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.                               – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        Christmas
SCRIPTURE:    Matthew 1:18-25
Style:        drama, conversation:  Joseph reacts to
.             the news he has just heard from the angel
Set & Props:  workbench, tools


(JOSEPH enters and busies himself with a carpentry
project.  JOSEPH pauses and shakes his head.)

JOSEPH  How could I be so stupid?

(JOSEPH goes back to work then stops again.)

JOSEPH  How it must have hurt her,
.       when I refused to believe what she said.
.       My intentions were never to hurt her.
.       But then, how could anyone believe
.       something like that?  I mean,
.       who in their right mind would ever believe
.       such a thing?  That is why I wasn’t going
.       to make a public fiasco out of this.
.       Even if she HAD been unfaithful,
.       I would not have wanted to see her stoned.
.       THAT is why I had decided to put her away
.       secretly, and SPARE her from being
.       publicly disgraced.

(JOSEPH hangs his head down in shame.)

JOSEPH  Perhaps - I also did not want to be scorned
.       by society!  Yet, I STILL cannot help but wonder
.       what they will all say.

(JOSEPH tries to go back to work.  As the angel’s voice
is played or spoken, JOSEPH reacts mildly as if
he is replaying the message in his mind.
Angel’s voice is whisper-like with reverb sound effects.)

ANGEL   Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid
.       to take Mary as your wife; for the Child
.       who has been conceived in her
.       is of the Holy Spirit.
.                                                       2
JOSEPH  I can still hear the angel’s words from
.       last night- and even NOW they sound unbelievable.

(JOSEPH quickly looks up.)

JOSEPH  Of course I believe, Lord.  NOW!  Though,
.       I am ashamed You had to send an angel to –
.       convince me...  But again, I have concerns.
.       I have questions.  How will people
.       around us react?  How am I supposed to react?
.       What am I supposed to do?  And -

ANGEL   She will bear a Son; and you shall call His name
.       Jesus, for He will save His people
.       from their sins.

JOSEPH  And what is HE supposed to do?
.       What does that all MEAN for Him.  Am I to worry?
.       Of course, I should not worry.
.       The scriptures are clear that we are NOT to fear
.       or worry anything, but only fear You.

(JOSEPH wrings his hands.)

JOSEPH  I get the sense that a father generally –
.       cares and worries about their family –
.       and wants to protect them.  But,
.       if this Child is to one day grow up –
.       and save people from their sins – who am I
.       to protect HIM?  HE will be saving ME.
.       That thought alone – is very humbling to a man.

ANGEL   All this is to happen - to fulfill what was
.       spoken by the Lord through the prophet:  ‘Behold,
.       the virgin shall be with Child and bear a Son,
.       and they shall call His name Immanuel,’
.       which means ‘God with us.’

JOSEPH  And am I, a humble carpenter,
.       supposed to raise God’s Son!?
.       Our lifestyle will be pretty much one of poverty.
.       Again, a father wants to provide
.       only the BEST for his family.  (chuckling)
.       I suppose You know that better than I do.
.       You being our Heavenly Father, and me –
.       not yet an earthly father.

(JOSEPH looks down and studies his carpentry project.)

JOSEPH  But what?  Will I teach Him how to build        3
.       with His hands, the One who has created
.       the universe with just His word?
.       I am not worthy for this.
.       I have nothing to offer Him.

(JOSEPH thinks.)

JOSEPH  I can only offer Him what You provide to me.
.       Hmph. So I know there will be love.
.       Plenty of love.  And -
.       Mary will be an excellent mother.
.       She is so kind, and tenderhearted.  And patient!
.       She has been patient with me, after all.
.       After all I put her through.

(JOSEPH paces a bit.)

JOSEPH  Yet, how much will we go through?
.       What is to come?  What does this future
.       LOOK like?  We could be in danger
.       as soon as Mary starts to show,
.       which will be very soon now.

(JOSEPH stops still.)

JOSEPH  If only the ground could just swallow us up,
.       or - we could somehow disappear for a time.

ANGEL   Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid-

JOSEPH  (sighing)  I do not have to be afraid.
.       I am sure – that You have a perfect plan.
.       Why wouldn’t You?  You have even laid out
.       Your plan in the scriptures.

(JOSEPH begins to pace again.)

JOSEPH  There are scriptures that foretell this event!
.       Surely, there will be those who believe!

ANGEL   -do not be afraid to take Mary as your wife-

JOSEPH  I NEED to find Mary!  Let her know
.       that I believe what You have said.
.       I need to let her know –
.       that everything will be fine.

ANGEL   - who has been conceived in her
.       is of the Holy Spirit.
.                                                       4
(JOSEPH paces faster.)

JOSEPH  She needs to know that I WILL carry out
.       our plans to be married - after –
.       after she gives birth to God’s Son.
.       She needs to know – that together -
.       (stopping to look up.)
.       together - we will carry out YOUR plan.
.       And You will help, and guide – and protect us -
.       to see us through this.

(JOSEPH exits.)