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TOPIC:        train up children so they learn
SCRIPTURE:    Proverbs 22:6, Matthew 7:12, Titus 3:9
Style:        drama/conversation:  as children play
.             together, an argument breaks out and they
.             must figure out how to resolve the issue
Cast:         CHILDREN 1-10 (reassign the lines if there
.             are more or less children involved, and/or
.             shyer children can just be part of group)
Set & Props:  stone for hopscotch,
.             pretend there are lines
.             (or they could play another such game)


(Gathering at one end of the stage, CHILDREN 3-10
get into a line and wait their turn while CHILD 2
takes a stone and rolls it right in front,
where the first square would be.  CHILD 2 jumps over
the first square and hops to the end, turns with a hop,
and hops back, stopping before the first square
to pick up the stone, and hop back to the start.)

GROUP   Yay!...  Good job...  You did it...
.       (etc., give encouraging comments,
.        kids can use their own names if they want)

(CHILD 2 now throws the stone to the second square
and begins to hop through, jumping over the second square
to the end and back, picks up the stone and goes back
to the start.)

GROUP   Awesome!  (etc., give encouraging comments)

(CHILD 2 now rolls the stone to the third square.)

C 2     Aw!  I missed.  Your turn.

(CHILD 2 hands the stone to CHILD 3 who beings the game.
As CHILD 3 rolls the stone and begins to hop,
CHILD 1 enters and walks right over to the stone
while talking.)

C 1     Cool.  Hopscotch.  I want to play.
.                                                       2
(CHILD 1 picks up the stone or takes the stone away
from CHILD 3 if the stone is already in CHILD 3’s hand.)

C 3     Hey, that’s not very nice.

C 4     We’re all waiting for our turn, you know.

C 1     So!  I want to try it right now.

(CHILD 1 rolls the stone and it goes too far.  
While CHILD 5 speaks, CHILD 1 gets the stone back
to try again.  GROUP talks while CHILD 1 continues
to play.)

C 5     You missed, so that’s the end of your turn.

C 6     That means you should go to the end of the line.

C 1     That’s what you think!

C 7     And you just went outside of that square.

C 1     Whatever!

(CHILD 7 waves the GROUP over to the other side
of the stage while CHILD 1 continues to play.)

C 7     What are we going to do?

C 8     We should go tell our parents.

C 9     They’re busy talking.

C 10    Well, what would our parents tell us to do?

(GROUP all go into thinking poses.)

C 2     There are 9 of us!  We could easily just -
.       take the stone away.

C 3     You mean, start a fight?  I know that is
.       NOT what my parents would say.

C 4     Right, mine would say, “In everything, do to
.       others what you would have them do to you.”

C 5     Where is that from?                             3

C 4     The Bible.  Matthew 7:12.

C 10    You remember where it’s found?

C 4     They tell me this verse ALL THE TIME!

C 2     But what does it mean?

C 6     It’s like, treat him(her) exactly the way
.       we would want to be treated.

C 7     In other words, we should be nice.

C 8     Then, for sure - no fighting.

C 2     Okay, I got it.  I guess I wouldn’t want
.       a bunch of kids ganging up on me.

C 3     What else would our parents say?

(GROUP goes into thinking poses.)

C 5     Mine would say, “Don’t bother me right now.”

C 6     But if we were REALLY in trouble, then
.       we SHOULD go bother them.

C 7     Yeah, but we’re not really in trouble right now.

C 8     Well, not yet, anyway.

C 9     Mine would tell me to stay AWAY from trouble.

C 10    That sounds like a good idea, too.

C 2     Why don’t we just play tag, then?

C 3     Good idea, I’ll be “it” first.

(GROUP plays a very slow, careful game of tag so
no one gets hurt.  As they play, CHILD 1 starts to feel
left out and just stands to the side to sadly watch.
CHILD 4 eventually notices and stops to call everyone
into a GROUP huddle.)

C 4     Hey!  Kids!  Freeze!  Time out!  Stop           4
.       for a moment.  Come here.

(GROUP gathers around CHILD 4.)

C 3     What now?

C 4     Look over there.  (motions to CHILD 1)

C 5     What about it?

C 6     Hey!  We can go back to playing hopscotch!

C 4     OOORRRR, we could ask him(her) to play tag
.       with us.

C 7     I guess that would be the nicer thing to do.

C 8     Okay, let’s do it.

(GROUP walks over to CHILD 1.)

C 9     Do you want to play tag with us?

C 1     (hopefully)  You want me to?

C 10    You have to be nice, though.

C 1     Okay.

(ALL continue their game as they exit the stage.)