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CHANGE YOUR MIND – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        sin, fruit
SCRIPTURE:    Rom.8:3-9, Gal.5:19-23
Style:        allegory, conversation:  a person has to
.             choose between walking in the flesh
.             or in the Spirit.  As they go toward flesh,
.             the voices of sin get louder and the person
.             becomes more and more agitated, but when
.             they turn and go in the direction of God,
.             the voices of the Spirit get louder
.             and the person becomes more joy-filled.
Cast:         PERSON, SPIRIT 1-2 (wearing white),
.             FLESH 1-2 (wearing dark clothes)
.             (you can use one person on either side, or
.             add people by assigning one specific word,
.             or groups of words to each person)


(PERSON enters at center stage.)

(FLESH 1-2 enter stage right and stand to the side.
FLESH is always trying to tempt PERSON to their side
with attitudes of flippancy, flattery, mockery pride...)

(SPIRIT 1-2 enter stage left and stand to the side.
SPIRIT is always gently, calmly beckoning and encouraging
PERSON to their side.)

(At first PERSON remains at center stage,
looking from side to side as they speak,
weighing the advice from each side as it’s fired off..)

SPIRIT 1   As a Christian, come, walk in the Spirit.

FLESH 1    Whaaaat?!  Why?  You have that grace-thing
.          going for you, so why not have some fun.
.          Enjoy!  Sensuality!  Impurity!

SPIRIT 1   But there is sincere, godly love.

FLESH 2    Come on!  Drunkenness!  Carousing!

SPIRIT 2   (calmly)  Self-control.

FLESH 1    Immorality!                                  2

SPIRIT 1   Goodness.

FLESH 2    Sorcery!

SPIRIT 2   Kindness.

FLESH 1    Enmities!  Strife!

SPIRIT 1   Gentleness.

FLESH 2    Anger!  Rivalry!

SPIRIT 2   Patience.

FLESH 1    Dissensions!  Factions!

SPIRIT 1   Peace.

FLESH 2    Jealousy!  Envying!

SPIRIT 2   Joy.

FLESH 1    Idolatry!  Just completely throw yourself
.          into something to drown out all of
.          those voices over there trying to CHANGE you!
.          And WHAT?  Make you a better person?

SPIRIT 1   Faithfulness.

(PERSON is ready to walk toward the SPIRIT side, but...)

FLESH 2    Just do what feels good.

(PERSON stops short.)

FLESH 1    Sensuality!  Impurity!

SPIRIT 1   Love.

FLESH 2    If it feels good, it must be right.

FLESH 1    Sensuality!  

(As PERSON turns and slowly walks toward FLESH side...)
.                                                       3
(FLESH start getting louder and talking faster,
and getting angrier.)

(PERSON continues to get more and more agitated.)

FLESH 2    Drunkenness!  Carousing!

FLESH 1    Immorality!

FLESH 2    Sorcery!

FLESH 1    Enmities!  Strife!

FLESH 2    Anger!  Rivalry!

FLESH 1    Dissensions!  Factions!

FLESH 2    Jealousy!  Envying!

FLESH 1    Idolatry!

(FLESH repeats words faster, talking over one another.)

(PERSON becomes very agitated, and finally in anguish,
PERSON steps closer to center stage, but stops
as if lost.)

(FLESH becomes quieter and slower...)

(But PERSON hears SPIRIT and tries to listen closely.)

SPIRIT 1   Faithfulness...

SPIRIT 2   Confess.  Change your mind.
.          Walk in the Spirit.

(FLESH continues muttering in the background.)

(As PERSON takes a step closer to center stage.
FLESH is quieter, SPIRIT is a little stronger.)

SPIRIT 2   Love.

(PERSON looks back at FLESH.)

FLESH 1    Sensuality!

(Like simply giving up, PERSON steps back toward FLESH.)

(FLESH repeat their words again, louder-stronger-faster.)

(PERSON grows agitated and wilts with weakness.)

SPIRIT 2   Confess.  Change your mind.
.          Walk in the Spirit.

(PERSON stands up decisively, turns and marches
toward SPIRIT.)

(FLESH fades completely into background,
crouching low to the ground as if they’re dying away.)

(As PERSON walks toward SPIRIT and joins them in exiting,
PERSON looks stronger, more confident and joyful.)

(SPIRIT continue to slowly, calmly list off their words:
Love, Self-control, Goodness, Kindness, Gentleness,  
Patience, Peace, Joy, Faithfulness.)