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DATING VIDEOS – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        purity, dating
SCRIPTURE:    Matt. 15:19;  Mark 7:20-23;  2 Cor.6:14-18;
.             Phil.4:7-9
Style:        drama/conversation:  people take turns
.             enacting dating videos of what
.             their hopes and expectations are
Cast:         WOMEN 1-4, MEN 1-4 (any age, can reword
.                 if you don’t have enough men or women)
Set & Props:  stool;  each person looks out
.                 to the congregation as if they
.                 are the camera or monitor


(WOMAN 1 enters and sits on the stool.)

W 1    Hi, I’m Wendy Sullivan, and
.      this is my NON-dating – dating video.
.      I am actually NOT looking for someone,
.      because I never want to become desperate.
.      Getting desperate can cause a person to rush
.      into some something stupid.  This does not mean
.      that I never want to get married.
.      I just want to get married – IF and WHEN -
.      the right person comes along.
.      I can see from people around me
.      that marriage is difficult enough,
.      so I would rather be single and content,
.      than be in a difficult and unhappy marriage.

(WOMAN 1 exits.  MAN 1 enters and sits on stool.)

M 1    What am I looking for in a girlfriend and
.      future wife?  I am looking for someone
.      who will be there for me as a best friend
.      and a partner – who will work with me –
.      not against me.  This involves respect.
.      Yes, I hope that she will respect me,
.      but I know I will have to respect her.
.      That should be practiced while we date.
.      And practicing respect should actually begin –
.      even BEFORE I meet her.  Respect for myself
.      and other people - needs to begin right now.

(MAN 1 exits.  WOMAN 2 enters and sits on stool.)

W 2    I figure I’m too young to date.  I don’t        2
.      even know what I want out of life for myself,
.      so - why would I want to involve someone else
.      in all that confusion.  Why create all that drama?
.      And, like, what if I started dating someone
.      who wanted to become a farmer, but later on
.      I discover that I really hate country life.
.      You see, there are so many things
.      that I still need to learn about myself.
.      So for now, I would love to just hang out with
.      lots of friends.  And in order to marry someone
.      who was my best friend – we kind of
.      first have to become friends – don’t we?

(WOMAN 2 exits.  MAN 2 enters and sits on stool.)

M 2    Some people might think it’s cool - or necessary -
.      to get physical while in a dating relationship,
.      but I am confident enough to know
.      that this is not a brilliant idea.
.      One thing always leads to another.
.      Saving oneself for marriage
.      takes a lot of strength and self-control.
.      Some might say, “But we’re only human...”
.      Exactly!  So why put yourself
.      in a place of temptation.
.      Think of it this way - I am staying faithful
.      to my future wife - even before I know who she is.
.      And even when you think a relationship might
.      be serious, you never know what could happen.
.      What if you break up before you get married?
.      Then you’ve already cheated on your future wife.

(MAN 2 exits.  WOMAN 3 enters and sits on stool.)

W 3    I definitely want to marry another believer.
.      What you see is usually what you get.
.      So the things that I find most important –
.      THAT is what we need to have in common.
.      If that person put WORK ahead of everything,
.      then the marriage would certainly come in second.
.      And - it would be scary - if my husband
.      put me first and up on a pedestal.
.      I am only human and will make mistakes,
.      so that’s a lot of pressure.
.      But if we BOTH put God first in our lives,
.      God would be our pillar of strength
.      and our foundation of faith and love.
.      Then, as we both continue to draw closer to God,
.      we would always be drawing closer to each other.
.                                                      3
(WOMAN 3 exits.  MAN 3 enters and sits on stool.)

M 3    Yes, opposites attract – but those things should
.      be more like characteristics, or perhaps talents.
.      Like if I’m not a good cook – I sure hope she is.
.      And if I have a talent at knowing how to choose
.      a good direction to take, and she has the talent
.      of seeing the details around that – we would make
.      an excellent team.  So while I am dating someone,
.      THESE are the things I’d like to figure out -
.      to see if we’d actually make a good team.

(MAN 3 exits.  WOMAN 4 enters and sits on stool.)

W 4    Love is blind?  Only after getting physical!
.      Then your logical thinking goes right out
.      the window.  That’s why you should wait
.      until marriage, because THEN- it really is– until
.      death do you part.  THEN you want to be blind,
.      so you can overlook all the little issues.
.      But while you are dating, you want to keep your
.      thinking clear.  You want to make sure you get
.      to know the person, for who they really are.
.      You want to know all the little issues before
.      marriage – to see if you can even tolerate them.
.      To do this – you need to keep your eyesight.
.      You have to be able to discern things - like -
.      if a guy pressures me to do something
.      that we shouldn’t do, I need to realize
.      that he’s not being respectful.  And if that’s
.      what I have to do to keep him as a boyfriend –
.      then he’s definitely not worth keeping.
.      If a guy cannot control himself while dating,
.      HOW do I know I can trust him once we’re married?

(WOMAN 4 exits.  MAN 4 enters and sits on stool.)

M 4    What do women want?  It can be so confusing.
.      So I figure - I just need to be myself.  I should
.      not have to pretend to be something I am not –
.      in order to impress anyone.  And I’d also want
.      a girlfriend to be herself.  I really don’t want
.      any surprises later.  And while I’m waiting for
.      the right person to date, I need to be working on
.      being the right person for HER to date.  I need
.      to work on being the person that I should be –
.      not just for my future spouse – I need to be
.      doing that for myself – in order to bring honor
.      to God in ALL that I do.