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DAVID’S SON’S SEARCH - written by Tanis Harms
.            Could be done in the 3-skit-grouping:
.            "David as a Boy", "David on the Run", and
.            "David's Son's Search"
TOPIC:       wisdom, popularity, wealth, fulfillment
SCRIPTURE:   1 Kings 3:2-14; Ecclesiastes
Style:       satire/spoof of a highly dynamic cartoon:
.            in a classroom setting, a TEACHER gives
.            a visual lesson of SOLOMON'S search
.            for meaning
Cast:        Teacher, 3 girls, Solomon
Set & Props: textbook with script in it for Teacher,
.            easel,
.            paper with words of rap/song,
.            paper with fancy math equation on it,
.            4 chairs,
.            crown,
.            tray and gold medallions on it,
.            basket


(On one side is the “classroom” where 3 GIRLS sit.
TEACHER approaches easel.)

TEACH     Hello class.  My name is as always...
.         not important.

3 GIRLS   Good morning, Mrs. Not Important.

TEACH     Ha ha, that always cracks me up!  Well,
.         let’s get right to our lesson.
.         Shall we review?  Except, instead of
.         the word “boy”, let’s put the word
.         “son” in it’s place.

(TEACH points out the words on the easel.)

GIRLS     (get up & dance, and do the “Fresh Prince” rap)
.         “Nooooow, this is the story all about how-

(SOLOMON comes in trying to dance cool.  GIRLS continue.)

GIRLS     -A shepherd’s SON’s life turned upside down
.         And I’d like to take a minute just sit
.         right there, I’ll tell you how he became –
.         the king – Of Is-ra-el”.
.                                                     2
GIRL 1    Ah, who is this?

GIRL 2    What happened to David?

TEACH     King David got old and died.  But he had a son
.         named Solomon who was going to take his place
.         when he was just 20 years old.

GIRL 2    Oooo, he’s cute, too!

(SOLOMON remains standing there.)

TEACH     When Solomon became king of Israel,
.         God allowed Solomon to ask for one wish.
.         And Solomon took this task very seriously.

SOLOMON   (in thought pose)  I am young, and still
.         don’t know very much.  So, I would like
.         to have – wisdom.

TEACH     God was very pleased with this request.
.         Solomon could have asked for the usual:
.         worldly goods, popularity or health,
.         but he wisely asked – for wisdom.
.         Solomon became – the smartest man
.         who ever lived.  And because he only asked
.         for this, God gave him all the other stuff too-
.         when he went to rule over Israel.

(SOLOMON takes a chair by the teacher.)

TEACH     What is capital of Israel?

(SOLOMON raises his hand while GIRLS are still thinking.)

TEACH     Yes, Solomon.

SOLOMON   The answer is Jerusalem.

TEACH     Very good.  Okay, what is the largest river
.         in Egypt?

(SOLOMON raises his hand. GIRLS are still thinking.)

TEACH     Solomon?

SOLOMON   That would be the river Nile,
.         Ms. Important.

TEACH     Oo, ah, yes, excellent.  Now,               3
.         someone tell me, what is –
.         the square root of 16?

(SOLOMON raises his hands.  GIRLS keep thinking.)

TEACH     Someone?  Anybody else?

(SOLOMON keeps his hand raised.)

TEACH     Yeeesss?  Go ahead Solomon.

SOLOMON   The square root of 16 is 4.  Come one,
.         somebody, challenge me.

TEACH     Would you like to teach the class, then?

SOLOMON   Okay.  (getting up and writes while he talks)
.         Our next question:  Consider a fluid density
.         in incompressible, laminar flow, in a plane
.         narrow slit of length and width formed by
.         two flat parallel walls that are a distance
.         of 2 “D” apart.  End effects may be neglected.
.         The fluid flows under the influence
.         of a pressure difference, gravity or both.
.         Obtain the mass flow rate for a power law fluid
.         in slit flow... Anyone?

(GIRLS scrunch up their faces, the TEACHER balks.)

TEACH     (finally)  I’m assuming you know the answer.

(SOLOMON nods and flips the easel’s page over to reveal
the equation already written there.
The 2's after pv and 2B are "to the power of".
Those are triangles on the second and forth lines.  And
where there are 2 square brackets on top of each other,
they should be combined to be one big square bracket.)

.           w = 2  0/D  pv2  Wdx

.        = 2 [ /\ p B ]  1/n   B2Wp  
.            [   mL   ]      (1/n + 1)

.        0/1 [1-[x]  (1/n)+1] d [x]
.               [B]             [B]

.        w =   2B2Wp   [ /\ p B ] 1/n
.            (1/n)+ 2  [   mL   ]

SOLOMON   You know, knowing so much just isn’t        4
.         all it’s cracked up to be.  See,
.         because I see so much, I also see all
.         the problems around me.  It’s very tiresome.
.         And – my heart just feels kind of empty.
.         I think I’m going to throw a party.

GIRLS     Weeee!  Can we come?


(SOLOMON waves over and leads the GIRLS to the side.)

GIRL 1    I want to walk next to him.

GIRL 2    No, I do.  You’re in my way.

SOLOMON   Girls, when you fight like that,
.         I don’t want to walk next to either of you.

GIRL 1    Oh, (to GIRL 2)  I loooove you.

GIRL 2    (to GIRL 1)  And I love you!

GIRL 3    Oh brother!

