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CAIN AND ABEL’S STORY – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        choices, attitudes toward God
SCRIPTURE:    Genesis 4:1-17, 1 John 1:9
Style:        comedy/conversation:  the story of
.             Cain and Abel is told with a comparison
.             of their attitudes toward God
Set & Props:  2 baby dolls, sign


(NARRATOR steps out from stage left.)

NARR.  In the beginning, there was Adam and Eve,
.      who had been created by God and had the luxury
.      of living and working in the Garden of Eden.
.      Not only was it a perfect place to live and work,
.      but they only had ONE rule to obey – which
.      they broke – and thus, were banned from
.      the Garden of Eden forever...

(ADAM and EVE sadly step out from stage right
as NARRATOR continues.)

NARR.  Exiled.  Ousted.  Kicked to the curb-

ADAM   Okay, we get it.

(NARRATOR turns to ADAM and EVE questionably.)

NARR.  But all you had to do was NOT eat from
.      the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

EVE    NOT as easy as it sounds.

NARR.  Which brought sin into the world.

ADAM   (pointing at EVE)  And she started it.

EVE    Oh!  Don’t you start, you were right there
.      with me!  (to everyone)  And by the way, everyone,
.      it was NOT an apple.  Everyone ALWAYS assumes
.      it was an apple.

NARR.  Got it, it WAS a fruit, but not an apple.  ANYWAY,
.      where was I?  Oh yes, they were banished from that
.      perfect Garden of Eden.  Evicted.  Driven out.
.                                                       2
ADAM   Got it.

EVE    And we did feel very bad about eating that fruit.
.      Really.

ADAM   Yes we did.

EVE    And we did tell God we were very, very sorry.

ADAM   And God forgave us.

EVE    (to ADAM)  So WHY did God make us leave
.      the Garden?

NARR.  God cast them out, showed them the door -
.      (ADAM and EVE glance at NARRATOR with disgust)
.      – for a very good reason:  God loved them.
.      God wanted to protect them - from themselves,
.      and keep them away from the tree of LIFE,
.      which would have kept them, and all the rest
.      of us, in that sinful state forever,
.      with no hope, with no-

ADAM   Can we move on?

NARR.  Yes!  Adam and Eve moved on and brought children
.      into this world.

(EVE is handed a baby doll from backstage.)

EVE    I have been given a man-baby with the help
.      of the LORD.

(EVE hands the baby to ADAM who looks down on it.)

ADAM   Let’s call this baby - Cain.

NARR.  Which means “spear.”  Probably.

ADAM   It’s a cool name.  Cain!  Man of the spear.

NARR.  And they named the next son -

(EVE is handed another baby doll from backstage.)

EVE    Let’s name this one, Abel.

NARR.  Which means “vanity.”

ADAM   (to EVE)  What kind of name is that?             3

EVE    It’s a reminder for us to be humble?
.      I don’t know.  Maybe I just like the name.

NARR.  (to ADAM)  Don’t argue with the woman.
.      Just – go and raise them the best you can.

EVE    That shouldn’t be too hard.  Just look at them.
.      They’re perfect little angels.

NARR.  Ah, remember, you all brought sin into the world.

(ADAM and EVE glare back at NARRATOR as they exit
stage right.)

NARR.  So Adam and Eve raised their children as best
.      as they could, teaching them about God.
.      Ultimately, it is everyone’s choice
.      whether they will choose to follow God or not.

(ABEL steps out from stage right and just stands there.)

NARR.  Abel, whose name means “vanity”, WAS actually
.      rather quite humble.  He was a keeper of flocks,
.      a shepherd, a livestock expert –
.      (ABEL glances at NARRATOR to move on)
.      And that’s all I can come up with for that.
.      Anyway, when it was time to bring an offering
.      to the Lord, Abel took the very best of his flock.

ABEL   Because everything that we have – we get from God,
.      and so God deserves the very best from us.

(ABEL exits, and then CAIN steps out from stage right.)

NARR.  Now the older brother Cain, whose name means
.      “spear”, actually became a tiller of the ground,
.      a farmer, a crop planter, a sower in the fields
.      and orchards –

CAIN   We get it.

NARR.  When it was time to bring an offering to the Lord,
.      CAIN did NOT bring God the very best of his crops.
.      In fact, it sounds like he may have only given God
.      the crappy stuff that had fallen, and been left
.      rotting on the ground.  Not even good enough to be
.      considered “leftovers.”

