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ENTHUSIASTIC WORSHIP - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        worshipping and praising God?
SCRIPTURE:    Psalm 100:1-5
Style:        allegory/miming: some guys show extreme
.             boredom during exciting game on TV
Cast:         3 or more guys, NARRATOR
Set & Props:  chairs for everyone, TV, sports game audio


GUYS sit on chairs or sofa aimed toward the TV set.
Every GUY looks very bored.

SOUNDS of a very exciting sports game can be heard.

GUY 1 just stares at the TV set without ever moving.
But it is obvious that he doesn’t want to be there.

GUY 2 yawns and tries to stay awake, but he keeps
nodding off.

GUY 3 pulls out a pen and doodles on his shoe.

GUY 2 shifts in his seat, then props himself up
on his elbows.  As he nods off, his elbow slips.
Quickly he tries to reposition himself.

GUY 3 stops doodling to study his shoe-drawings.
Then comes up with another idea and begins to draw that.

GUY 2 now uses his fingers to pry his eyelids open.
He ends up banging his head with his hands.

Getting a rude look from GUY 1, GUY 2 tries to pinch
his arm really hard.  He winces.

GUY 3 switches his legs around so he can draw
on the other shoe.

GUY 2 leans back and braces a leg over a knee.
He begins to wiggle his foot up and down
very quickly.

Finally, GUY 3 is annoyed and looks at GUY 2.

GUY 2 stops shaking his foot.  Slowly, he begins
to fall asleep.
.                                                       2
Realizing he has run out of space on both shoes,
GUY 3 notices GUY 2’s shoe, and that GUY 2 is fast
asleep with his mouth open.  

GUY 3 leans over to draw on the shoe of GUY 2.

GUY 1 shakes his head subtly, then looks back at the TV.

SOUND of the sports noise fades out.

NARRATOR  Is this what happens when you watch and
        cheer on - YOUR favorite sport’s team?
        Even when they are winning?  Or, is this
        how you come to church to praise and worship
        your Savior?