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COMPLAINING - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        complaining, ask for God’s help
SCRIPTURE:    Mark 10:27, Phil.2:4-15, 2 Thess.2:16-17
Style:        drama/conversation: a person learns to find joy
.             in serving rather than complaining about it
Cast:         PERSON 1 & 2
Set & Props:  dust cloth, broom (or 2 brooms)


(PERSON 1 is busy dusting/sweeping. PERSON 2 is not
working very hard at all.)

PERSON 2  I HATE cleaning up... It’s one of my least
.         favorite jobs... I really hate this.

PERSON 1  "Hate" is a really strong word.  You’d have to
.         at least admit this is way better than –
.         working in an 18th century factory.

PERSON 2  Depends.  Am I sweeping up in the 18th century
.         factory?

PERSON 1  What is your problem?

PERSON 2  I just really HATE cleaning –

PERSON 1  Yeah, got that.  But why are you complaining?
.         Or is that one of the things you LOVE to do?

PERSON 2  I’m just expressing my emotions.

PERSON 1  But why let your emotions make it miserable
.         for the rest of us?

PERSON 2  Sorry!  I guess I just don’t understand
.         why you aren’t as miserable as I am.

PERSON 1  (matter-of-factly)  I don’t let my emotions
.         control me.

PERSON 2  (defensively) I don’t let my emotions
.         control me!

PERSON 1  Sure you do.  You’re here whining and           2
.         complaining, and you’re not allowing yourself
.         to have any fun.

PERSON 2  How can anyone have fun when they're
.         doing something they absolutely dislike?

PERSON 1  You choose not to complain – for starts.
.         We are told to do everything without complaining.

(PERSON 2 tries to sweep. He/she starts to complain,
but stops himself.)

PERSON 1  Look, we do not have much choice but to clean
.         this up.  It’s just something that has to be done.
.         Why not MAKE it fun... or at least make it
.         tolerable.

(PERSON 2 sweeps a bit then grunts.  Then growls.)

PERSON 2  Sorry, still having problems with this!
.         How can God expect something of us
.         if it’s impossible?

PERSON 1  All things are possible with God.

PERSON 2  Huh?

PERSON 1  Try to be honest with God, and ask Him
.         to “do it FOR you.”

PERSON 2  I’m going to ask God to sweep for me?
.         Isn’t that like – sacrilegious?

PERSON 1  No, God tells us that we can ask for anything
.         in His name, and He will answer.
.         Anything – means anything – and everything.

PERSON 2  It just doesn’t seem very important, is all.

PERSON 1  God knows how many hair are on your head.
.         Do you think that’s important for Him to know?
.         But He does.  Just – do it!  Ask.

PERSON 2  Okay. Ahhh...

(PERSON 2 thinks, then looks up in prayer.)
.                                                         3
PERSON 2  Dear God, I – really hate sweeping.
.         I’m sure You've already heard.
.         Ah, and I really don’t want to sweep.
.         So if it’s Your will that I don’t,
.         please take this burden from me.

(PERSON 1 looks at PERSON 2 with a balk. PERSON 2 looks
back up in prayer.)

PERSON 2  Okay-okay.  But if it’s something You
.         really want me to do, could You please
.         do it for me. – Thank you.  Aaannd – amen.

(PERSON 2 starts to sweep.  PERSON 1 starts to sing a song.
PERSON 2 slowly joins in, then adds a bounce to his task.
PERSON 1 pauses to observe.)

PERSON 1  So you’re having fun.

PERSON 2  Huh?  You know - I am!  I should have
.         God do EVERYTHING for me.

PERSON 1  Yeah! That’s the idea.  Especially since
.         God can do everything so much better than we can.

(PERSON 1 and 2 happily sweep their way off stage.)