Hanging up, ADULT paces and thinks.
ADULT dials out, finally getting an answering service.)
.                                                      2
ADULT  (on the phone)  Brian!  When you get this message,
.      call me ASAP.

(ADULT dials out again, getting another service.)

ADULT  (on the phone)  If you’re there, Noreen,
.      please pick up.  I guess news travels fast.
.      If no one will talk to me, I don’t know
.      what else I can do.

(ADULT hangs up and notices CHILD still looking.)

CHILD  God will talk to you.

ADULT  Like that would help.

CHILD  God can help you with anything.

ADULT  Don’t be throwing glib platitudes at me.
.      You’re just a kid – you have no idea
.      what lies ahead of you.

(CHILD looks down, sadly.)

ADULT  Sorry!  Look, I’m sorry.  But seriously,
.      you have no understanding of how the world works.

CHILD  I don’t have to.  All I have to do is trust
.      and believe in God.

ADULT  (sighing with a sarcastic smile)
.      IF – there is a God.

CHILD  God does so exist.

ADULT  Just because you say it or believe it,
.      does not make it true.

CHILD  (thinking)  Exactly.

ADULT  You’re giving up so easily?

CHILD  God exists.  Not because I say so, or believe it,
.      but because nature says it, the Bible says it –
.      things that I’ve experienced-

ADULT  What have you experienced?  You haven’t lived   3
.      long enough to have any real experiences.

(CHILD looks sad again, but then looks up.)

CHILD  With the same logic, just because you’re an adult,
.      doesn’t mean you know all the answers.

ADULT  I know more than you.  I know what is important-

CHILD  LIFE is more important than work.

ADULT  My life is my work.  I have a few degrees,
.      I’ve managed entire companies-

CHILD  And you are in control of everything?

ADULT  I control things where I have the authority.
.      And even though I’ve probably lost this job,
.      I will find another- so I’m still in control.

CHILD  (skeptically)  You can always control your temper?

ADULT  Of course I’m going to get angry when –
.      stupid people do stupid things.

CHILD  So stupid people control your temper?

(ADULT sits down with slight frustration.)

ADULT  And what – I’m supposed to - give God the control?

CHILD  (matter-of-fact)  Yes.

ADULT  Why would I give up my control and power
.      to – someone like – God?

CHILD  Because God can do everything better than we can.
.      God is everywhere, knows everything,
.      is all-powerful, and wants to help us.

ADULT  God would not help me run a company.

CHILD  When we become a child of God, God wants
.      to help us with everything.

ADULT  I’m an adult.  Why would I want to become a child?
.                                                      4
CHILD  God is the perfect heavenly Father – who created
.      the entire universe.  But He still loves us,
.      and sent His Son –

ADULT  Isn’t there a saying or something?

CHILD  John 3:16 “For God so loved the world
.      that He gave His one and only Son,
.      that whoever believes in Him
.      shall not perish but have eternal life.”

ADULT  Sounds like a nice fairytale for children.

CHILD  We need to go to God as a child-

ADULT  YOU ARE a child, so life isn’t that complicated
.      for you yet.  You know nothing.

CHILD  I know that adults have figured out better ways
.      to complicate their lives...  and – invent better
.      excuses for not wanting to be told what to do.

ADULT  Can you not see that I’m above all that?

CHILD  The point is that we have to humble ourselves.

ADULT  Right.  And – I’m above all that.
.      I can handle things on my own.

CHILD  Just how do you imagine you’re going to get
.      yourself into heaven?  Romans 3:23 says,
.      “For all have sinned and fall short
.      of the glory of God.”  It’s not like
.      you can earn your way into heaven.

ADULT  (patronizing)  So – what does it take?

CHILD  Putting down your pride, and admitting your sins.

ADULT  Humbling myself?  I’m supposed to take this advice
.      from a child?

CHILD  These aren’t my words.  This is what God says.

ADULT  But I’m being told this by a child.

CHILD  Are you saying you are greater than God?        5
.      Anybody – no matter what age they are –
.      would have to realize that God is way greater.

ADULT  So – humble myself to God... like a child?
.      But that would make me weak.
.      I don’t like being weak.

(CHILD sighs and thinks.)

ADULT  Finally out of answers?

CHILD  Just thinking.  Okay, you’re still missing
.      the point.  When we humble ourselves, and
.      give ourselves to God, we have God on our side.
.      In 2 Corinthians 12:10, it says
.      “That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight
.      in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships,
.      in persecutions, in difficulties.
.      For when I am weak, then I am strong.”

ADULT  And your struggles right now are basically -
.      what? - trying to get better grades,
.      keeping your complexion clear,
.      MAYBE having to deal with a bully or two,
.      or – it seems like you spend
.      a lot of time memorizing these – sayings.

CHILD  Bible verses.

ADULT  Whatever.  Eventually you’ll see that
.      they’re just sayings.

CHILD  These Bible verses have helped me deal
.      with all those things that you just said-

ADULT  Well, good for you.  Sounds like the easy way out,
.      though, right?

CHILD  Salvation is easy to understand.  Obviously,
.      humbling yourself doesn’t seem that easy, huh?

ADULT  It’s probably easier for a kid to do that.

CHILD  But living the life of a Christian doesn’t mean
.      you have an easy life.  It means that God is there
.      to help you through it all.
.                                                      6
ADULT  Just wait until you have to go through
.      something big - and then you’ll see
.      if those sayings really work.

CHILD  Well, my parents both died in a car crash-

(ADULT now is caught off guard and brought into
a new reality.)

ADULT  Ah-I-  I’m sorry.

CHILD  I can’t say it’s been easy,
.      but God has given me peace and comfort.
.      And I know one day I’ll see them-

ADULT  Well... where – are you going right now?

CHILD  To live with an aunt and uncle.

ADULT  So you have to leave – everything? – Your home,
.      your friends – well – that’s just not right.
.      And you’re NOT angry at God?

CHILD  It’s not God’s fault that the world is sinful.
.      That a drunk driver hit them-

ADULT  So you’re angry at that driver-

CHILD  With God’s help, I’m forgiving the driver –

ADULT  Well, you are the strongest kid I’ve ever met.
.      I dare say, even compared to most adults-

CHILD  Only because of God.  My strength comes from God.

ADULT  (thinks)  I believe I’m beginning to see your point.
.      Could you – tell me- how-

VOICE  Flight 2169 is now ready for boarding.

(ADULT stands up and waits for CHILD to exit together.)

CHILD  It’s easy, just talk to God...