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CHRISTIAN PATH – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        maturity, serving, worship
SCRIPTURE:    Mt.13:3-23; Jhn.5:35; Gal.5:16
Style:        allegory/illustration:  because of God’s
.             amazing grace, a Christian has eternal
.             security!  But let us consider the various
.             paths Christians might live and their
.             quality of peace and joy while on earth.
Set & Props:  6 Bibles (INSTRUCTOR’s can have script);
.             wear clothes that best represent characters


(Carrying a Bible, which can have the entire script
inside, INSTRUCTOR enters with poise and confidence
to address the congregation like a professor.)

INSTRUCTOR    Today’s lesson will be demonstrated
.             in a simple illustration:
.             The Christian Path.  To make it clear,
.             let us call this side here – heaven.
.             To get here - means that we must be
.             without sin, because God is holy.
.             God wants us here – so He provides a way.

(While talking, INSTRUCTOR motions to stage left,
which is “right” for the congregations’ sake.  Then
INSTRUCTOR walks over to and motions to stage right.)

INSTRUCTOR    This point here - will represent
.             salvation through Jesus Christ.
.             Whatever age a person is when they become
.             a Christian, their Christian path will
.             begin here, and because of God’s grace,
.             will ALWAYS arrive at the other side.
.             So this entire area here in the middle –
.             represents the Christian path
.             while they are still here on earth.

(INSTRUCTOR motions with arm the big space between
the two points.  INSTRUCTOR now goes to stage right
as if beginning a “Christian path”.)
.                                                       2
INSTRUCTOR    We - will now demonstrate for you -
.             the ideal Christian path which God desires
.             for all of us:  the straight and narrow.

(Holding a Bible, PERFECT-PERSON steps out purposefully
at stage right and walks a jaunty-casual straight line
across stage, smiling broadly all the way to stage left.)

INSTRUCTOR    Very simple! IF – you are “perfect-person”!
.             or merely doing a demonstration like this.
.             But in real life we realize:  no one
.             is perfect, and there are many things
.             that can try to alter our path.
.             And God is very well aware of this.
.             That is why He offers salvation and grace
.             to us in the first place, otherwise,
.             it would be completely impossible.  But-
.             does having a guaranteed ticket to heaven
.             mean that we can and should just do
.             whatever it is we want?  No.
.             This is where it gets rather confusing,
.             because we are such complicated beings.
.             So we will bring out a few examples
.             in order to demonstrate.
.             Our first character is, and how to
.             say this nicely?  Let us call her
.             “Self-Destructive-Diva?”

(DIVA enters at starting point – relieved.)

DIVA          I really want this.  I so NEED this.
.             I mean, look at my life.  It’s such a mess.

INSTRUCTOR    She becomes a Christian with some
.             realization, but does not fully understand
.             God’s love and purpose for her life.
.             So instead of learning a new way, she just
.             carries on doing what she has always done.

(DIVA takes a few steps forward, then pretends to see
a cute guy off to the side, then steps way off toward
the congregation.)

DIVA          Oh, hot looking bad-boy over there!
.             I just can’t help myself.

(INSTRUCTOR rushes over to step in her way.)            3

INSTRUCTOR    Actually you can.  With God’s help-
.             He has a better plan for you-

DIVA          Do I hear something?  What is that noise?

(INSTRUCTOR turns to congregation to explain.)

INSTRUCTOR    Christianity is not a bunch of dos and
.             don’ts, but “Self-Destructive-Diva” here,
.             obviously only understands it that way.

(INSTRUCTOR turns back to DIVA.)

DIVA          What? I have to DO?  And NOT DO?

INSTRUCTOR    There are guidelines.  Really solid
.             guidelines to follow – that are proven -
.             so you can have a joy-filled life
.             and find a wonderful husband.
.             Now, obviously, you need to work on
.             being the wife he deserves, but
.             it all works toward something REALLY good!

