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TOPIC:       Christ’s birth
SCRIPTURE:   Luke 2:7
Style:       drama/conversation:  the innkeeper tells
.            his wife about the couple that just came by
.            asking for a room
Cast:        INNKEEPER, WIFE
Set & Props: table, chairs, washbasin, cloth, dishes, lantern


(INNKEEPER’S WIFE washes dishes at the table when
INNKEEPER enters and sits down.)

WIFE    What was that all about?

KEEPER  This poor couple came by looking for a room -

WIFE    You told them we were completely filled up,
.       right?  I can’t keep up with all the work
.       as it is.  I mean, I’m very happy about all
.       the extra money we’re making, but – I’m so tired!

KEEPER  Don’t worry –

WIFE    So you sent them away?

KEEPER  Not exactly.

WIFE    (hands on hips)  What are you saying-not exactly?

KEEPER  Don’t worry –

WIFE    You tell me I should not worry?  Any time you
.       get a bright idea, I KNOW I should worry.

KEEPER  I told them that they could stay in the stable,
.       in the back.

WIFE    Now I KNOW I should worry!  What if they steal
.       our guests’ horses.  Or eat all our chickens?

KEEPER  Don’t worry.  They seem like a very
.       nice couple -
.                                                           2
WIFE    You are not always the best judge of character,
.       my dear.  Remember last year when –

KEEPER  Aaaand she is ready to deliver.

WIFE    What?!

KEEPER  The young lady is ready - to - have a baby.

WIFE    Oh!  The poor dear!  Why didn’t you say that
.       in the first place.  Having a baby outside,
.       in this weather?  I should see if they are okay.
.       I should bring them some food.  Maybe a blanket.

KEEPER  We’re out of blankets.

WIFE    Yes, of course, we cannot take blankets away
.       from our paying customers.  But what will
.       they sleep on?

KEEPER  I did put some hay down on the floor.

WIFE    Is it fresh?  I hope you gave them fresh hay!
.       Where will the baby sleep when it comes?

KEEPER  Don’t worry, I thought of that –

WIFE    Another bright idea?

KEEPER  I put fresh hay – in one of the troughs.

WIFE    I must say, not bad.  But, STILL, the baby will
.       get cold.  At least, the baby needs a blanket!
.       (looks down at her wash cloth)
.       I may have some more rags that they can use.
.       I will bring them some food, and some rags.
.       That just doesn’t seem like enough.

KEEPER  But it is all that we can do.

WIFE    Yes, I suppose you’re right.  Except,
.       it is very dark out there.  We can let them
.       use our lantern.

(As WIFE grabs the lantern on the table, a very bright light
suddenly shines down on them – more from “outside”.)
.                                                           3
(WIFE looks eerily at KEEPER.  She opens her mouth as if
to say something, but shuts it and looks outside again.
WIFE turns again and tries to say something, but
is speechless.  KEEPER puts his hand on WIFE’S shoulder.)

KEEPER  Look at that star.  And it’s right over
.       our stable.

(WIFE tries to speak again, but can’t.)

KEEPER  I told you there was something special.

(WIFE and KEEPER exit and the lights dim.)