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FAITH AND PATIENCE REQUIRED – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        choosing to do God's will
SCRIPTURE:    Ps.37:9; 1 Cor.13:4; Phil.4:6; James 1:3-11
Style:        drama/conversation: people express
.             their desires and the different paths
.             they are going to choose in order
.             to achieve these desires.
.      NOTE:  Depending on your audience and/or actors,
.             you can pick and choose which issues
.             you wish to include.  You could even
.             set this up as if it were the same
.             two people as they go through life.
Cast:         KID 1-2, TEEN 1-2, STUDENT 1-2,
.             ADULT SINGLE 1-2, BUSINESS-PERSON 1-2
Set & Props:  set up a microphone that everyone will use,
.             use whatever props and dress appropriately
.             to look the part


(KID 1-2 enter from the same direction.)

KID 1         Hey, (name), did you see the new (game/toy)
.             that just came out?

KID 2         Yeah!  It looks so cool.

KID 1         I want that (game/toy) so badly!

KID 2         Me, too!

KID 1         But - my parents said I have to wait.

KID 2         Mine, too!

KID 1         But I want it now!

KID 2         I – can wait.

KID 1         Really?  ‘Cause I’m going to do
.             whatever it takes to get it NOW!

KID 2         But - it’s really expensive.

KID 1         So you’re just going to sit around        2
.             and do nothing?

KID 2         Ah, no, I’m going to pray about it.

KID 1         Like that’s going to help.

KID 2         And maybe do extra chores to earn
.             some money.

KID 1         There is a way to get it for “FREE” -
.             you know?

KID 2         Yeah, it’s called – waiting until
.             Christmas.  And even if I don’t ever
.             get it, it’s not the worst thing-

KID 1         You’re just too scared!  By tomorrow,
.             I’m going to be having more fun than you!

KID 2         It’s not like I don’t have other
.             (games/toys) to play with.

KID 1         Whatever!

KID 2         You’re willing to steal –
.             and maybe get caught and punished -
.             just because you can’t wait a little bit?

(KID 1 waves off KID 2’s comment while
KID 1-2 exit in opposite directions.  
TEEN 1-2 enter from opposite directions.)

TEEN 1        So (name), what do you think?
.             Are you going to go to that party tonight?

TEEN 2        I’m thinking it’s probably not really
.             my kind of scene.

TEEN 1        Are you kidding me?  This is a way
.             to get in with the popular kids.

TEEN 2        Even if my parents let me go to that party,
.             I don’t think it’s really worth it.
.             Once you’re there, then you have to
.             deal with the temptations of doing things
.             that are illegal-
.                                                       3
TEEN 1        Well, I’m going whether my parents
.             let me – or not!  If you want to get
.             anywhere in life, you have to hang out
.             with THE RIGHT PEOPLE.

TEEN 2        I actually agree with your last statement,
.             I just do not agree with your definition
.             of “the right people.”

TEEN 1        So you WANT to go through life
.             without friends and look like a loser?

TEEN 2        And now I’m thinking - we really
.             do not understanding each other.

TEEN 1        I’ll agree with you there.
.             But while I’m having fun at the party,
.             what’re you going be doing?

TEEN 2        Going to youth group.

TEEN 1        Lame!

TEEN 2        See you around.

TEEN 1        Just don’t be surprised if I don’t
.             hang out or talk with you ever again.

(TEEN 1-2 exit in opposite directions.  
STUDENT 1-2 enter from opposite directions.)

STUDENT 1     Hey, (name), did you go to class last week?
.             What am I saying?  Of course you went
.             to class last week!  And you probably
.             ask God for wisdom, as well.

STUDENT 2     How is that a bad thing?

STUDENT 1     Sorry I brought that up.  Okay, so,
.             can I borrow your notes?

STUDENT 2     Why?  So I would never see them again?
.             You’re welcome to join our study group
.             for tomorrow’s exam.

STUDENT 1     Too much work – and too little time!
.                                                       4
STUDENT 2     But, if you’re not going to study,
.             then why do you need my notes?

STUDENT 1     Um, well, I have my methods of passing.

STUDENT 2     You’re going to rig up some
.             cheat-sheets?

STUDENT 1     I’d be crazy to admit doing anything
.             like that.

STUDENT 2     You’re crazy to DO anything like that.

STUDENT 1     Why?  It’s not like I really need to know
.             this stuff for the future.

STUDENT 2     But faithfully going to class, taking
.             notes, studying- it all builds character-

STUDENT 1     I’ve got plenty of character.

STUDENT 2     By character, I mean - discipline,
.             memory capacity, organizational skills-

STUDENT 1     I’m developing other skills!  Such as -
.             creativity, and efficiency-

STUDENT 2     Those would be fine skills if it included
.             honesty and integrity-

STUDENT 1     Well – thanks for nothing!

STUDENT 2     It’s not my fault that you skip class
.             then try to cut corners.

STUDENT 1     Whatever!

STUDENT 2     One of these days, you are going
.             to get caught and expelled.

(STUDENT 1 waves off STUDENT 2’s comment, then
STUDENT 1-2 exit in opposite directions.  
SINGLE ADULT 1-2 enter from opposite directions.)

SINGLE 1      Hey, (name)!  Long time no see.
.             What have you been up to?
.                                                       5
SINGLE 2      I’m really involved in our church,
.             I’ve got a job in marketing, and
.             now I’m saving up to buy a house-

SINGLE 1      Are you married yet?