DIVA          I don’t know what you’re talking about.
.             I don’t even care.  So I think I will
.             pick and choose the stuff I like
.             from whatever that book there is called-
.             Excuse me, but I think it’s time to party –
.             (about to walk the other way, but stops)
.             Oh, and ah, you just better be there for me
.             the next time I run out of money, or
.             break down and crash in some pathetic way –
.             but for now - you are really getting
.             on my nerves and in my way.
.             (exit stage right, calling out to “people”)
.             Hey!  That looks like some dangerous fun!
.             Wait for me!

(INSTRUCTOR turns to congregation shaking their head.)

INSTRUCTOR    Diva will still go to heaven,
.             but her life will be filled with
.             the consequences of her own actions.
.             Our second character is Flighty-Feet.

(FLIGHTY-FEET enters at stage right, dancing on         4
the spot with a huge smile on their face.)

INSTRUCTOR    As you can see – Flighty-Feet
.             tends to start off as happy-feet.

FLIGHTY       I am on fire!  I am feeling the love.
.             I feel so awesome!

(FLIGHTY dances and jumps around while exclaiming
happiness – NOT sticking to the straight line.
INSTRUCTOR’s next lines are said in spurts as
INSTRUCTOR jockeys around trying to get FLIGHTY-FEET
to slow down and stay on the straight and narrow.)

INSTRUCTOR    I’m- really happy to see that-
.             you are so happy-

FLIGHTY       Do not try to stop me!  I am FEELING it!

INSTRUCTOR    But there are some things you-
.             should KNOW- that would be very-
.             beneficial- to your spiritual growth-
.             so that- you can keep experiencing-
.             God’s JOY – and peace - no matter
.             what the circumstance-

(FLIGHTY suddenly stops short, looking off to the side
toward the congregation, smile turning to a frown.)

INSTRUCTOR    What’s wrong?

FEET          I’m sad.  So very sad and discouraged.
.             (pointing out)  Why?  Why did that
.             have to happen?

INSTRUCTOR    Well, you see, that is- that is
.             exactly what I was talking about.
.             But there is hope, and God wants us-

(FLIGHTY breaks down crying.  Meanwhile, DIVA wanders on,
looking up with strained remorse.)

DIVA          I’m sorry!  I’m so sorry.  I’m such a mess.
.             (suddenly stopping to think)
.             Ugh, wait, this is too much work for me.

(DIVA turns back around and exits upper right.          5
FLIGHTY breaks down crying again, and rushes off
lower stage right.)

FLIGHTY       I just can’t take it anymore.
.             I’ll just do church my way.

(INSTRUCTOR does something like scratch their head
in wonder, and turns to the congregation.)

INSTRUCTOR    Flighty-feet will also still go to heaven,
.             but because he/she prefers his
.             emotional style of reacting to hardships
.             as a way to guide his life,
.             his life will be filled with
.             the consequences of his own reactions.
.             As you see, at the first sign of affliction
.             or persecution, they take it personally
.             and rush off – somewhere.
.             Now for our third character:  we will
.             call him “Worry-Wart”– “Wart” for short.
.             they tend to stick around
.             but not do too much.

(WART enters clutching a Bible, but never looks at it.
He/she stands arrogantly at stage right.)

INSTRUCTOR    Even though we’re calling them Worry-Wart –
.             they usually prefer to use some sort of
.             disguised name such as: “Caring-Christian”.

(WART steps down stage to lecture the congregation.)

WART          Listen, I care.  I care a lot.  And if this
.             church really wants to grow, they will see
.             it my way and do exactly as I recommend.

(INSTRUCTOR steps over to WART to try to direct them
over to the straight line’s path.)

INSTRUCTOR    It’s awesome that you have suggestions,
.             but as God challenges us in the Bible,
.             right there, are you serving in any way?

(While talking, INSTRUCTOR motions to WART’s Bible.
WART never even glances at it and dives right
into his speech.)
.                                                       6
WART          Serving?  Yeah, I do a little bit.  But –
.             I’m just way too busy.  I’ve got to work.
.             I need to make sure I’m making money.
.             Got to go – got to buy that fancy car
.             over there to get to work.

