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CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:       true meaning
SCRIPTURE    1Jhn.4:9-10
Style:       fantasy/conversation: time-travel allows a client
.            to sample different Christmas experiences
.            GIRL, MOM, CHRISTIAN
Set & Props: desk, brochure, calculator, 2 chairs,
.            remote control , potato chips, clipboard, Bible


(CLIENT approaches desk and gets TRAVEL AGENT’s attention.)

AGENT      Hello, welcome to Holiday Travels.
.          Let me start by telling that we have
.          a special on right now, which includes
.          our top three Christmas Holiday packages.

(AGENT gives CLIENT a brochure to study.)

CLIENT     Hmmmm, they all look quite interesting...
.          Which one to choose?  I – just - don't - know.

AGENT      Tell you what, at no cost you can sample them
.          right here – through our holographic technology.
.          What is your MAIN goal for this vacation?

CLIENT     Well, I guess to - get away from it all,
.          with no pressures, no obligations –

AGENT      That would be the Humbug Surfing Trip.
.          One moment and I’ll punch that in for you.

(AGENT punches a few buttons on a calculator.
To one side, COUCH POTATO enters and sits down.)

CP         Hey!  Here for the Humbug Surfing Trip, dude?
.          Take a load off.

(CLIENT nods.  CP motions to the other chair.)

CLIENT     Yeah, thanks.  I mean - cool.

(CLIENT sits back awkwardly for a few seconds,            2
then finally speaks.)

CLIENT     So - what exactly do we do during this
.          Christmas vacation?

CP         Nothing.  Just sit back, kick back, and relax.
.          Just chill, and be really real, man.

CLIENT     Sounds good.  So - ahhh – I just need to know
.          what to expect.  Any – special gift exchange?

CP         Naw, way too much work, dude!  Not just
.          the shopping, but - trying to figure out
.          what gift everyone digs - is like –
.          totally tedious.

CLIENT     I hear ya.  Any special meal, or anything?

(CP pulls out a bag of potato chips and tilts the bag
toward CLIENT.)

CLIENT     (sarcastically)  Wow. Thanks.  Okay.
.          So, when do we surf?

CP         Right on! Gnarly!  We can get to that
.          immediately.

(CLIENT starts to get up, but CP pulls out a remote control
and starts punching buttons.)

CP         Is there anything on TV you prefer?
.          I can surf through the sports channels,
.          or check out which movies are playing.

CLIENT     Wait-wait, is that it? –
.          What kind of holiday is that?!

(CP leaves as CLIENT gets up and approaches the AGENT.)

AGENT      You said you wanted to get away from everything –

CLIENT     Not to THAT extreme.  A bit of tradition
.          is nice.  You know, it IS Christmas!

AGENT      Perhaps the Winter Wonderland Package
.          would be more to your liking.
.                                                         3
(AGENT punches a few buttons on her machine. GIRL appears.)

GIRL       Hiiiii! (squeeling excitedly)
.          Welcome to Winter Wonderland.  I’m so super-glad
.          you're here.  What did you GET me?!

CLIENT     What - I - didn’t get you anything.

GIRL       Then, like, I’m wondering what you ARE
.          going to get me.

CLIENT     I don’t think I’m –

GIRL       Well, I want a dolly-dolop-giggle-goo,
.          and a Fanny-fairy-forestland, and a –
.          (continues listing things as MOM enters)

MOM        There you are!  Quick-quick,
.          get yourself ready to go.
.          (noticing CLIENT)  Oh, are you here for
.          the Winter Wonderland Package?
.          We really don’t have time to bother with
.          the usual name exchange formalities and such.
.          (whips out and reads from a clipboard)
.          In ten minutes we leave to take in
.          The Nutcracker Suite, then a Christmas party
.          at the Hilton’s banquet hall.  Tomorrow
.          will be a flurry of last minute shopping.
.          I’ll get you a list of names
.          with their preferred gift items.
.          After a quick lunch we will enjoy:
.          skiing, a snowman building contest,
.          followed by hot cocoa at the lodge - caroling –
.          the Christmas tree decorating expose –
.          gingerbread house construction - sleigh ride –

CLIENT     Those are things we can choose from?

MOM        No-no, not to worry.  We’ll get that ALLLLL in.

CLIENT     Who will all be there?

MOM        That’s the beauty, you’ll be so busy you
.          won’t have time or energy to even care.
.          And it’ll cost you soooo much money you’ll make
.          SURE to have fun!  Bustle-bustle-bustle!
.                                                         4
(MOM rushes out.  Reeling, CLIENT returns to the AGENT.)

CLIENT     The first trip was totally – nothing.
.          This was just – a blur.  And it’s ALL –
.          shallow and selfish!  Isn’t there anything deeper?
.          Maybe I’m looking for something with –

AGENT      Meaning?  I’m on it.  Why don’t you try out
.          the Homecoming Experience...

(AGENT punches a few buttons on the machine.
CHRISTIAN enters carrying a Bible.)

CHRISTIAN  Hello, I’m _______... (insert name)

CLIENT     Oh... I’m _______. (insert name)

CHRISTIAN  Would you like to join us?  We’re getting ready
.          for a big family meal.

CLIENT     Smells so good.  Eating is always good.

CHRISTIAN  But first, we are going to read from the Bible.

CLIENT     Oh, okay, I see, we're going to learn
.          that it’s better to give than to receive?

CHRISTIAN  We actually like to focus on everything
.          that’s been GIVEN to us –

CLIENT     Ahhhh, so getting IS better?  The TRUTH comes out.

CHRISTIAN  It does. God’s truth.

CLIENT     (confused now)  Wait – what are we talking about?
.          Is this about that baby-in-a-manger-stuff?
.          I mean, what can we get from some baby
.          born in a barn years ago?

CHRISTIAN  That baby – wasn’t just any baby.  He was God.
.          It’s not so much about Jesus as a baby,
.          as it is about WHY Jesus came to earth
.          in the first place.

CLIENT     So there’s meaning behind His birth?

CHRISTIAN  1 John 4:9-10 says, “By this the love of God   5
.          was manifested in us, that God has
.          sent His only begotten Son into the world
.          so that we might live through Him.
.          In this is love, not that we loved God,
.          but that He loved us and sent His Son
.          to be the propitiation for our sins.”
.          When we ask Jesus to forgive our sins,
.          we can be reborn, and then live through Him.
.          We can have eternal life.

CLIENT     So you celebrate Jesus’ birth, because
.          of YOUR rebirth, because of something
.          He did and does, which equals eternal life?

CHRISTIAN  Yeees.  That's one way of putting it.

CLIENT     Hold on.  I’ll be right back.
.          (steps over to the AGENT)
.          I want to know more about this.
.          How much is this Homecoming Experience?

AGENT      This one is free, it can start right now,
.          and depending on you, it can last forever.

CLIENT     Awesome!  Thanks! (exits with CHRISTIAN)

AGENT      Another satisfied customer.