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TOPIC:        faith, trust, love
SCRIPTURE:    Matt.19:13-15; Mk.10:13-16; Lk.18:15-17
Style:        drama/conversation:  children keep
.             seeking out an audience with Jesus
Cast:         CHILDREN  (Any number.  If there are more,
.             you can divide up the lines accordingly.
.             If there are less children, then reassign
.             the specified speaking parts.
.             To make memorizing easier, you can
.             assign the dialogue from each section
.             to specific groups of children.)
Set & Props:  optional to wear Bible-time costumes


(CHILDREN rush onto the stage very excited.
CHILD rushes on from the other direction.)

CHILD 1       Have you heard about Jesus?

CHILD 2       What about Him?

CHILD 1       He has been doing miracles.

CHILD 2       What are miracles?

CHILD 1       Like, making sick people better.
.             I saw Jesus heal a blind man.
.             He could not see – anything.
.             And now he can see – everything.

CHILD 2       Are you sure?

CHILD 1       My dad saw it happen.

CHILD 2       Who was it?

CHILD 1       You know Zach?

CHILD 2       Oh, him.  He can see now?

CHILD 1       He can.  I just went to visit Zach.

CHILD 2       I want to see Jesus!                     2

(ALL CHILDREN agree, and they rush out with excitement.
A few seconds later, they straggle in, sad.)

CHILD 3       I wanted to see Jesus.

CHILD 4       Me, too.

CHILD 3       Hey, I’ve got an idea.  Let’s go
.             visit Zach.

CHILD 4       How is that going to help?

CHILD 3       Zach can tell us all about how Jesus
.             healed him.

CHILD 4       AND he can tell us all about Jesus.

(ALL CHILDREN agree and rush out excited.
A few seconds later, they enter, still excited.)

CHILD 5       Did you talk to Zach too?

CHILD 6       I did.  And people are saying
.             that Jesus is back here in the city.

CHILD 5       He is?

CHILD 6       I hear Jesus tells really great stories!

CHILD 5       I LOVE stories.   (suddenly sad)
.             But I’m sure Jesus is way too busy
.             to talk to us?

CHILD 6       I heard that Jesus told all the bossy
.             old people to let the children go to him.

CHILD 5       Really?  Well, let’s go then!

(CHILD 7 comes in toward them.)

CHILD 7       Too late.

CHILD 8       What?

CHILD 7       Jesus just left.
.                                                      3
CHILD 8       Aw.  Did YOU get to see Him?

CHILD 7       I did.  And I heard Jesus tell us a story.

CHILD 8       Well, what was it?  If we can’t hear Jesus
.             tell us a story, YOU can tells us what
.             He said.

CHILD 7       Sure.  Ah, "The kingdom of heaven is like
.             a treasure hidden in the field!”

CHILD 8       Treasure!  I want to find some treasure!

CHILD 7       Jesus was saying that we should not
.             store up treasures here on earth,
.             where it can be stolen or ruined.

CHILD 8       Where should we find and keep the treasure?

CHILD 7       In heaven.

CHILD 8       Come on, we have to find this treasure.

(ALL CHILDREN rush off with great excitement.  A few
seconds later, they enter, wondering about something.)

CHILD 9       We missed Jesus again!

CHILD 10      It was nice of that person to tell us
.             what Jesus had just said to them.
.             It was like they told us where to find
.             the treasure.

CHILD 9       Okay, so, let me see if I understand what
.             was said.  If we listen to Jesus’s words,
.             and believe them, and believe in Jesus,
.             then our treasure is in heaven.

CHILD 10      Yeah!  WE will go to heaven to be
.             with Him.

CHILD 9       Even though we haven’t even seen Him yet?

CHILD 10      Yeah.  And we are His disciples –
.             if we believe.

CHILD 9       I believe.  But – can we still be        4
.             Jesus’ disciples even if we can’t
.             actually follow him?

CHILD 10      Ah, good point.  We’re only kids.
.             And I have school tomorrow.

CHILD 9       Same here.  But I’m sure we can still
.             be followers without actually
.             following Him wherever He goes.

CHILD 10      Yeah – we can follow Jesus –
.             in our hearts.

CHILD 9       Meanwhile, let’s try to learn a bit more
.             about Jesus.

(CHILDREN rush across the stage with new excitement
while randomly shouting things like...)

ALL           Yay!  He’s here.  Jesus is here again!

(CHILD 11 rushes out after them, calling, then stops
to pant for breath.)

CHILD 11      Wait up.  Stop.  Jesus is gone already.

(CHILDREN all come back, sad again.)

CHILD 12      He’s gone again?  Already?

CHILD 11      Yeah.  Sorry.  But I got to see Him,
.             though.

CHILD 12      You got to see Jesus?

CHILD 11      He told us a story.

CHILD 12      I’d love to hear another story
.             from Jesus.

CHILD 11      I could tell you the story.

CHILD 12      Okay.

(CHILDREN all sit down facing CHILD 11.)
.                                                      5
CHILD 11      A man was going from Jerusalem to Jericho,
.             when robbers attacked him.
.             While he lay dying on the roadside,
.             a priest passed by and saw him-
.             but went way around him.

CHILD 12      He didn’t want to help him?

CHILD 11      No.  Not at all.  He didn’t even talk
.             to the man.  Then, a Levite passed by.
.             He also went way around him.

CHILD 12      Oh, the poor man, who’s going to help?

CHILD 11      A Samaritan!

(CHILDREN gasp.)

CHILD 12      But Samaritans don’t like us very much,
.             because our people are not so nice to them.

CHILD 11      Well, the Samaritan not only stopped
.             to help, but he fixed the man’s sores,
.             and paid someone to take care of him.

CHILD 12      That was REALLY nice.

CHILD 11      And Jesus wants us to be that nice –
.             to everyone.  We are to love God,
.             and love our neighbors.

CHILD 12      Neighbors?  So that means everyone?
.             Even the grumpy neighbors?

CHILD 11      You are sometimes grumpy.  Don’t you
.             want people to still be nice to you?

CHILD 12      I see your point.

CHILD 11      Hey, I just heard that our neighbor
.             down the street is really sick.
.             Let’s go over there and see
.             if they need any help.

CHILD 12      Good idea!

(CHILDREN exit with excitement.  A few seconds later,  6
CHILDREN come on stage very sad, some are crying.)

CHILD 13      I can’t believe that they killed Jesus.

CHILD 14      Mom didn’t let me leave the house.
.             Are you sure it really happened?

CHILD 13      Yeah.  Did you feel the big earthquake?

CHILD 14      Of course.  And it happened right
.             when it got really dark outside.  Well,
.             I wonder what’s going to happen now?

CHILD 13      I heard from one of my dad’s friends
.             that Jesus had been telling stories
.             about how He was going to die.

CHILD 14      You mean Jesus knew about it?
.             Why didn’t Jesus try to run away and hide?

CHILD 13      But Jesus also said that after three days,
.             He was going to rise up from the dead.

CHILD 14      Is that even possible?

CHILD 13      I heard that Jesus raised a man
.             from the dead.  And a little girl.
.             And Jesus walked on water.  And calmed
.             a storm at sea.  Jesus can do anything!

CHILD 14      So Jesus is going to be all right!
.             WE - are going to be all right!

(CHILD all cheer and rush off the stage.)

.             You do not have to physically see or hear
.             Him, to know and follow Jesus.
.             Do you have faith like a little child?