CAIN   Well, yeah, I mean, why not?  Seriously!         4
.      It’s not like God is actually going to eat it
.      anyway.

NARR.  Needless to say, God accepted Abel’s offering,
.      but did NOT find Cain’s offering acceptable
.      at all.

CAIN   And WHY not?  Just WHAT was wrong with mine?!
.      Huh?!  Maybe I’m just rotten to the core.
.      Pun intended.

NARR.  God obviously saw that Cain was angry, and that
.      his conscience was bothering him.  God also
.      pointed out to him that if Cain did not work
.      on his attitude, he would fall into sin.

CAIN   (waving that off)  Ah!  What does God know?

NARR.  Well... everything!  And you know, you should
.      talk to your parents about your issues.
.      They can definitely relate and could
.      help you out there.  They sinned -
.      they worked it out with God -

CAIN   (bitterly)  They’re probably too busy with
.      the rest of their kids.

NARR.  Then talk to your brother, Abel.  He’s good-
.      people.  He’s got a good grasp on things.

CAIN   (mocking)  Oh, my perfect brother, Abel.
.      (angrily shaking fists)  I HATE my brother, Abel!

NARR.  Your attitude is really starting to get out of
.      hand.  Don’t you think you should work that out?

CAIN   I’ll work it out.  I’ll work it out MY way!

(CAIN stomps off stage right.)

NARR.  Ahhh, so Cain went to find Abel out in the fields.
.      Things did not work out very well.  Cain wound up
.      killing his brother Abel.  God spoke to Cain –
.      again, asking him, “Where is your brother Abel?”

CAIN   (enters, head hanging down, he then looks up)
.      What?  I’m not my brother’s keeper.  Am I?
.      Why should I know?-Why do You ask?-
.      (suddenly alarmed)  What do YOU know?
.                                                       5
NARR.  Of course, God knew what Cain had done!
.      But God wanted Cain to ADMIT what he had done.

CAIN   I refuse to admit anything I’ve done on
.      the grounds that it could incriminate me.

NARR.  God told Cain that He knew anyway - that the voice
.      of his brother’s blood was crying to Him from
.      the ground.  And because of this, Cain would pay.
.      Let’s call it poetic justice.

CAIN   I HATE poetry!

NARR.  You do realize your hatred for everything
.      is getting you into a lot of trouble?
.      Like, because you spilled your brother’s blood
.      onto the ground, the ground has become cursed
.      for you.  If you try to plant anything,
.      it’s not going to grow.  And God said you’d become
.      a vagrant, a wanderer on the earth, a nomad,
.      a drifter, a bum-

CAIN   Got it!  And, (falling to his knees to plead)
.      Lord, please, no, this cannot be, Lord.
.      This punishment is just too much!  It’s too much.
.      I cannot take it!  Not only can’t I do the work
.      that I love, or see Your face anymore,
.      but as I live on the streets and in wilderness
.      like a drifter, whoever finds me will kill me.
.      My life will be in constant danger.

NARR.  So God sent out a warning, that if anyone would
.      kill Cain, THAT person would suffer seven times
.      greater.  And so God gave Cain a sign –

(CAIN is handed a sign with “A SIGN” written on it.)

NARR.  Ahhh, except, not that kind of a sign.

(The sign is taken away from CAIN.)

NARR.  It was a sign from God to help put Cain’s mind
.      at ease, that God would keep His promise
.      to protect Cain.  Of course God always keeps
.      His promises, even though God knew Cain
.      wasn’t so good in trusting God.  God just wanted
.      to help Cain out – because God is GOOD like that.

(PERSON steps out and stands beside CAIN.)
.                                                       6
PERSON God IS good.  No matter how bad we have been,
.      God will forgive us when we ask, so we can have
.      a close and personal relationship with God.

CAIN   (muttering)  I’ll keep that in mind.

(CAIN exits, followed by PERSON.)

NARR.  Then Cain left, and settled east of Eden,
.      in the land of Nod, which ironically means
.      “exile”.  As Cain’s parents were exiled from
.      the Garden of Eden, Cain was exiled from the land
.      where he had grown up.  Whether Cain ever chose
.      to have a close relationship with God after that –
.      we don’t exactly know, but we DO know,
.      that we have our own choice to make.