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EXISTENCE OF GOD - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:       God’s existence, creation, Bible, love,
.            prayer, power, Holy Spirit, salvation,
.            we should not argue
SCRIPTURE:   John16:8, Rom.1:18-20, 8:18-30, 11:17,
.            1Cor.1:21, Eph.1:5, 5:1-2
Style:       drama/conversation:  a scientist tells
.            assistant how s/he would go about
.            witnessing without getting into any
.            arguments:  tell them what God has
.            done in your life
Set & Props: lab coat.


ASSISTANT  So I met an atheist today who said he has
.          to hear logic before he believes anything,
.          and I didn’t know quite what to say.
.          I was going to go into how you just have to
.          have faith, but – I was afraid of sounding
.          really lame.  I thought I would get some
.          advice from a scientist who was knowledgeable
.          on all this.  So what would you have said?

SCIENTIST  Well, let’s see, let me first explain
.          something.  Faith isn't just hoping
.          that something is true.  Faith is an action
.          of acceptance based on learning the truth.

ASSISTANT  Ah, see, that's why I came to you.
.          So how would you have shown him proof?

SCIENTIST  I would have told him THAT the verse:
.          Romans 1:18-20 which really helped me
.          clearly see what life was really about.
.          It says, “The wrath of God is being revealed
.          from heaven against all the godlessness
.          and wickedness of men who suppress the truth
.          by their wickedness, since what may be known
.          about God is plain to them, because God
.          has made it plain to them.  For since
.          the creation of the world God’s invisible
.          qualities – His eternal power and
.          divine nature – have been clearly seen,
.          being understood from what has been made,
.          so that men are without excuse.”
.                                                     2
ASSISTANT  Ah, you just - quoted a Bible verse.

SCIENTIST  Yes. There are two things about doing this.
.          One, the verse is saying that every man, deep
.          down inside, really knows that there is a God.
.          They know this just by observing nature.

ASSISTANT  They would just bring up the Big Bang or
.          the Evolution Theory.  And then they would say
.          it was fact, even though it still hasn’t
.          been proven.  It’s hard to argue with that.

SCIENTIST  Exactly, it would become an argument,
.          because they do not want to see what
.          they really already know.

ASSISTANT  But you’re a scientist who knows how to talk
.          around all these ideas, and ARGUE the cold,
.          hard facts about things like DNA, and –

SCIENTIST  Ah, but we are not to argue.  We are
.          to love them.  We are to pray for them
.          that the Holy Spirit will soften their hearts.
.          And then – we can wait for opportunities
.          to talk with them more at some other time.

ASSISTANT  So THEN you would bring out all those
.          scientific facts and data.

SCIENTIST  No, I’d probably share more of what
.          the Bible says and how it has changed my life.
.          THOSE facts – they cannot refute.

ASSISTANT  So what was the second point to your
.          quoting scripture?

SCIENTIST  Ah yes!  The second point to quoting scripture
.          is the scripture - itself.  Romans 11:17 says,
.          “So faith comes from hearing, and hearing
.          by the WORD of Christ.”

ASSISTANT  But scripture is just –

SCIENTIST  The word of God!  “For the word of God
.          is living and active and sharper
.          than any two-edged sword, and piercing
.          as far as the division of soul and spirit,
.          of both joints and marrow, and able to judge
.          the thoughts and intentions of the heart.”
.                                                     3
ASSISTNAT  So you’re saying that Bible verses are
.          powerful...  But they don’t always make sense.

SCIENTIST  “For since the wisdom of God, the world
.          through ITS wisdom did not come to know God,
.          God was well-pleased through the foolishness
.          of the message preached to save those
.          who believe.”  1 Corinthians 1:21

ASSISTANT  Ahhhh! (quickly confused again)   Wait,
.          so it does make sense?

SCIENTIST  People can HEAR about the awesomeness of HOW
.          the Bible was written with no inconsistencies.
.          They can SEE the complex intricacies
.          of creation.  But only if they want to
.          or are ready to see Truth.

ASSISTANT  But WHY didn’t God just make it more obvious?!

SCIENTIST  How much more obvious can He be?
.          Some people SAW Jesus Christ Himself,
.          die on the cross and rise again,
.          and STILL chose not to believe.
.          What makes you think it would be
.          any different today?

ASSISTANT  But there must be SOMETHING we can SAY –

SCIENTIST  It is very simple.  We can love them.
.          We can give them our testimony - which is –
.          telling them how God has worked,
.          and is still working, in our lives.
.          And we can pray.  It is not for you to argue,
.          convince, or convict others to turn to Christ.
.          That job is only for the Holy Spirit.
.          Persuading, convincing and changing the heart
.          can only happen through God’s power.

(SCIENTIST notices ASSISTANT’s downcast face.)

SCIENTIST  You should be relieved.  You have
.          the easy part!   God will do all the work.
.          It is His worry, not yours.  Do you really
.          want the burden of someone else’s salvation
.          on your shoulders?

ASSISTANT  That's my problem, isn’t it?

SCIENTIST  Yes?  Yes, your problem is - you think     4
.          it is your problem – and it isn’t!

ASSISTANT  Ha! I can’t tell you what a relief that is!
.          Thank you-thank you.

(ASSISTANT hugs SCIENTIST and runs out.)

SCIENTIST  Heeeyyy, no problem. I just wish finding
.          a cure for the common cold would be so easy.