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BUILDING YOUR HOUSE - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        hearing God’s Word
SCRIPTURE:    Matthew 7:24-27
Style:        allegory, demonstration of houses built
.             on rock and on sand
Cast:         Narrator
Set & Props:  blowup swimming pool, Bible,
.             1 sq. ft. rock, sand, building blocks,
.             water, watering can
NOTE:         If possible, it would be best taped
.             then shown on a screen to make sure
.             that all works perfectly so as
.             not to distract from the premise.)



This Bible and God               Holds up a Bible.
is like a rock.                  Motion toward the rock.

Your life                        Quickly build a wall
is like this building.           with building blocks.

Problems and challenges
that come your way,              Pour water over rock,
are like this rain falling.      The building stands.

Wisely building your life
in God, and on God’s Word,
will help you in times of
trouble and keep you strong.

Now, NOT building your life
in God, or on God’s Word,        Quickly build a wall
is like building your life       with building blocks
on sand.                         on a pile of sand.

When problems and challenges     Pour water over sand,
come your way...                 the building collapses.

Your life cannot stand.

What will you build
your life on?