(WART has noticed something at upper stage and
marches away far from the congregation.  
INSTRUCTOR tries to talk sense into WART.)

INSTRUCTOR    But do you need THAT car?  Just think,
.             God will bless us and see to our needs
.             when we tithe and help others...

WART          I give money.  It’s a pretty good chunk
.             of change, too.  That should be good enough
.             to do what I think needs getting done.
.             But – ten percent – that’s a lot.
.             I’ve got to consider:  housing! –

(WART notices something at the lower end again and
marches toward the congregation.  INSTRUCTOR follows.)

WART          Food! - and appropriate clothes!

(But WART quickly notices something at the upper end
again and marches away from the congregation.  
INSTRCUTOR follows.)

WART          And leisure time!  I love going to Europe!
.             I deserve to take a break from all
.             the hard work that I do.

(Seeing something else, WART goes to the lower stage,
back to the congregation, followed by INSTRUCTOR.)

INSTRUCTOR    You are very busy, but are you busy
.             with the right things?

WART          Do not lecture me!  I know the Bible says
.             that we need to provide for our families.
.             And we should not be lazy and depend
.             on others, but be responsible-

INSTRUCTOR    Sure-sure, but God also asks that we serve-

(INSTRUCTOR tries to motion in the Bible, but           7
WART never looks at his, but only clutches it tightly.)

WART          I serve!  My gift is telling people what
.             it is they’re doing wrong, or telling them
.             what they should be doing, and HOW they
.             should be doing things right.  I tell them
.             and I tell them but they rarely listen.
.             You should be talking to THOSE Christians.
.             Tell them they need to do it my way.

(WART sees something at upper stage and walks there
with arms out in disgust and complains to the back.)

WART          WHAT sort of music are you playing now?
.             It’s horrible.  I don’t care if the words
.             give glory to God, all I hear is noise.

(INSTRUCTOR looks back at the congregation.)

INSTRUCTOR    Worry-Wart is still going to heaven.
.             But those are just some of the things that
.             Worry-Wart does, which will not bring joy
.             to his life or anybody else’s.

(WART comes back to lecture the congregation.)

WART          You need to do and not do.  And you
.             should be doing and not doing as I say.
.             That would be awesome.  Maybe THEN
.             there would be some joy and peace!

INSTRUCTOR    (to WART)  Actually, God asks us to work
.             together to edify and build each other up.
.             God never asks us to complain or criticize.

WART          I do not complain or criticize!  I CARE!
.             (suddenly looks at watch)
.             Oh, got to get to work!

(WART rushes off stage right.  INSTRUCTOR looks
to congregation – deadpan.)

INSTRUCTOR    Let’s move on, shall we?  Our fourth
.             character is “Sincerely-Trying-To-BE”,
.             as in not just “do” Christian,
.             but “be” Christian.
.                                                       8
(TRYING steps out at stage right and holds up a Bible,
excited to just have it.)

TRYING        I’m reading this!  Maybe not EVERY day, but
.             I TRY to read God’s words to me every day.

(INSTRUCTOR holds out a hand like, see what I mean?
TRYING steps forward, but pretends to see something
at the right and moves slightly toward the congregation.
INSTRUCTOR gently walks ahead to stop TRYING.
TRYING stops and looks back at the “something”.)

INSTRUCTOR    Cute guy/girl?

TRYING        Yeeeeeah.  But they’re not a Christian.
.             Or, if they are, they are definitely
.             not a Christian who’s really trying.
.             What do you suggest?

INSTRUCTOR    (motions at Bible)  God tells Christians
.             to only marry a Christian.  God also says
.             to pray for wisdom and guidance.  He’s got
.             something far better in mind for you.

TRYING        (looks into Bible)  Awesome!  Okay.

(TRYING starts walking again, a little straight,
and then slightly forward again.  TRYING stops
and clears their throat for INSTRUCTOR to get there.)

