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TOPIC:       Christ’s birth
SCRIPTURE:   Matthew 2:7-12
Style:       drama/conversation:  the magi have
.            a discussion after meeting the baby Jesus
Cast:        MAGI 1 & 2


(MAGI enter and talk amongst each other.  They are still
in awe from seeing Jesus.)

MAGI 1  I have seen the King of kings.  I have beheld
.       His glory.

MAGI 2  We traveled very far, and it was worth
.       every single day of our long hard journey.

MAGI 1  Amen.

MAGI 2  We could have brought ALL our treasures
.       and given it to the Christ-child,
.       and it still would not have been enough.

MAGI 1  Amen-amen.  I see how this Child has changed
.       the hearts of men already.

MAGI 2  This Child is very great, and I believe
.       He will do something very important
.       which will change the world in some way.

MAGI 1  Yes, and sadly, many rulers will not
.       appreciate this.

MAGI 2  That is why we must return home
.       by another way.

MAGI 1  We were to report back to king Herod.

MAGI 2  I had a dream last night.  God warned me
.       in this dream not to return to Herod.
.       I believe this man means to harm this Child.
.       I am sure Herod sees this Child
.       as a threat to his kingdom.

MAGI 1  I fear this Child’s life will meet with
.       an untimely death.
.                                                       2
MAGI 2  Perhaps, but if so, there will be purpose.
.       The mystery of Jesus’s birth will most likely
.       be revealed at His death.