SOLOMON   (to GIRL 3)  Knowledge is just knowing things,
.         wisdom is knowing what to do with it.

GIRL 3    Woooow!

TEACH     So Solomon threw a party.  LOTS of parties.
.         He was very popular and had lots of friends.

(They all dance with enthusiasm.)

GIRLS    (chanting to tune of “Nicky You’re So Fine”)
.        “Solomon - is the best, he’s the best,
.        yes he’s the best, yeah Solomon-yeah Solomon.
.        Oh Solomon – you’re the best, the very best,
.        yes you’re the best, yeah Solomon-yeah Solomon.”

(Near the end, SOLOMON starts yawning and slowing down.
He finally just stands there like a zombie.)

GIRL 1    Are you tired?

SOLOMON   This has been going on for days, months, years,
.         and nothing has changed.  It’s just always
.         the same thing and getting very, VERY boring.
.                                                     5
(The GIRLS stop dancing and chanting, jaws dropped.)

GIRL 2    Did he just say that?

GIRL 3    Oh NO he didn’t!

SOLOMON   I did, and I’d like you to leave now.

GIRL 3    The nerve!

SOLOMON   I have a feeling that God has just
.         one special girl for me.  Doing all of this,
.         I’m wasting my time and yours.
.         And ONE is more than enough anyway.

GIRLS 2   Thanks for nothing!

(GIRLS go back to the “classroom” area.)

SOLOMON   Ah, well it’s always: (mimics a girl’s voice)
.         Oh pick me - pick me!  Aren’t I pretty?
.         Why do you want to be HER friend?
.         Why are you spending so much time with THEM?
.         Aren’t I good enough?  Wah-wah-wah.

GIRL 3    (balking)  Ah!

GIRL 1    I can’t believe him.

GIRL 2    That is just so rude.

TEACH     Solomon did not find parties and popularity
.         fulfilling.  His heart still felt empty,
.         like something was missing.

SOLOMON   What am I missing? (sees something) Oh servant!

(GIRL 1 raises her hand.)

GIRL 1    Oh-oh-oh!  Can I at least be your servant?

(SOLOMON waves GIRL 1 over.)

GIRL 1    Yay!

GIRL 2    Oh! Why’d he pick her?  Aren’t I good enough?

GIRL 3    Oh brother.

(GIRL 1 rushes over to SOLOMON. He points in          6
the direction he was looking.)

SOLOMON   What is that?

GIRL 1    Why, that’s the very latest in entertainment
.         technology.  There are rules and you take turns
.         moving the game pieces around accordingly.

SOLOMON   A game, huh?

GIRL 1    A strategy game.  You’d win every time,
.         for sure.

SOLOMON   I’ll take one.

GIRL 1    Okay.  (talking to someone off stage)
.         Ah, clerk, wrap it up and send him the bill.

SOLOMON   (seeing something else)  Well look at THAT!

(GIRL 2 rushes up and points in the direction SOLOMON
is looking.)

GIRL 2    That chariot, sir, is the 971 B.C. model.
.         Now over there – is THIS year’s model.
.         TWO horse power.  Complete with duel reined
.         steering and spiky hub-cap thingies.

SOLOMON   Sweet.  I want one.

GIRL 2    Only - one, sir?

GIRL 1    (whispering)  You ARE very rich.

SOLOMON   Hm, you’re right.  Thanks for reminding me.
.         I’ll take 20,000.  All blue.  I like blue.

(GIRL 2 rushes back with a tray of medallions.)

GIRL 2    May I interest you in some bling, sir – sire.
.         After all you are a king.  You DESERVE it.

SOLOMON   I am king, aren’t I.

(GIRL 1 takes a medallion and puts it around
SOLOMON’S neck.  She then snaps at GIRL 2 and motions
to something off in the distance – off stage.)

SOLOMON   That’s it?  Only one?
.                                                     7
GIRL 1    Oh no, sir, we have several carts full
.         over there.  There’s lots of bling for you,
.         and lots of bling for any wives you might have.

SOLOMON   Ah ha ha, you are tricky girls aren’t you.

GIRL 1    Me sir?  Now, what else would you like?
.         There’s a gorgeous palace a few cities away,
.         with beautiful gardens and a private beach?

SOLOMON   You know, this just isn’t cutting it either.

GIRL 1    What do you mean?

SOLOMON   I still feel empty inside.

(GIRL 2 now rushes up with a basket of food.)

GIRL 2    Maybe you’re hungry.

SOLOMON   No, I just ate.  In fact, I’m very well fed.
.         My stomach is full.  It’s my heart.
.         My heart feels empty.

GIRL 1    Well, you’re super smart, you should be able
.         to figure out what’s missing.  Right?

SOLOMON   I am smart.  But still, I’m just human.
.         And even though I DON’T deserve any of it,
.         God has blessed me with all these things...
.         He just needs to remind me what I need to do –
.         Hey, wait a minute.  That’s it!

GIRL 3    What?-What is it?

SOLOMON   I’ve forgotten all about God.
.         GOD is the only thing that can fill our hearts.
.         And we don’t even deserve THAT, He wants us
.         to trust and obey Him, so He can
.         be our heavenly Father.  How cool is that?

TEACH     And so, Solomon discovered what was - the most
.         important thing in life.  It wasn’t about being
.         the smartest, or being the most popular,
.         or having the most things – The most
.         important thing in life – is to be part
.         of God’s family and let God fill your heart.