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TOPIC:        Christ’s birth
SCRIPTURE:    Matthew 2:1-8
Style:        drama/conversation: Herod looks at prophecy
.             and reveals his own evil intentions
Set & Props:  crown for King Herod, robes (optional)


(As KING HEROD enters, CHIEF PRIEST bows and backs away.)

PRIEST  King Herod.  I have gathered all the
.       chief priests and scribes as you requested.

(PRIEST waves his arm across the congregation
as if they are involved. HEROD addresses
the congregation and the PRIEST.)

HEROD   Good.  I require advice from all of you.
.       A caravan of magi from the east
.       arrived here in Jerusalem.
.       They came directly to my palace
.       asking to see the King of Jews.
.       They have come bearing many gifts
.       and wish to worship said king.

PRIEST  Is this not good?  It is an opportunity
.       to strengthen your realm.

HEROD   They were not referring to ME.
.       According to some star in the sky,
.       which they have been following
.       for quite some time now, they are under
.       the impression that some Jewish King
.       has just been born.

PRIEST  Is the queen soon to deliver a son to you?

HEROD   No!  Now, I want you to tell me if there
.       is anything to this.  The scriptures
.       tell of a Messiah to be born at some point,
.       do they not?

PRIEST  Y – yes.  And according to the prophecies        2
.       in the scriptures of Daniel, this should be
.       taking place – at – about this time...
.       if indeed this will happen at all.

HEROD   Do we want to take that chance?
.       Is there anything in the scriptures
.       that say WHERE this Messiah is to be born?

PRIEST  The Christ is to be born in Bethlehem of Judea,
.       as it has been written by the prophet, Micah.

HEROD   What does it say EXACTLY?

PRIEST  It says, “And you, Bethlehem, land of Judah,
.       are by no means least among the leaders of Judah;
.       for out of you shall come forth a Ruler,
.       who will shepherd My people Israel.”

HEROD   I do not like the sound of that.  We do not know
.       how this could affect my kingdom and authority.
.       The entire city of Jerusalem is very upset.
.       We need to do something in order to maintain
.       the balance of power.

PRIEST  I quite agree.

(HEROD turns to speak to the PRIEST, as if in private.)

HEROD   I will talk to these magi privately, and
.       try to figure out exactly when this star appeared.
.       That will determine the age of this Child.
.       Then I will tell them to look for the Child
.       in Bethlehem, and ask them to send word to me
.       once they do find Him – so I too may
.       go worship the Child.

PRIEST  (confused)  You will go to worship Him?

HEROD   Of course not!  I want Him dead!
.       This so-called MESSIAH must die!
.       But I will not let on to these magi.

(HEROD and PRIEST storm off the stage with purpose.)