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CHRISTMAS PROPHECIES – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        the prophecies of Jesus’ birth, life and death
SCRIPTURE:    Prov.30:4, Is.7:14, Jer.31:34, Micah 5:2,
.             Luke 2:30-34
Style:        speak-theater/conversation: themes and
.             statements are repeated for special emphasis
Cast:         6 NARRATORS
Set & Props:  6 scrolls (can be used for scripture verses
.             and the scripture references, which would act
.             as a visual symbol that what you are reading
.             and referring to are scriptural prophecies)
NOTE:         - gently, slightly overlap certain sentences
.             to create a motion of time continuing on,
.             but create pauses after some sentences
.             for the pertinent messages to sink in
.             – notice I have grouped portions of sentences
.             and thoughts together to create “verses”
.             so you can leave a pause after each grouping,
.             again some pauses should be longer than others
.             - also would be effective if you begin with
.             “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing”, did the skit,
.             and then right after the skit, finish with:
.             “O Come, O Come Immanuel”



N2      God’s only Son!

N1      Who LEFT His throne of glory

N3      LEAVING the glory and comforts of heaven!


N5      God’s only Son!

N4      Who CAME down to earth

N6      FULFILLING the prophecies of old
.                                                          2

N1      The first reference of Jesus

N2      Who WAS, and IS, and IS TO COME

N1      in Genesis 1, verse 26

N3      God created mankind in HIS image.

N4      The lineage of Jesus

N5      Began at the fall of man

N4      in Genesis 3, verse 15

N6      Through the ACTIONS of Adam and Eve

N5      SIN - entered the world

N6      So through the OFFSPRING of Adam and Eve,

N5      JESUS, the SAVIOR, would COME to this world

N1      The promise of Jesus’s coming - was confirmed

(faster overlapping here)

N4      to Abraham

N5      to Jacob

N6      to David

N1      in Genesis 22, verse 18

N2      Genesis 28, verse 14

N3      Second Samuel 7, verse 16…  

N4      “Through your offspring
.       all nations on EARTH will be blessed…”

N5      “All PEOPLES on earth will be BLESSED
.       through you and your offspring.”
.                                                          3
N6      “Your HOUSE and your KINGDOM
.       will ENDURE forever before Me;
.       your THRONE will be established forever.”

N4,5,6  Through JESUS - your OFFSPRING -
.       All NATIONS on earth will be BLESSED!

N4      The promise WAS fulfilled

N1      God’s SON - was conceived

N2      As the prophet Isaiah wrote in chapter 7, verse 14

N3      “Therefore the LORD Himself
.       will GIVE you a sign:
.       the VIRGIN will BE with Child
.       and will give BIRTH to a Son,
.       and - will CALL Him - Immanuel.”

N1,2,3  ‘God WITH us’

N4      God’s SON was born

N5      As the prophet Micah wrote in chapter 5, verse 2

N6      “But YOU, Bethlehem, Ephrathah (land of Judah)
.       THOUGH you are small among the clans of Judah,
.       out of YOU will come for Me
.       ONE who will be RULER over Israel,
.       Whose origins are from of old,
.       From ancient times.”

N1      God’s SON was spared.

(faster overlapping)

N2      as prophesized.

N3      within the pages of

N4      Hosea 11, verse 1
.                                                          4
N5      Jeremiah 31, verse 15

N6      Isaiah 11, verse 1

(faster overlapping)

N4      They fled to Egypt.

N3      His allotted time had not yet come.

N5      They escaped king Herod’s wrath.

N3      His allotted time had not yet come.

N6      And Jesus grew up in Nazareth.

N3      His allotted time had not yet come.


N1      Jesus’s birth was a blessing to us,

N2      Not that He was born

N3      But for what He was born to do.

N4      Simeon’s blessing and prophecy

N5      At the time of Jesus’s birth

N6      Foretold - His life and death.

N5      Luke 2, verses 30 to 34

N6      “my eyes have seen Your Salvation,
.       which You have prepared
.       in the sight of all people"
.       This Child is destined to be a sign"

N1      To be a sacrifice

N2      To be the spotless sacrificial Lamb                5

N1      To be the sacrificial payment for our sins.

N3      His birth - was to lead to His death

N4      His death - which was purposed

N3      His death... was prophesized:

(faster overlapping)

N1      The piercing of His side

N6      Zechariah 12: 10

N2      The gall and the vinegar

N6      Psalm 69: 21  

N3      The mocking

N6      Psalm 22: 7 to 8

N4      The casting of lots

N6      Psalm 22: 17 to 18

N5      His unbroken bones

N6      Psalm 34, verse 20  

(much slower)

N1      And Jesus’s CRY - echoed the darkness felt

N6      Psalm 22, verse 2

N3      The cry as He took on
.       the pain and torment of all our sins,
.       even though He Himself was innocent
.                                                          6

N1      And Jesus took our place in the darkness

N6      Isaiah 53, verse 9

N4      Taking on all the punishment
.       for all our sins,
.       even though He was blameless

N1      But Jesus conquered death and rose again!

N1,2,3  Jesus conquered death!

ALL     He rose again!

N4      Psalm 68: 18

ALL     He ascended on high!

N1      And now we have questions

N2      The question for eternity

N3      The question posed to us a long time ago.

N6      Proverbs 30, verse 4

N1      “Who has gone up to heaven –
.       and come down?

N2      Who has gathered up the wind
.       in the hollow of His hands?

N3      Who has wrapped up the waters
.       in His cloak?

N4      Who has established
.       all the ends of the earth?

N5      What is His name,
.       and the name of His Son?

N6      Tell me if you know!”
.                                                          7

N1      His name is Jesus –

N2      God with us –

N1      Immanuel.

(longer pause, and much, much slower, quieter)

N6      Jeremiah 31, verse 34

N2      “'Know the LORD,'
.       because they will all know Me,

N3      From the least of them to the greatest,"
.       declares the LORD.

N4      "For I will forgive their wickedness
.       and will remember their sins no more."

(long pause and quieter)

N5      WHAT is His name - or His SON’S name?  

N6      Surely - you know.

(quicker overlapping, but down to loud whispers if mic’ed)

N1      His name is Jesus –

N4,5,6  God with us –

ALL     Immanuel.