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CHURCH ANNIVERSARY – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        celebrating
SCRIPTURE:    1Cor.1:2-9; 2Cor.1:3-4; Gal.1:3-4;
.             Phil.1:2-6; Col.1:3-6; 1Thess.1:2-6;
.             2Thess.1:3-4; Heb.1:1-2
Style:        drama/conversation:  kids talk about
.             why it is important to celebrate
.             a church’s anniversary
Cast:         KIDS 1-3, TEENS 1-4
.             NOTE:  If you have more or less actors,
.             you can split or combine the lines
.             as it makes sense
Set & Props:  could be carrying Bibles


(KIDS and TEENS enter.)

TEEN 1     Anniversary Sunday!  I love it.

KID 1      What does – ann-ah – anni– serve-

KID 2      What does “anniversary” mean?

TEEN 1     Lots of food – usually.

TEEN 2     No!  I mean, yes, there is that.
.          But it’s so much more.

KID 3      What do you mean?  I mean – what is it?

TEEN 3     It’s kind of like a birthday.
.          Our church is now xxx years old this week.

KID 3      Wow!

KID 2      So... if it is a birthday, why call it
.          an anniversary?

TEEN 2     Huh, good question.

TEEN 1     Yeah, especially because birthdays
.          ALSO come with food.

TEEN 3     Can you get your mind off of food,          2
.          for just a second?

TEEN 1     I can’t help it.  I’m really hungry
.          right now.

(KIDS all stand droopy, looking at TEEN 1, like
they are now hungry too.  TEEN 4 waves a hand in front
of their faces to get their attentions back again.)

TEEN 4     Hey!  You all just need to hang in there
.          for a little while longer.

(KIDS do not move but keep staring at TEEN 1, until
TEEN 2 asks a funny question.)

TEEN 2     But - isn’t it actually more like
.          an anniversary?

(EVERYONE swings their attention over to TEEN 2.)

TEEN 3     Huh!

TEEN 4     Brilliant!

TEEN 1     Ahhh...

KID 1      I still do not know what that means.

TEEN 1     I’m kind of with you, kid!  Maybe
.          I’m just too hungry to think straight.

(TEEN 2 tries to clarify.)

TEEN 2     I mean, like an anniversary that parents
.          celebrate for being married.  You know?

TEEN 3     I see what you’re saying.

TEEN 1     I’m still too hungry.

(ALL glance at TEEN 1.  TEEN 4 gets attention again.)

TEEN 4     Well, even the greatest marriages
.          have difficulties.  BUT because of the love
.          that husbands and wives have –
.          they want to celebrate that.
.                                                      3
TEEN 2     Right!  Only with a church – you have
.          way more than just two people
.          in the relationship.

TEEN 3     And the love that we all share, is God’s love,
.          which is able to get all of us through
.          the good times and the difficult times.

KID 2      But, most of us are NOT related.

TEEN 2     As Christians, we are all related.

TEEN 3     Yeah, we’re all brothers and sisters
.          because we are all God’s children.

TEEN 4     And someday, the Church will be married
.          to Christ- when He comes down to get us-

TEEN 3     Whoa!  Now you’re getting into some
.          super deep stuff here.

TEEN 2     Even I’m too hungry to wrap my brain
.          around that.

KID 1      But I THINK you answered our question.

KID 3      So basically, we are celebrating the fact
.          that we keep hanging in there – working on
.          our relationships with God and each other.

KID 2      That makes sense!  (to TEENS)  Hey, thanks
.          for taking the time to talk with us.

KID 3      And now that we understand, let’s go
.          celebrate!

TEEN 1     With food!... (admitting) – and other stuff!
.          I’m just saying.

(TEEN 1 talks as they exit.)