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CHRISTIAN NEWS REPORT - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        trials, daily decisions, discipline, fruit,
.             love your neighbor
SCRIPTURE:    Matt.5:43, Gal.5:22-23, 1Cor.9:24-25,
.             Heb.12:1, James 1:2-3, Eph.5:8-10
Style:        drama, reporters give us the positive
.             news that is happening around us
Cast:         news anchor, co-anchor, reporter/s,
.             weatherman, husband, wife, brother, sister,
.             athlete
Set & Props:  3 microphones (at least one handheld).
.             You can have a news desk with 2 chairs.
.             Scripts for news anchors.


(NEWS ANCHOR and CO-ANCHOR sit at their desks, or
stand off to the side, and begin their news blurb.)

ANCHOR     Good evening, I’m (name) –

CO-        And I’m (name) –

ANCHOR     Welcome to the Daily Pulse News.
.          A news show that reports encouraging stories
.          so you will remember to take your
.          personal Christian pulse.

CO-ANCHOR  Our top story begins today with reports
.          of trials and tribulations in the lives
.          of some family members when their neighbors
.          decided to throw garbage all over their
.          back yard.  Instead of getting even,
.          they had this to say- (name of reporter)

(REPORTER stands way off to the side, as if onsite,
and holds out a microphone to the HUSBAND.
WIFE stands beside him nodding with everything he says.)

HUSBAND    I wasn’t sure what provoked the neighbors
.          to take such action against us.
.          The first thing we did was take our pulse.
.          We asked ourselves if maybe we had done
.          anything to upset them.  Not able to think
.          of anything, we then asked the neighbors,
.          just in case we did do something to hurt
.          their feelings without realizing it.
.                                                       2
REPORTER   And had you?

WIFE       They said no, but we were ready to apologize
.          in case we had done anything wrong.

REPORTER   Did they offer to clean up the mess at all?

HUSBAND    No, they never did, and we decided to turn
.          the other cheek.

WIFE       We just got out there and cleaned it up
.          ourselves.  We still love them.

HUSBAND    Yes, so it just wouldn’t make sense to
.          start up any kind of fight between them.
.          My wife baked a pie and invited them over
.          for dessert that night... just to show them
.          that there weren’t any hard feelings.

REPORTER   How did they react when you did this?

WIFE       Oh, they wanted to know why we were being
.          so kind.  And we told them that we loved them,
.          and then told them that God loved them
.          even more.

HUSBAND    And of course, we continue to pray for them.

ANCHOR     Isn’t that wonderful.  Seeds are being sown.
.          And that was a great example of how to take
.          your personal pulse.  And now, this just in -
.          fruit is being produced at the (church name).

CO-ANCHOR  That’s right (name).  Now on location at
.          the (church name) to get the testimonies
.          of the eye witnesses - is our on-the-spot
.          reporter, (name).

REPORTER   Thank you, (name).  Here with us is a brother
.          and sister who have been attending the
.          (church name) for ten years now.  Tell us,
.          has there been actual evidence of
.          fruit-bearing as a result?

BROTHER    Well, besides attending church services
.          regularly, we’ve also gone to Sunday School
.          classes and are involved with the Youth Group.
.          This is a great place to not only hang out,
.          but to learn.
.                                                       3
SISTER     (nods and REPORTER moves microphone to her)
.          We also invite our friends to come with us.
.          We do have fun, but more importantly,
.          we LEARN more about God, so that WE can be
.          more like God.  As well, we both have gotten
.          better at having our personal daily devotions.

REPORTER   And have you noticed any change?

SISTER     Having devotions, and learning how to be more
.          like God always starts your day going in
.          the right direction.  It’s like – the day
.          is so much more joyful – even when there
.          may be some problems that come up.  Like,
.          when we both want to use the car to go
.          somewhere.

BROTHER    Yeah, like – we don’t fight as much.

SISTER     So true.  We are definitely kinder to
.          each other.  Like, we are able to patiently
.          figure out how to solve our differences.

BROTHER    Yeah, I definitely like the peace that
.          we have at home.

REPORTER   Thank you for your willingness to share.
.          Back to you, (name).

ANCHOR     Thanks, (name).  Wow!  That’s exciting.

CO-ANCHOR  It is.  And that was another great example
.          of how we can take our personal pulse –
.          Can we see fruit in our lives?
.          Can we see results?

ANCHOR     Now to (name) for the pulse in sports.
.          (name)?

REPORTER   (now interviews ATHLETE)
.          We are here at the track with star athlete,
.          (name).  Thanks for taking time out of your
.          busy training schedule to speak with us.

ATHLETE    Not at all.

REPORTER   You’ve had a great career in running.
.          What is your strategy in maintaining that?

ATHLETE    I need to stay disciplined.  You cannot      4
.          just train a week in advance.  It requires
.          lots of time and dedication.  And you must
.          stay persistent.  

REPORTER   And if you could, tell us how you keep
.          achieving your success?

ATHLETE    I like to give it my all.  For every race,
.          I run and try to take first place.
.          And I always keep my eyes fixed on the
.          finish line.  If you look away, anything
.          could distract you.  It’s like in my
.          daily life.  When I keep focused on God,
.          I experience spiritual success in my life.

ANCHOR     Such inspiration.  

CO-ANCHOR  A good pulse-checker right there –
.          discipline and keeping your eye on the prize.

ANCHOR     Well, our final report today is our weather
.          forecast from our trusty forecaster, (name).
.          Tell us, how are things LOOKING up there?

(WEATHERMAN reveals a whiteboard.  WEATHERMAN writes
the word “SON” at the middle-bottom, then draws
rays going out.)

WEATHER    Well, I can happily tell you that the Son
.          is still shining today, and will be shining
.          forever.  Now, we will experience moments
.          of dark clouds and bad weather.

(WEATHERMAN draws a dark cloud right at the top, then
some streaks of rain at the sides.  With another color,
WEATHERMAN draws an umbrella over the word “SON”.)

WEATHER    But no matter how bad the storms can get,
.          everyone can choose to be sheltered by God
.          by stepping into His light.

ANCHOR     Thank you so much for that report and
.          word of advice, (name).

CO-ANCHOR  And with that - our final example of how to
.          take our personal pulse - here’s hoping that
.          the Son is shining every day in your lives.

ANCHOR     Goodnight, everyone.