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DREAM COME TRUE - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:       our dreams, God’s purposes
SCRIPTURE:   Colossians 3: 10 - 15
Style:       comedy/spoof on Cinderella: each woman's
.            weaknesses are exposed and shown how
.            they can improve
Cast:        Cinderella – frumpy, insecure
.            Glam-sis - glamorous, snobby
.            Arty-sis - emo, moody
.            Step-mom - business woman, rude
.            Godmother - frilly, nosey Polly Anna
Set & Props: table, chairs, coffee pot dresses, mug,
.            lunch bag & things to go in it, briefcase,
.            painting kit, magic wand, “fairy dust”


(CINDI rushes to table and stuffs food into a lunch bag.)

MOM    (off stage)  Cinderella!

CINDI  I’m in the kitchen.

(CINDI pours a cup of coffee.  MOM rushes in from
stage right and stops to drink it.)

MOM    I’m running late!  Where’s my lunch!

(CINDI packs the lunch and puts it into briefcase.
MOM grabs briefcase rudely and yells while leaving
stage left.)

MOM    I expect dinner to be ready when I get home
.      at seven.

CINDI  (mumbling)  Yes, step-mom.

(GLAM-sis enters from SR carrying an armload of dresses.
She talks as enters and throws all the clothes at CINDI.)

GLAM   Cinderella! I need these brought to the
.      dry cleaner’s today.  There’s a stack of laundry
.      in my room to be washed and ironed.
.      And when you make supper, PLEASE remember
.      to supplement the meat with tofu.
.      You know how I like it.  I’m off to shop now.

CINDI  While you’re shopping, could you possibly       2
.      pick up some eggs?

GLAM   Seriously?  Those shopping bags clash with
.      my “ensemb.”

(GLAM-SIS struts out SL.  CINDI neatly lays dresses
across a chair.  ARTY-SIS shuffles in SR rubbing eyes
and yawning.)

CINDI  Did you want any breakfast?

ARTY   Does it look like I really want to eat?
.      I’m so tired of eating.  Every day is the same:
.      you get up - you eat, you sleep- you eat –
.      you sleep again - you eat.  You’d think there was
.      more to life than that.

CINDI  You could throw in a shower from time to time.

ARTY   Are you trying to make me feel better?
.      Well you can't.  It’s all so depressing...
.      Cinderella, where’s my painting kit,
.      I feel like expressing myself.

(CINDI pulls out the painting kit and hands it to
ARTY-SIS who shuffles back out SR.)

ARTY   Oh, and if my boyfriend drops by, tell him
.      I don’t want to see him.  But then come tell me,
.      because maybe I will want to by then.

(CINDI collapses into the other chair and starts to cry.)

CINDI  Waaahhh.  I feel so unfulfilled!  Waaaahhh.

(GOD-MOTHER “floats” in on tip toes from SL.
When standing by the table, she throws fairy dust
into the air to emulate a pathetic smoke poof
and waves her magic wand.)

G.M.   Ta-dah! I’m your fairy God-Mother.  You called?

CINDI  What?  Grandma, what are you doing?

G.M.   Did you want to go to the ball?
.      Did you need a pretty new dress?

CINDI  Ah, no, not really.

G.M.   You could really use one, you know.             3

CINDI  I really don’t need a pretty new dress.

G.M.   Please?  It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do.

CINDI  Oh, all right.

G.M.   (waving her wand)  Dippity-dressaty-do!

(GOD-MOTHER freezes and waits. Nothing happens.)

G.M.   (sadly)  It – didn’t work.

CINDI  I actually thought you were going to sew me one.

G.M.   Hmm, THAT IS an idea.

(STEP-MOM and GLAM-SIS enter SL, ARTY-SIS enters SR.)

MOM    What is going on here?!

CINDI  Grandmom came to help.

G.M.   Cinderella said she felt unfulfilled.

MOM    (to CINDI)  YOU feel unfulfilled?

CINDI  Yes!  I work and work and do so much –
.      for all of you, and I’m not appreciated at all.

MOM    Well, I – feel unfulfilled.  Whatever I do,
.      I can never get the respect I want.

GLAM   So? Imagine how I feel.  No matter how good
.      I look, I feel so unattractive.

ARTY   You’re all talking about FEELINGS here?
.      HelLOoo!  (points to herself)
.      And what do you mean you feel unattractive?
.      See?  You LOOK great, but you FEEL unattractive.
.      Get it?

(GOD-MOTHER snaps her fingers in a light bulb moment.)

G.M.   Beauty comes from within.  You need to
.      work on BEING beautiful.  I did it!
.      I finally helped somebody.  All I ever wanted
.      was just to help.

CINDI  But Grandmom, you tend to be a busybody.        4
.      You have to wait for someone to ask for help.
.      Or at the very least, ask HOW you can help.
.      Usually all we need is for someone to listen.
.      You don’t have to solve every problem.
.      Only God can help Glam-sis know how to be
.      beautiful.

G.M.   I guess God will have to help me be
.      a better listener.

ARTY   Oh, you’re all making me so sick with this stuff.
.      It’s totally depressing.  Nobody ever gets
.      close enough to me to want to listen.

G.M    Now this I know something about.  God can give
.      you joy, through no matter what.  But you have
.      to seek it.

MOM    (to ARTY)  Yes dear, and hopefully you seek
.      some of that joy.  It’s hard to WANT to get close
.      to someone who is such a moody-gloomy-gus.
.      No wonder your boyfriend and you never
.      can make it work.

CINDI  (to MOM)  You know, you don’t have to be so rude.
.      That’s why people don’t respect you.
.      You can’t demand it – you have to earn it.
.      You have to respect others before THEY
.      will respect you.

GLAM   (to CINDI)  And you’re always little-miss-
.      all-together-perfect.

CINDI  You all take advantage of me – with everything.

ARTY   Well, you do LET us.

GLAM   Yeah, you do!  You ask to do things,
.      or just go ahead and do them anyway
.      because you want to be in total control
.      of how everything is run.  Everything has
.      to be done just so, it has to be done your way,
.      or it just isn’t good enough.

MOM    Exactly, you need to grow a backbone,
.      and at the same time – don’t have such
.      high expectations.  It may LOOK it,
.      but you’re NOT a victim here, you know.

CINDI  Huh! Didn’t see that coming.  I – guess         5
.      you’re right.  I guess I need to give God
.      the control.

(CINDI looks down, like she’s going to cry.)

G.M.   But we all love you.

GLAM   We do.

MOM    Yes we do.

GLAM   And I love you too, Mom.  And you sis.

(ARTY-SIS tries to walk away but everyone pulls her back
into the group hug.)

CINDI  And I love all of YOU!

(G.M. throws some fairy dust into the air and gets
the entire group to shuffle out SR.)

ARTY   (coughing)  Grandmom, what’s with the
.      sparkly stuff?

CINDI  Do you know how hard it is to clean that stuff up
.      anyway?

MOM    Let it go-let it go.