TRYING        Okay, so in church, we’re learning about
.             God’s provisions and tithing, which I do,
.             even though money’s a little tight.  Soooo,
.             I don’t need that.  Especially if I want
.             to go away on a vacation.  But not until
.             I have saved up enough- (thinking)
.             Oh!  or – I could go on a mission trip!
.             Yeah!  I’m going to pray about that.
.             Meanwhile, I think it would be awesome
.             to help out in Sunday School.

(INSTRUCTOR nods and TRYING continues, but goes
slightly to the left, away from the congregation.  
TRYING wipes the tears from their eyes and sighs.  
TRYING pages through the Bible.  INSTRUCTOR approaches.)

INSTRUCTOR    Something wrong?                          9

(TRYING motions off to the side and shakes head,
trying to maintain composure.)

TRYING        Cancer.  My mom died of cancer.
.             This could change my plans a bit.

INSTRUCTOR    God still has a plan for you,
.             and wants you to look to Him
.             for strength and comfort.
.             And we - will do whatever we can to help.

TRYING        Thanks.  Could you also pray that I will be
.             an effective witness through this time?

(TRYING braces self, then walks calmly off stage left.  
WART, FLIGHTY and DIVA enter again and stand almost where
the starting point is and watch.  DIVA waves the air.)

DIVA          Eh, of course he/she had it good,
.             he had such an easy life!

(While INSTRUCTOR goes off stage to get 2 Bibles,
DIVA turns around and walks toward stage right.)

DIVA          Now my life!  No! my life is so hard-
.             (turns forward to walk stage left)
.             I need help!  I really do!  Because-
.             (turns around to walk stage right)
.             I’m such a loser!  What am I thinking?
.             I could never do that.  It’s not my thing!

(FLIGHTY goes from tears to new-found inspiration.
Dancing, FLIGHTY dances back and forth, zigzagging.)

FLIGHTY       That’s how I want to live.  Yeah!  I’m
.             on fire again!-  Just watch me go!-  And-
.             (suddenly turning around and sulking)
.             Why do these things always happen to me?
.             It’s like all bad people are out to get me.

(WART has been walking in circles near the center stage.)

WART          If you people would just listen to what
.             I say, your life could be like mine.
.             I am successful and going somewhere.
.                                                      10
DIVA          (approaching WART)  I need help.

WART          Go away!  I’m busy!

FLIGHTY       (to DIVA)  Just FEEL it.  FEEL the love.
.             Now don’t get in my way, I’m on fire!

DIVA          What - love?  I don’t get it – or feel it.

(INSTRUCTOR comes back with 2 Bibles and gives one
to DIVA with purpose.)

INSTRUCTOR    Diva!  Stop living in sin.  
.             Turn around and look to God for help
.             and understanding.  Worship and serve God.

(DIVA looks down at Bible while walking in a bit
of a zigzagging path to get to stage left – finally.
Meanwhile, FLIGHTY has become depressed again and
walks toward stage right.)

FLIGHTY       Why?  Why?  Why me?

(INSTRUCTOR steps in FLIGHTY’s way with a Bible to take.)

INSTRUCTOR    Flighty-feet, stop running on emotions!
.             Get to KNOW God’s words!  Pray for wisdom
.             and steadfastness.  Worship and serve God.

(FLIGHTY looks down at Bible while walking in a bit
of a zigzagging path to get to stage left – finally.
Meanwhile, WART still walks in circles.  INTRUCTOR stops
WART and motions to the Bible clutched in his arms.)

INSTRUCTOR    Wart, stop worrying about getting
.             your own way.  Start wondering about
.             how you can live in God’s will.
.             Pray for a loving and sincerely caring
.             attitude.  Worship and serve God.

(WART walks across in a zigzagging and circling way
to stage left.  INSTRUCTOR turns to congregation.)

INSTRUCTOR    Well, for a simple demonstration,
.             that sure was a lot of work.
.             But I hope the message was clear to you.