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COMMUNITY CLUB – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        giving, serving
SCRIPTURE:    Deut.16:17, 2 Cor.9:7, Gal.5:13,
Style:        drama/conversation:  a WOMAN shows a friend
.             around her health spa with great pride,
.             but doesn’t share the same enthusiasm about
.             giving the same considerations to
.             her church
Cast:         WOMAN 1, WOMAN 2
Set & Props:  sweat suits, sports bags, car keys,
.             Dixie cup, trash bin


(Entering at one side of the stage, WOMAN 1 stops to put
her keys into her sports bag as she talks to WOMAN 2.)

W 1    What’s wrong with our church?  It’s like they’re
.      always in need of money.

W 2    Don’t you tithe?

W 1    Well truthfully, it seems like we’re always
.      coming up short, ourselves, you know?
.      And the Bible says, “God wants us to give with joy
.      or not at all-“ or something like that.
.      Whatever, the Bible also tells us not to worry
.      about anything – so I’m not!   And get this,
.      the youth program that the kids are in,
.      the leaders are hoping that the parents
.      will get involved and help out.  I mean,
.      how much should they really be expecting from us?
.      You’d think that bringing snacks every so often
.      would be enough.   And if it’s not
.      the children’s programs, then the church
.      asks for help in other areas.

W 2    But if everyone would do a little – then –

W 1    I have enough to do at work, and home – I mean –
.      I’m really busy.

W 2    Yeah, most of us are.

(WOMAN 1 nods her head for WOMAN 2 to follow her.       2
As they walk across the stage, WOMAN 1 motions
at various “things” which are left to the
congregation’s imagination.)

W 1    Okay, so you are going to love this.
.      When you buy a membership at this health spa,
.      you get a lot of perks, like - being able
.      to bring in up to 2 guests per year.
.      If you bring any more than that,
.      you can buy a day-pass for those guests.
.      But each guest can only come twice.
.      Then the guest is expected to buy a membership.

W 2    Can’t I just buy a day-pass for myself,
.      whenever I want a workout or something?

W 1    It’s a minimum commitment of one year
.      with consistent monthly payments.

W 2    What if I am suddenly unable to use
.      the facilities.

W 1    Well, you still pay.  They have to continue
.      operating and maintaining this marvelous building.
.      Right?  If you want the luxury of the building
.      to be here for you, you have to chip in.
.      It’s only fair when you think about it.

(WOMAN 2 motions to a new location.)

W 2    Spa treatments come with the package?

W 1    Oh no!  That’s extra – but totally worth it.
.      (points to congregation)  Over there are some
.      club rooms which you can sign out
.      if you ever want a really nice place
.      to hold a party or family gathering.

W 2    That’s included with membership fees?

W 1    That would be extra, of course.  But
.      only members can have the privilege
.      of renting out these rooms.

W 2    Do these rooms come with kitchen facilities?

W 1    They do, but you are responsible for             3
.      bringing in your own food.  They have
.      a few catering companies that they can suggest
.      if you don’t want to be doing your own food-prep.
.      As well, you’re in charge of making sure
.      you leave the room as you found it.
.      Clean – in other words.

(WOMAN 2 points off in another direction.)

W 2    The hot tubs are through there?

W 1    (nodding)  And - saunas, pool and showers.
.      They provide towels, but they ask that
.      you place all used towels into the hampers.
.      Common courtesies!  As well, in the workout room –
.      which I’ll show you right now - always wipe up
.      after yourself.  Right this way.

(WOMAN 1 leads WOMAN 2 to the other side of the stage.
WOMAN 1 stops to pick up a Dixie cup that is lying on
the floor and puts it into a nearby trash bin.)

W 1    As you can see, this facility has a wonderful
.      community spirit to it.  We all take such pride
.      in making sure it’s a haven for people to come
.      and enjoy themselves.  I mean, not all the people
.      are totally friendly, but we all try to make sure
.      that we are respectful of everyone around.
.      We all just work hard and realize that everyone
.      who comes through these doors should have
.      the best experience possible.

(WOMAN 1 and WOMAN 2 exit.)