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TOPIC:        Christ’s birth
SCRIPTURE:    Luke 2:8-20
Style:        drama/conversation: SHEPHERD tells 2 WOMEN
.             about seeing the Christ-Child.
Cast:         SHEPHERD, WOMAN 1 & 2
Set & Props:  robes, shepherd staff, basket, water jug


(WOMEN 1 & 2 walk onto stage as if getting food & water.
SHEPHERD bounds in and gets their attention.)

SHEPHERD   Wonderful news, people!  Ladies!
.          I have seen the Christ-child –

WOMAN 1    Get away from me, you smelly shepherd boy!

SHEPHERD   But I have seen Him – and His name is Jesus.

WOMAN 2    What?!  You were just walking along in the field,
.          then stumbled right over the Christ-child?

SHEPHERD   We WERE in the fields.  Some of us
.          were sleeping, and a few of us were
.          watching the sheep, when angels appeared -

WOMAN 1    Angels came to YOU?  Why would angels
.          appear to some reeking animal watcher?
.          I’ve only ever heard of angels appearing
.          to important people.

SHEPHERD   That was PART of the good news!
.          The angels came to deliver the message –
.          for US – the common man –

WOMAN 1    Common!  Me?  Don’t include me in YOUR group.
.          YOU are the lowlifes of society!

WOMAN 2    Let him finish, dear.

SHEPHERD   The Christ-child, whose name is Jesus,
.          is the Lord and Savior for ALL people.
.          For everybody! Including us shepherds.
.                                                       2
WOMAN 1    Not only are you disgusting, you’re crazy!

WOMAN 2    I don’t know.  My husband has studied
.          the scriptures and he has been talking
.          about the Messiah and His imminent coming.

WOMAN 1    Do not encourage this man.

WOMAN 2     (to SHEPHERD)  Tell me more,
.           and start from the beginning.

SHEPHERD   We were in the fields.  BEFORE
.          the big host of angels filled the sky
.          with praises to God, and wishes of peace to men,
.          there was just ONE angel.
.          And when that first angel appeared –
.          I have to be honest here –
.          we were terrified.  But the angel told us
.          not to be afraid – then gave us the good news,
.          which will mean great joy for everyone.
.          The message was:  that our Savior,
.          Christ the Lord, was born today.
.          And we’d find Him in Bethlehem,
.          in a feeding trough of a stable.

WOMAN 2    You mean, in one of those caves for animals?

WOMAN 1    Now really!  This is too much.
.          Why would our Messiah be found in some barn?!
.          If He came, it would certainly be in a palace!

SHEPHERD   I saw it for myself.  We went right away
.          and found the Baby.  It was just
.          like the angel said.

WOMAN 1    (walks away while speaking)  This is all too much.

WOMAN 2    Well I want to get my husband and go see Jesus.
.          Will you take us there?

SHEPHERD   I will.  You can see for yourselves then.
.          Seeing the angels was amazing, but
.          meeting Jesus personally is life changing.

(SHEPHERD and WOMAN 2 walk off stage while still talking.)