SINGLE 2      No, I’m praying for the right person
.             to come along-

SINGLE 1      You always think that prayer is the answer.

SINGLE 2      It is.  Of course, I also pray for things
.             like patience- and strength-

SINGLE 1      Well, you know me, I never like to rely
.             on anyone else.  I like to do things
.             in my own strength.  And – I hate waiting.
.             I like getting things done in MY time.

SINGLE 2      So, are YOU married yet?

SINGLE 1      No, but I’m going to do whatever it takes.

SINGLE 2      I don’t think I even want to know.

SINGLE 1      And I’m going to marry someone rich,
.             so THEY can set me up in life.

SINGLE 2      I thought you liked doing everything
.             in your own strength?

SINGLE 1      Hey, it’s all how you look at it.

SINGLE 2      Yeah well, I look at it with great respect!
.             Marriage is difficult enough, so I want
.             to make sure I don’t get desperate.

SINGLE 1      You think “doing it God’s way” is going
.             to be better?

SINGLE 2      Ah, yeah!  I’ve noticed that throughout
.             my life, whenever I do it my way –
.             things do not go so well.  And whenever
.             I do it God’s way – things work out well.
.             God created us and knows us
.             better than we know ourselves.
.                                                       6
SINGLE 1      Well I know what I want.

SINGLE 2      God knows what we need.

SINGLE 1      Boring!

SINGLE 2      If doing things the wrong way, and getting
.             into the wrong kind of relationships -
.             is your idea of exciting-

SINGLE 1      You have so little faith in people-

SINGLE 2      That’s – why I put my faith in God.
.             We’re told to be thankful and content
.             with what we have.  And then ask God
.             for things that we need- Perhaps,
.             before finding the right person to marry,
.             I first need to learn how to be
.             the right person for them-

SINGLE 1      I’ve never understood you.

SINGLE 2      Well- I’ll

SINGLE 1      Do not say that you’ll be praying for me!

SINGLE 2      You really think that’ll stop me?

SINGLE 1      I’m going hunting for a spouse now!

(SINGLE 1-2 exit in opposite directions.  
BUSINESS PERSON 1-2 enter from opposite directions.)

BUSINESS 1    Hello, (name)?  It’s been a long time.

BUSINESS 2    Hi, how are things?  You work here now?

BUSINESS 1    Yes, yes I do.

BUSINESS 2    Which department?

BUSINESS 1    Ah, ahem, the, ah, as a - junior- ahem-
.             executive assistant.

BUSINESS 2    Ah, good for you.

BUSINESS 1    I’m trying to get next in line            7
.             for a promotion, though.

BUSINESS 2    Well, this company certainly honors
.             hard-working employees.

BUSINESS 1    Eh, there are other ways.

BUSINESS 2    Not – really.

BUSINESS 1    Sure.  Like, once they hear the rumors
.             about their protégé – she’ll be gone –

BUSINESS 2    Seriously?  That will only hurt YOU.
.             These things have a way of being found out
.             because they investigate all allegations.
.             And she’s been a faithful employee
.             with the company for a long time,
.             so they’re not just going to believe
.             anything until proven.

(BUSINESS 2 doesn’t say anything, but
studies BUSINESS 1 with a concerned look.  
have them apply the appropriate bits of dialogue.)

BUSINESS 2    Why do you do this?

BUSINESS 1    What are you talking about?

BUSINESS 2    I’ve known you for a long time.
.             You like to take short cuts-

BUSINESS 1    It’s faster that way.
.             (seeing the look, and finally admitting)
.             Okay, it isn’t faster at all.
.             I mean, it is in a very temporary sense,
.             but in the grand scheme of things-
.             not so much!  I mean –
.             I’m close to being fired.
.             I’m going through my second divorce.
.             I had to change colleges.  Before that,
.             my parents checked me into rehab.
.             And the police always had their eyes on me-

BUSINESS 2    So why don’t you change this?-

BUSINESS 1    Easier said than done!                    8

BUSINESS 2    But, you say that you’re a Christian-

BUSINESS 1    I am!  I’ve tried the Christian thing.
.             It doesn’t work.

BUSINESS 2    Have you really tried?  Have you
.             tried doing everything God’s way?

BUSINESS 1    I guess I’ve even done Christianity
.             MY way, and in my strength.  Huh!
.             It’s all based on a lifelong habit
.             of trying to take shortcuts.

BUSINESS 2    They say to change a habit,
.             you have to replace it with a new one.

BUSINESS 1    Just one?  I know you’re going to tell me
.             that I need to be going to church,
.             reading the Bible, praying to God –
.             about everything, being faithful-
.             and patient- thankful and content-
.             blah-blah-blah – and how many rules
.             are there to follow?

BUSINESS 2    There’s really only one thing to do.

BUSINESS 1    And what is that?

BUSINESS 2    Put God first in your life.
.             All you need to do is make God
.             the most important thing in your life!

BUSINESS 1    But, hello!  Lifelong habit here
.             of putting MYSELF first.

BUSINESS 2    Just because God doesn’t force anyone,
.             do you really think your habit
.             is stronger than God?

BUSINESS 1    Well – only up until now!  I guess, I
.             really have not tried the Christian thing!

(BUSINESS-PERSON 1-2 exit in the same direction.)