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CAIN AND ABEL - written Tanis Harms
TOPIC:       attitude in giving, tithing
SCRIPTURE:   Genesis 4 ; 2 Corinthians 9: 7
Style:       comedy/conversation: Cain and Abel's attitudes
.            are revealed while out on a double-date
Set & Props: table, 4 chairs, 2 menus, tray,
.            dishes (pretend there's food)


WAITRESS   Ahhhh, Cain and Abel!  Here on another
.          double date?

(The WAITRESS leads CAIN and ABEL to a table.
CARRIE hangs  on CAIN’s arm, and ANNA hangs on ABEL’s arm.
The WAITRESS hands CAIN and ABEL some menus.)

WAITRESS   Welcome to the Out of Eden Garden Café.
.          I’ll be your waitress.  Our specials today
.          are the Mammoth Steak, and –
.          the Fruit Platter of Plenty.

ABEL       That sounds good.  I’ll have the Fruit
.          Platter of Plenty.

ANNA       I’m not that hungry – just water, please.

CARRIE     Me, too.

ABEL       You girls sure?  It’s my treat?

(ANNA and CARRIE nod their heads.)

CAIN       How big is the Mammoth steak?

WAITRESS   28 ounces.

CAIN       I’ll have that.

(The WAITRESS takes the menus and leaves.)

CARRIE     Well, this is niiiiccce.

ANNA       It is.  Cain and Abel like to come here –       2
.          a lot.

CARRIE     How long have you been dating Abel?

ANNA       A few months now.  He is very “able” as
.          the perfect date and gentleman.

(CAIN rolls his eyes.  CARRIE grabs CAIN’s arm with
a playful squeeze.)

CARRIE     Well, Cain is - my little sugar”cane”.

(CAIN runs his hand down his face in embarrassment.)

ANNA       you’re his 32nd girlfriend.  I don’t know
.          What the problem is.

CARRIE     It’s because he’s never dated ME.
.          Oh! That was fast.

(WAITRESS puts two plates down in front of the men,
and glasses in front of the girls.  
ANNA eyes ABEL’s plate.)

ANNA       That DOES look good.

ABEL       Did you want some?  Really, I don’t mind.
.          There’s more than enough.

ANNA       As long as you don’t mind.

(WAITRESS quickly puts down an empty plate in front of ANNA.
ABEL is generous in filling up ANNA’s plate.)

ANNA       You don’t have to give me so much.

ABEL       I want to make sure you have something of
.          each fruit.

ANNA       You’re giving me all the best pieces.
.          Save some for yourself.

ABEL       There’s plenty here.

ANNA       You’re so sweet.

(CAIN has been gobbling down his meat. CARRIE eyes         3
CAIN’s plate longingly.  CAIN puts a protect arm around
the plate to continue eating in peace.)

CARRIE     That sure looks good.

CAIN       It IS good.

CARRIE     Could I have some?

CAIN       Why didn’t you order something if you wanted
.          to eat?

CARRIE     I’m not THAT hungry.  I – just want a taste.

(CAIN looks at CARRIE’s pleading eyes, then studies
his steak.  Finally CAIN carefully cuts off a tiny piece
and hands the fork to CARRIE.)

CARRIE     That’s just a piece of fat.

(Shrugging, CAIN keeps eating, then hands CARRIE a bone.)

CAIN       Here, you can chew on the bones.

(Insulted and about to cry, CARRIE rushes out.)

CAIN       (leans back, pats stomach, sighs)  That was good.

ABEL       You didn’t even finish your steak.

CAIN       Yeah, it was huge.

ANNA       You could have given her some.

CAIN       It was mine!

ANNA       You’re such a jerk!  No wonder you can’t
.          keep a girlfriend.

(ANNA storms off.  ABEL shakes his head at CAIN
as they get up from the table to leave.)

ABEL       You never learn.

WAITRESS   (to herself)  Some people never want to change.